Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good health is wealth, you know ?

Today, 26 July 2008, Saturday, I went to Johore Bahru, Malaysia and then back.

DAILY THOUGHTS: This photo is taken this morning when I was in Johore Bahru, Malaysia, we had lunch and then they drove me back.

LYNN YAP BLOG: I believe one can make money from a blog but then it has to have followers then the blog can work and also the writer of the blog has to write it himself. then one can read deeply into the personality of the writer and how the writer thinks. I guess, most important is to be sincere and honest. the readers will be able to FEEL the honesty that comes from the text written.

FENG SHUI: Feng shui can be termed to be quite "shuen" meaning "special". If a person place a table fountain in the wealth area and then 3 months later he can see results in that some form of money can come to him, would you believe it if I tell you ? and that it works like that ?

This is exactly what I tell my clients - that after 3 months later they have to see results after the feng shui is done then they will know that the feng shui has started. they can also invite me back to their house or office 3 or 4 months later for a review just to find out how they are doing.

FSQ NOTE: If feng shui is done to your house, you should see results then you know that the feng shui is working. The sound of water in the house or office is one of the most important factor for the feng shui to work.

A FENGSHUI TIP THAT WORK : There was one secret daily feng shui tip on the pineapple on the dining table. a client sms me this week saying that she strike 4d (my car number) after she placed the "onglai" (hokkien for pineapple) on her dining table.

Buy a fresh pineapple and place it among the plastic fruits on a basket on your dining table if you wish for more Good Fortune. It works, try it.

DESTINY: METHOD I- A tip for single ladies : when you love a man very much and wish to make him love you too.......then one has to use feng shui in your bedroom for it to help you, make it come true. Try this : place several plastic flowers about 30 or 40 roses in the bedroom and some fresh flowers any kind (no white or yellow) in the bedroom - then 2 days later you should see results. This is called using the "flower theory" to help you find the right man.

METHOD II- The other "flower theory" is to bath with loose flowers. you can buy them from any flower stalls in the wet market. go home and bath with the flowers from the top of your head 3 times then wash up and you will be ok. one hour later a male is sure to call you or sms you for a date. that man is usually the man who has destiny with you. so if you can't stand him but he has destiny with you ? you see how, lah.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The average income for most Singaporeans is probably around S$4.5k. A household income may probably range from S$8k to S$25k on the average, anything more is above average income.

This morning, Wealth Journey commented on my write up about average income per month. You can read his comment as well as my reply and you may also visit his blog at :

TIP:"A person's health is very important so when your mind or body is tired, please go to bed"

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