Sunday, October 26, 2008

In a crisis, someone looses while some gains and who are they ?

Today, 26 October 2008, Sunday, I went to visit my parents as usual and then to do 2 life readings recommended by a lady client.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Are you ready to buy shares now ? it might be a good time to enter. Let's see how on Tuesday.

Prediction : The hardest hit next year in 2009 would probably be those in the entertainment business which is water as the earth in the ox will come and control the water business. so there would be less customers for them in that year.

FENG SHUI: When I started to do "feng shui" as my career and business, I wanted to be the best, top notch fengshui master who will do many important corporate projects and also to have many followers. Todate, after so many years I am happy that I have achieved all of that and am now on to my next level. While I try to achieve my next level, I always want to help my 2 sons to gain their own financial knowledge. I intend to spend the next 10 years helping them unless they tell me they are not ready.

DESTINY: If you stay in this house and you prosper and then when you shift to another house, somehow it didn't did as well as last time - is because of two reasons. 1) Every house fengshui is different. 2) Your own destiny and for that particular few years that you stayed in this house.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The best thing to do right now is to save cash and then each month park a little into shares that you like or that it suit your bazi.

Most of us buy shares that match our bazi. So you too should choose your own. I have received a few sms regarding what shares to buy and it is so difficult to reply in sms as it pertains to their bazi.

FSQ DAILY TIP:"When everyone says good things about you, that is good for you. however if everyone says negative things about you that is negative energy"

TIP:"Those savvy investors would gain"

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