Friday, June 06, 2008

"The world is not so simple"

Today I went to do fengshui at Leicester Road and then to Ubi Office for a life reading.

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PREDICTIONS: "There is another form of financial crises that is brewing"
The last financial crises was in the year 1997 (ox year) and 1998 (tiger). The cycle is coming back, just be careful. Have a STRONG VISION to predict.

FENGSHUI: Some people take the main door as the facing of the house while some Geomancers take the side with the most windows. it all depends on who the Geomancer is. "there is no right nor wrong I always believe in that" and ultimately it depends on who your Geomancer is and whether the fengshui work for you or not. Be objective in everything that you do. That is the way to be Professional and let the Fengshui speak for itself.

Fengshui Exists - It is there and only those who have the knowledge to pick up what is fengshui, qi and water and how they work together and then these are those who have come to realise what feng shui REALLY is and how it can shape men's lives. those who say they don't believe in feng shui are probably those who don't understand what feng shui is nor have they encounter a feng shui master at all. they are oh so ignorant. However if one can use the knowledge of feng shui and tap on it to make one's lives smoother and better then why not ? there is no harm to it.

Simply put : Fengshui is about the CORRECT placement of things in the house/office/factory/buildings. that is why some people engage a Geomancer to tell them where to place their bed, stove, dining table, writing desk, safe, sofa, tv for their homes in order to tap the good qi and for the offices it would be : CEO's room, CFO's room, their staff office desk, reception area, server room, conference room etc. This is basic feng shui.

PROPERTIES: There are three clients that I met recently who wished to buy a landed property and I do encourage them to start looking as it is not easy to find something that you like and the price is RIGHT. And because Singapore is land scarce one would always make the right decision to buy land and even if the land size is small of about 1,600sq ft.

Everywhere when one goes around and one just FOCUS on property you will be able to see so many construction work going on. the time they TOP............there would be so many apartments and if most people bought these as a form of investment and they had intended to sell by then..........and then there would be so many many. that year would probably be in the year 2010, the tiger where property price starts to drop the fastest.

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If you always loose money in shares then maybe in the long run it is better to buy just a little bit and not too much and to focus on buying what is right for you as according to your bazi in order to grow your wealth.

TIP: "Be firm, be confident, be righteous and don't listen to anyone but to judge for yourself"

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