Wednesday, July 04, 2012

My Prince Charming had found his mate !!!

Today, 4 July 2012 (Wednesday) - is everything ? Hope you are all fine.

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - There were a lot of "likes" and "comments" in my Facebook on the toad photo. Prince Charming has found his mate ! ^_^

A Fengshui Queen Singapore Case Study June 2012 - Many years ago, a client had invited me to do her apartment and was told to move house from 2003 onwards as the Qi in her house would not be good.

She moved and lived in that house for a couple of years. Then one day while she was meditating in her house and as she had a little issue on hand and I appeared in front of her.

She still wasn't assured ......and so she asked Kuan Yim whom she prayed in her house to check with Kuan Yim if she should invite Master Lynn Yap to come and check her house.

Guess What ?

She got a "um" "pui" (hokkien) (Yes ! from Kuan Yim)

A few days later, I went to her house to check fengshui and she related this story to me and I laughed !!!! but I almost fell off the chair !!!!

So Interesting !

So I thought I share this story with you. The case study is real but the person's name and sex are different and confidential.

Blog Viewership - 3 July 2012 we have 1009 viewers !!!  (Guess readers like my toad photo so here is another one for you to admire ;))) )

FSQ Photo: The toads that you saw in my photos are all real toads. I was coming home from a dinner with my lady client at NUSS Guild House on Monday night when I happen to catch the toads mating. All photos taken by Iphone4.


Twilight Man said...

I am not surprised that our beloved Guan Yin Ma also approved your presence! Sometimes I thought you were God-sent to awaken us to do charity, prayers and understand Feng Shui better... Hey guys, Feng Shui is real and very important for everyone to have better health, success and wealth! Thank you Master Lynn Yap.

Lynn Yap said...

Thank you !