Friday, June 20, 2008

Your mind has to focus when you are working

Today, I went to do 2 fengshui. this photo was taken in my last trip to Bangkok last April. I love looking at it as it reminds me of the lovely Bangkok that I know.

BLOG: Are you already planning to write a BLOG ? oh common....let's join in. write about something that you are passionate about. however if you wish to make it a Professional BLOG then you will have to write daily and it's like telling a story except that this time you know that you have an audience, your readers.

FENGSHUI TIP: This year, 2008 a corporate client wanted to buy me lunch during the first 15days of this lunar new year and I tried to give excuse not to go until I was almost force to a corner in smss as I gave many excuses till he then asked WHY and only then I said that : if I go during the first 15 days of the lunar new year then it means that you are taking my luck away from me and I need to keep my own luck. he then understood and then their company then invited me for a japanese dinner on the 16th day which I cannot refuse.

The secret is : If someone buys you lunch or dinner then that person will take away your luck especially during the first 15 days of the lunar new year. this has been part of our chinese tradition.

INVESTMENTS: HOW TO BE SAVY ? know when is your "exit strategy" and plan for your financial freedom at which age and by then remember to make your last house fully paid.

TIP: "When your mind is calm, you can SEE further"

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