Friday, September 14, 2012

Lady version of Lai Pu Yee.....

Today, 14 September 2012 (Friday) - Hi......the 7th month is finally going to be over. One more night tomorrow night then it is the 8th lunar month where many couples will be getting married. I wish them all the best in their married lives together and ever.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - We are already at the 7th lunar month and soon before we know it, it will be Chinese New Year too.  Wa so fast.

Firstly,  I want to thank the couple who came all the way from Kota Bharu to come and meet me. I trust that you have had a good and fruitful trip to Singapore. How's the Garden by the Bay ? nice ?

I have another client who might be flying down to meet me in end September 2012 from Jakarta, Indonesia. Sounds like this Dragon year brings a few clients from overseas and they all know about me from their local newspaper, their relatives as well as my blog. Guess my blog really travels round the world ^_^

Blog viewership - averaging around 700 and the blog with the frogs brought in over 900 viewers ! Guess you like to view the frogs too.

Well at least you know that your sifu, Master Lynn is busy which is good as it means that I am very popular.

Then I also want to thank a group of ladies working in the same office who invited me to visit their office and do a few life readings. I was there from 12noon and right till 5pm. Never worked so hard in my life before.......ever since I became boss ^_^ But I was very happy when I went home as I heard from my lady client who introduced me to them......what they think about my fengshui and bazi ^_^
The ladies there all felt that I had that x factor walking around their office. Ahem, your sifu had been to many many offices too.

Fengshui case studies - 
1) One client this year, after switching on the light in the kitchen found a good job.

2) One client this year strike S$20k after her house was fengshuied, about 8 months later.

3) One lady client after moving into a good fengshui condo, balcony facing SW got a promotion, good pay rise and so did her husband. They were both very very happy. Now they are planning to buy another investment property.

4) One client (a couple) bought a S$7million Leedons Residences - guess who are those who had that kind of money to buy such high end property ? They currently own a bungalow in a good class area.

5) There are many other success stories but I tend to forget them after knowing about them. Like what Ajahn Brahm said is to become a dustbin to have holes on both sides, the top and the bottom. After listening to them, remove their stories from the brain cpu.

FSQ Photo : show my favorite food, chicken rice. Is that your favorite too ? After seeing this photo, if it makes you feel like eating chicken rice, I have done my part to help all those who sells chicken rice ^_^ This chicken rice is from a kopitiam somewhere in Serangoon North Ave 2.

Fengshui Tip : Be very careful when buying a house to live in. I have heard from some of my clients how after they bought this house, they had to go to a hospital a few times within a few years period while for some it was money matters. They wanted to know why and so they called and invited me to do the fengshui for them so that their lives can be better. I was like the lady version of "Lai Pu Yee", I helped. ^_^

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