Saturday, June 21, 2008

The miracle of birth is everywhere, can you SEE ?

Today, I went to do a house review and then to Ubi Office to meet a client for his baby's new chinese names , I was late and then to Jurong to do an office fengshui then home.

ON BIRTH: When I received the job to do a baby's chinese names I was delighted not because I had business but because there is a new precious baby born - Such is the miracle of life and how precious life is and very often we take LIFE for granted and always wanted to FOCUS on making more money or solving problems at the work place or dealing with nasty customers etc that we FORGOT about the existence of life and how precious our own life is.
Life is very very precious and that is why we should spend our life more meaningful and one can START by "learning how to smell the roses"...... meaning : start to "look" around at your family members, relatives and then friends. these are the ones who will STAND by you when things go wrong or when you fall like when you loose your job. do you know that ?
Then learn to be in the "present moment" with all your family members or relatives when you are with them. it helps and that can also make them feel important and loved.
I came out to do this fengshui business many years ago and never ever wanted my family members or my parents to worry about me. In the process I learned to be very strong and firm because I have to survive against all odds and I like to think that I had succeeded.

In business, one must be careful and being able to handle "cash flow" is the most important other than looking at the bottomline which means your "profits". Every deal has to make a profit or unless you intend that business to be entry level to bigger businesses later on than no profit also can.
DESTINY: Do you believe in destiny ? that your life is already planned for and can be explained ?

FRIENDSHIP: Many of us have friends how we do rate them ? I have many friends too and when with them "The level of communciation" is how I would rate my friends. I would divide the level of communcation as : 3.

1st level is : Eating and drinking friends. 2nd level is : Letting them know about my investment strategies and my family. 3rd level is: About my inner most thoughts on all matters.
So you can see how deeper and deeper it can get ? friends either they can make you happy or they can also betray you. be careful.
Some friends when they talk to you : there is this sense of jealousy. if you are good with your 6th sense, feel their jealousy and then don't tell them too much. jealousy is such a big word, you know ? that it can occur between friends it can also occur between businesses. It will be about how your mind THINKS with every situation that is the most important, ok ? Be firm and have confidence in whatever you want to do.

BLOG: I will report on how I am doing with this blog, 6 months later in terms of traffic and revenue derived from the advs here. let's make it 20 November 2008.
When one wants to BLOG, one must have a purpose if not then it will be just like life - "Living life without a purpose" then what is the REAL meaning of life ? think and perhaps you will get an answer.

SAVY INVESTMENTS: My own plan is to make my last house fully paid, I don't know which one yet. I also intend to buy next door apartments for my two sons. All mothers love their own children and for me I would give a house each to my 2 sons.
Saturday best on TV: 6pm to 10.30pm on the chinese serial on cable 107.

TIP: "life is precious, make the most of it"

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