Thursday, April 19, 2012

"4" is like a crossed leg Laughing Buddha !!!

Today, 19 April 2012 (Thursday) - How are things with you ? Hope the Dragon year, 2012  did not do much harm to anyone of you. If you do find things not very smooth still, then carry a "metal bell" that "rings" around you, ok ? 

Tomorrow would be TGIF and then we will have the weekend, for me I work on Saturdays and Sundays  and has been like this for the past 15 years ! One thing:  we don't work all the time, it's all by appointments only and sometimes just two hours or slightly more.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Yesterday, I had 541 pageviews ! that's a lot ! Hei ! thank you for coming. We are still number one in Google search on Singapore Fengshui Blog ^_^ And thank you for your support !!! You are the Greatest !!!!

Fengshui Queen Singapore's Tips: I was saying in my Facebook that "4" is my favorite number and any property that I buy, it has to have a "4' in it. About 10 years ago, property with a "4" usually very hard to sell, that's what I heard ...........but these days, more people are "fengshui educated" and so "4" is like any other number.

Someone asked : I thought "4" means..............then another added that he heard "4" is a cross leg and shake leg. I replied : Yes, like a crossed leg laughing Buddha which we can place behind the office main door on the floor so that you can crossed leg (very free) and yet got money !  ^_^

So today's tip is : Place a crossed leg laughing Buddha behind your house main door (when you enter your house, you can see him) or diagonally opposite your dining table ! One of my client had a big golden one facing their dining table ! Mine is on the floor of my office which most people can't see ^_^

Fengshui Queen Singapore tip on buying a very good fengshui property :
1) The fengshui has to be very good rating : 8/10 then we buy. Some fengshui is better for the male, some better for the female. You can choose.

2) The house's unit number or block number has to follow our "spiritual number" and this "spiritual number" is any number that always follow you where ever you go. If as a couple, you may not know then check the last digit of your marriage certificate and that is your "spiritual number" !!!

FSQ Note: People are still buying property but mostly for their own stay as they upgrade. I have done a few checks on whether "can buy or not recently", just last week.

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