Monday, September 10, 2012

My lovely friends, the toads !!!

Today, 10 September 2012 (Monday) - I am off work today.......take a break and go for massages.......well, how do you like the real toad in the photo above ? when I first post this photo in my Facebook one friend asked if the frog was real and my reply was a "yes". The fake frog that I had is here........see photo below.......the green one ^_^ The shop only had one green frog and so I just bought one and placed him at the side of my lily pond otherwise I like to buy my things in pairs.

FSQ Photo : These photos are taken a few nights ago when the toads came and croak so loudly ^_^
Personally, I love looking and staring at the toads, real and fake ones, so enjoy !!!

Fengshui Queen Singapore Tip : Have you ever noticed if after moving into a condo or even a landed property and when you climb staircases, your knee joint has a pain ? This is fengshui related and is because there is a swimming pool in the South East sector of your house or because there is a water pond, koi pond or even a swimming pool in the garden of your house.

The fengshui Queen SG solution was to : Place stones or boulders inside the pond and then there is no more pain. Can you see two rectangle stones, one big, one small inside the lily pond ? ^_^

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