Sunday, July 12, 2009

Are you fault finding all the time ?

TODAY 12 July 2009 Sunday: weather is good and as I work 7 days a week.
FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: Hmmm.........I wonder how many of us go through life always looking at the faults of others but never at our own ? we ought to fine tune our mindset and learn to "change" so that we can be a lot happier. Ever wonder why some people are happier than others and is not because they've got more money ? is because they can "let go". they always adopt a "never mind" attitude towards certain things in life and are carefree and happy ! try it and you would love it, trust me.
SINGAPORE FENGSHUI LYNN YAP BLOG: Thank you to all the over 1,400 readers a week that comes to read about what I blog and I sincerely hope that you can benefit much from this as this is in a way my contribution to the society that I live in, work in and sleep in.
FENG SHUI: People who believe in my brand of feng shui *fengshui Queen* will stay with me as my clients because they have seen the results of how feng shui can help them make their life better and easier. For more feng shui secrets, follow me in my tweets in twitter.
You know ?.............sometimes I wonder how much is the value of "personality branding" in Singapore ?
FSQ FENGSHUI TIP : The dirtier the wealth pond, the faster the wealth.
DESTINY: Some people are naturally stubborn because of the earth factor that is human nature and karma too. Hence if they can do more merits then they can see more and deeper and be a better person. bazi study is one of the most beautiful text, one can ever find, if you have the time, study it and then learn to improve.
SAVVY INVESTMENTS: After 20 August 2009 the stock markets around the world will start to fall so standby your funds to go in when the timing is right for you.
Now is not the right timing to buy properties, if you wish to buy for investment, go in second half of next year in the year of the tiger, 2010 which is a "rusty tiger with "rusty golden teeth" that bites. ouch ! is because the "yang wood" in the "tiger" year controls the "property" market which is the "earth" element.
FSQ TIP: "Try to change and be a better person, ok ?"

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