Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A playground in my mind

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Today, I went to Parkview Square to check office fengshui and then off to Jurong to do a can or cannot buy fengshui.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Parkview Square.....Wah...I was just there the last 2 months and here I am back again this time for work. I love this beautiful building which has got class, really something and wow !!! heard it belong to Li Ka Shing.

About my feng shui business - the last 5 years, I did'nt do any advertisments and that did'nt mean that I was'nt doing well. on the contrary, I was so busy working and travelling that I did'nt have the time to surf the net or to want to advertise on the internet. so you would hardly see my advertisments anywhere and not even on GOOGLE. this year in May 2008 and because I wanted to have more visitors to my blog, I read that I need to advertise and so I read and learn about Adwords and how to create more clicks to my Ad and so I advertise. My click rate is pretty good you know but then it also burst my daily budget in US$ !!!

Well, what was I doing the last 5 years ? well, I was busy preparing to build my own net worth and having accomplished that this year 2008, I intend to work for another goal. I don't know how the others are doing, I just do what I think is good for me and to grow and to have a good lifestyle and to build a legend too - Feng shui Queen legend.

LYNN YAP SINGAPORE BLOG: It is really interesting to see how far a blog can go. Most important is : Even before you start to blog, your mindset must be : "To make money from a blog" and with that in mind, you are sure going to make some money at least from your blog and there are two ways a person can make money -

1) Advertisments from the advertisments displayed -
2) Affiliate Marketing - if you are really interested in this, you should sign up for the BlogMastermind and start reading all about blogging before you start is the best. I sign up for the 6months AUD$497/- program yesterday and I got all the lessons emailed to me immediately and now it is up to me and at my own pace to speed up learning then I can be more successful as a Professional Blogger.

If you sign up for one month AUD$97/- you will get weekly emails and that means that your progress would be slow, it is up to you - you see which program suits you. Click here if you intend to sign up for the BLOGMastermind Coaching Program or simply watch his video before you sign up

My Exit Strategy is to : Sell away my blog, there was a guy who wrote about cars and he had an offer of US$5million from yahoo for his blog. Who knows I get an offer from GOOGLE or YAHOO or MICROSOFT too ? you too can be a multi-millionaire blogger !!!

LATEST NEWS: I just got a email from Yaro Starak and I am among his Top 10 Affiliates in the Affiliate Marketing Program for his BLOGMastermind Program for the first 12 hours. I am now at number 6 and there is a prize for being top 10 and I am only a 3 month old Singaporean chinese blogger who read his BLOG PROFIT blueprint, free and I haven't been coached yet and hei, I can compete on World Standard and is number 6.

Want to know how I did it ? study the coaching program together with me with Yaro Starak, aged 29 as the best teacher and we can all build our wealth together by blogging. hehe and I will share with you my personal tip too. common in, its fun, blogging !!! and you know that I also want to be a Professional blogger (so far I am Singapore's fastest blogger) and one day I will travel around the world teaching people how to make money from a blog. Teaching is also my other passion as my daddy is a retired english school teacher. that is why you find that I incorporate fengshui and teaching together. hehe

FENG SHUI: One of the fastest way to learn feng shui is to invite a fengshui master to your house and take a look. then pay attention to all the concepts that are laid down for you and listen. One needs to listen with an open mind if not the real fengshui concepts will not get into your head.

DESTINY: If you don't even have a money element in your bazi then it means that your money is really really hard to earn and that you will find that you can't save money too. This means that everytime there is money in your bank then something will always happen like a fridge suddenly got spoilt for no reason and it will mean that you have to spend money. Do this happen to you ? Do you know that there is a cure for this ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Currently, I am 0.03% shareholder of Magnus Energy and even if I know that the stock market is going for a big correction, it doesn't mean that I have to sell off all my shares otherwise the value of my investment will be lower. I do not have this kind of mindset, maybe in the past, yes and that was because I really haven't studied how to make money from shares. Now, I do know how after so many silly mistakes. hehe. I am a newbie when it comes to buying and selling shares however for the last 2 years, it seems that I am pretty good eh ?

As the CEO of, I intend to grow this website and add in an avata designed by my son, Ivan and one day to sell it off when it is ready. I believe the internet market will be ready for me by then. when that day come, my dream will come true too. So, I will work towards this goal for the next 5 years and ensure that the blog, fengshuiqueen is ready.

The internet world must be ready for feng shui as a popular topic and I read overseas blog and very few local blogs because I think BIG DREAMS and I can predict my own future, can you ? I am Singapore's Best when it comes to predictions so chun chun. I can also be said to be Singapore's most successful fengshui master, in terms of net worth.

PREDICTION: You would remember that I mentioned something happening to the water industry? well, the water industry refers to ships and planes.

TIP: "There are 3 kinds of investments : short term, middle term and long term"


TCH said...

Dear Master Lynn Yap

There is absolutely no doubt in your prowess and "chun" in your prediction.

Kudos to you!

I recalled reading in an earlier blog posting that the next 6 months will be tough for pple born in the year of the roosters in their career, and wearing gemstones may help to 'ride' thru the 'hardship'. I guess I am in this plight now. Should I push on or is it a good time to explore other job alternatives? Thanks.

Lynn Yap said...


Thank you for your kind comments. Just wear the gemstone and ride thru the year but don't push on as this is not the right timing. Go with the flow is the best and GOOD LUCK !!!

TCH said...

These are not kind words but REAL GENUINE REMARKS - You are truly accurate in your predictions.

I am sure we all know how many of your 2008 predictions have come true thou we are only 1/2 way thru the year.

Thanks, Master Lynn Yap for your advice - May I clarify

My 'push on' in my earlier comments refer to 'stay on in the job'... and I read your advice to be "To stay on the job and not look for another, as this is not the right timing'.

Cutie D said...

Hi Master Lynn Yap,
I agree with you very much regarding can't save money when no money element in bazhi.
What's the cure for keeping money in the bank then when one don't have money element in their bazhi? Been trying so hard to save money...
Have been wearing the crystal pendant that you have advised when I came to see you many years ago for life reading.

Yaro said...

Hi Lynn,

This is Yaro from Blog Mastermind.

Would you please get in touch with me regarding your affiliate commissions.

I need a paypal account for you and I tried to email your email account but it bounced.

Email so we can sort this out.