Sunday, September 14, 2008

Retreat at Kopan Monastry, Nepal (12Dec to 30Dec 2008)


I just booked my air ticket to Nepal for my retreat which starts on 12 Dec to 30 Dec 2008. I would most likely be staying at Kopan Monastry where there might not be any signal or maybe this time they have, you can still try to contact/sms me at : +65-9685-2718

After I blogged out my blog to restricted readers, this great news came if not I don't know how. Now maybe you can understand why I wanted to keep my own good luck for a purpose : I needed someone to organise and bring me for a retreat and I felt that I had to get it done for this great news. Now, I am so happy to be going for my retreat !!!! yeah.


christinekoh9393 said...

Have a great retreat in Dec! Will definitely miss reading your blog during your absence.

Twilight Zone said...

Master Lynn Yap, I believe many others here share the joy of your coming retreat. Everyone loves to travel. Hope you will come back enlightened with more to share. Next time you can organize such trip for us too. Thanks in advance!