Thursday, January 06, 2011

Today is the first day of everyday !

Today, 7 January 2011 Friday - Well....the lunar new year is approaching us very very soon, so how is your fortune ? Hope you are keeping well and have had a wonderful 2010.
For me personally I did. I ended the year by buying a small one bedroom apartment at Space@Kovan on the #04-xx level using the profits from the sale of my Ubi office. I am not seeking finanial freedom till age 60 and with a net worth of some x dollars and a comfortable passive income for two.
With the purchase of Space@Kovan my total asset value has gone up and so will the net worth, soon. For me, when I do a purchase, I do it within my means and with at least a spare 6 months expenses remainder, better still is a year so that one whole year don't work, also can. That would be very very nice and that means that I would have to save more ^_^
Thank you all for supporting and coming to my talks (I heard others are also well received) and I was told that tomorrow's talk at Safra Mt Faber already have 276 people coming. See you !!!

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