Thursday, May 29, 2008

"What matters in life is happiness"

Today, I went to do my personal stuff and then to check fs for a condo and one annual review via MSN chat video conferencing.

BLOG: Sometimes I would take some photos and they would be downloaded and stored in Picasa2 Album so that whenever I need a photo for the BLOG, I would just go there and pick one and would take about 30mins to complete writing. In my BLOG, I have full control over what I want to post and everything I do myself whereas for my website : it is difficult as the website is hosted on a server and hosting is done through an independant party (my web developer) and any small change would incur cost.

There are some clients who sent me an email about their own BLOG. Give me some time to figure out how to do a link to your BLOG ok ? because this one takes time as BLOGGING is something new to me and would need to figure this out.

THE RAT STORY: Because of the rat invasion "just once" hence since then and for the past few months I had to close all my windows to sleep till they forget how to come to my house and then I would open my window again. hehe.

PROPERTY FOR SALE: Edwin Heng is my client so you can trust him, ok ? if you are keen in Studio 3, sms or email him.

PROPERTY : The property market is set to move after 1st August 2008 (ying water) and run till the new year of the Ox. I hope this is GOOD NEWS for those in the property business. for the fengshui business yes, we are also quite related to the property movements.

SHARES: The market is still on - and oh yes I got my dividends from Golden Agri and that is what I want for the "fengshui good luck" element.

FOREIGN CURRENCY: One sing dollar is now equal to $23.67 baht now if I were to go to Bangkok and change. almost everyday I would monitor this.

MY INTERESTs : I love to drink and when home would usually have a glass of red wine (merlot my favourie) and thank you to my lady client who gave me a good botttle......and sometimes I try whisky or volka.

TIP: "Contentment in life is happiness"

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jensen said...

Hi Lynn Yap,
Regarding share you are talking about are all base on STI right?
Well, I'm from Malaysia. Any comments on KLSE?