Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good Health is Wealth

Today, 26 September 2012 (Wednesday) - Hi.......I know many of you work long hours and very very hard however if your body is rest and either go to sleep or go for a two hour body massage to get back into shape, ok ?

Body Qi is very important for good health. Running is a good exercise too  however not many of us like to run so going for body massage is a good excuse. ahem. ^_^

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Today, I was there this afternoon in the eastern part of Singapore where client bought a terrace house. Seems like the minimum price for a terrace house is now S$2.5million.

FSQ Food - I like chicken rice as well as duck rice as both can fill my tummy and especially when I have a long day, I would usually take rice for my breakfast as I need a lot of energy to do my fengshui work lah !

This duck rice is from a koptiam somewhere along Serangoon North Ave 2, quite near to my office.

Thank you to many who like to see the photos of food that I take with my iPhone 4. Oh the canteen at First Centre is closed at 2pm to 4.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays. After 4.30pm, they are open again for dinner but the other stalls are closed.

FSQ Tip : The color handbag and the color wallet that you carry have a great impact on your money. Don't believe ? change your handbag color or wallet color and watch the difference.  ^_^


Anonymous said...

Hi Master Lynn,

Yummy photo, makes me want to eat!
Do you mind suggesting a color that is good for a wallet or purse?

Have a great evening!

from your avid fan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Master Lynn,
Thanks for your fsq tips. Which color should we pick for our handbags n wallets to have a great impact on money?

Thanks very much.

Madeline Lee

lee said...

Dear Master Lynn

Thank you for your fsq tips. Plse share with us which color handbags n wallets to carry so that we can have a great impact on our $$$$.

Thanking you in advance.

Lee LH, Penang