Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday Happiness sets me free !

Today, 5 March 2012 (Monday) - It's a Monday ! and how are you ? I am just back from Ang Mo Kio where I helped a couple client select their "new" apartment ! Today, I also spoke to a real estate agent who told me that "market is picking up". That's good news for them as well as for our fengshui business.

Singapore Feng Shui - There are many HDB flats, condos, landed properties, factories or even offices  which have been fengshuied. Only when you enter a place and "look deeper" then you can see the fengshui that was done. Usually, a place feels very very comfortable with good energy or sheng chi, then it means that that place has been fengshuied ^_^

Fengshui Tips 2 for the stove:
The stove should have 4 burners and not 3 or 2 - why ? it is because the stove represents our career and hence it should be on the 4th gear of a car like in the old days when we drive a car, the car goes from 1st gear to 2nd and 3rd and finally to the 4th gear.

Buying Property - Many people have asked me if it is the right timing now to buy property. I usually check their bazi that is their birthdate, time of birth and country of birth before I reply. 

Fengshui Talk 2013 :
I have been invited and booked for a "Predictions for the Snake year, 2013" talk for 5 Jan 2013. Wanna come and see me and receive more fengshui Queen, Singapore tips ? See you soon ^_^

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