Monday, November 20, 2017

Today, 21 November 2017 (Tuesday) 09.31am -

Today, 21 November 2017 (Tuesday) 09.31am - Good Morning !!! Today, going to do two house reviews then home. You take care !!!

Every day when I am home and free, either I sleep or meditate or watch dharma You Tube by Venerable Kong Hai....this is a new series that I am watching. Had finished his teachings on The Platform Sutra and also on The Diamond Sutra....both 24 chapters each. The one that I am watching has 78 chapters ;))))

On "Pu Sze" - I showed a plastic zip log bag with crushed biscuits that I carry and "pu sze" every where, be it my office or garden etc...........the idea is to benefit the wandering spirits and hungry ghosts. You would remember that I chant "Tee Chang Zin" de. I know how to chant though my mandarin is not so good but clients told me have much improved. hehe.

So where ever you are....say this chant before you throw the crushed busicits into the house living room, kitchen etc.

"Om Ah Hum"
"Om Sam Pu Nai, Sam Pu Nai Hum"

I was told that when you feed them, you become their masters and hence would help you ;))))

Ok.........gotta go....

Today, 20 November 2017 (Monday) 11.44pm -

The sky as I was leaving office today.....

Today, 20 November 2017 (Monday) 11.44pm - was your day ? today, went for massage at Potong Pasir then to office for 2 Destiny readings..........was raining for a while then when I was about to go back........the sky was clear.

After work.....slept early today.......just woke time to blog a bit then go and do meditation.

Do GOOD DEEDS - Did you do good deeds recently ? Just having kind thoughts in your mind is considered good deeds already.

On way to Potong Pasir for massage

peanuts porridge


Sunday, November 19, 2017




Today, 19 November 2017 (Monday) 04.04am - Good Morning !!!

The sky at Q Bay Residences

Today, 19 November 2017 (Monday) 04.04am - Good Morning !!! .........just woke client said weekends, your schedule is busy eh ? Yes, busy because clients are free on weekends so I work harder, is ok.....then weekdays, I can be free.

Am going to meditate...........write more soon ;))))

Photo speaks a thousand words :

As I was leaving Q Bay Residences........saw a mini-mart and bought ginger pieces, my favourite !!!

Crushed biscuits for "pu sze"

Thank you !!!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Was here at Q Bay Residences for Fengshui .....

Parents bought this for me.....

Client gave me this book, yesterday ! 感恩 !


Today, 19 November 2017 (Sunday) 01.17am -

Today, 19 November 2017 (Sunday) 01.17am - Hi......are you awake or sleeping.....I just woke up..decided to blog first then go and meditate. 

Today's work - It's been quite a long day starting at 8.30am fengshui appointment and it rained when I got home but I like the usual, open the windows and enjoy the cool, cool, breeze of rain. 

The rain on the Grab Car window where I sat

Ok.........going off. You take care !!!



It was raining when I got home.....

Friday, November 17, 2017

“Beautiful flowers bloom for you and me”

The Trizon

After Fengshui .....come here at The Trizon

Today, 17 November 2017 (Friday) 10.10pm -

Today, 17 November 2017 (Friday) 10.10pm - Came home........had dinner and then slept till now. After blog....going to do some meditation. How is your day ? saw from Facebook that many of my clients/friends are now overseas..........enjoying their holidays  :))))
Gifts Received - thank you. Here they are.........

Thank you !

On Going Full Vegetarian : You may need to take milk chocolate to give you some energy until the body is fully able to do the full vegetarian. This is what I discovered and found it very useful. I now carry chocolates where ever I go........and make it Lindt.üngli

Ok.......going to meditate now.....Ta Ta





Thursday, November 16, 2017

Here at EdgeField Plains


Today, 17 November 2017 (Friday) 09.02am -

Fried Mee Sua, SHU Vegetarian

Today, 17 November 2017 (Friday) 09.02am - Hi........a very Good Morning !!! Am now at First's appointment start at 9.3am for personal review then two destiny readings then off to do fengshui check. Back Later......

You.........take care ah ? 

Thank you to 2,513 visitors yesterday !

White Clouds and Blue Sky yesterday.....

Thank you to 2,513 visitors yesterday !


Today, 17 November 2017 (Friday) 02.34am -

At Toa Payoh, yesterday.....

Today, 17 November 2017 (Friday) 02.34am - Good Morning !!!..............Lynn Yap just woke up......and am ready to go and meditate....but first blog ;)))

Thank you for the red packets with words received recently  : Here they are........

Thank you !

Thank you !

FSQ NOTE : It is important in life to be grateful for many, many things. And only when we are grateful, then ourselves become soft and when we are soft on the inside......everyone around you are very very nice towards you. Do you know that ?

Learnt this recently from Venerable Kong Hai of Taiwan. Here is his blog.

Do you wish to try ?

Just start by being GRATEFUL. You can be GRATEFUL to people, to the bright SUN or to the MOON or to anything.

Simply Start........



Wednesday, November 15, 2017

15 Fengshui Tips for better Health -

Photo taken today !

15 Fengshui Tips for better Health -
1) The Power Area in the house is related to Health. Hence in order to have good Health is to burn two tea lights candles once a week. There is no need to burn candles every evening.

2) A person will also need to do some form of exercise for good health. Some people run, walk or jog or cycle or even do Yoga.

3) Should a person not wish to do any form of exercise then a good Foot and Shoulder massage is a must. A person can do that once in every two weeks. This person can also do a body massage. The massage helps blood circulation. Sometimes, can also add "cupping" or "Kua Sar".

4) It is good to free birds equal to the number of your English Birth Age. So if you are 40 years old this year, you will need to free 40 birds and just need to do this once in your lifetime. If you are overseas, can do this, as the cost of birds there are cheaper.

5) You can also buy a pair of old man and old lady stature and placed them on the wishing table in the wealth area. This means that you can grow old to be like them.

6) In our brand of "Fengshui Queen's Fengshui", we usually advised clients to go down to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple at ChinaTown to sponsor a "longetivity' Lamp (Kuang Min Teng). This lamp is particularly good for long life, good health and also for young children's studies. After sponsoring the lamps, you may find that that child loves to study and read a book.  His/her studies will then improve. Try it and see how this works......

7) When it is your parents' birthday, it is good to give them a red packet with the word "soi" (longetivity) on it. So that means that the parents' health can improve and also have a long life.

8) Then when having lunch or dinner. for parents birthday, it is good to take noodles as noodles represent "longetivtiy".

9) Some people also buy the "longetivity bao" for celebration too.

10) A table lamp or standing lamp in the power/health area of the house can be used for good health and long life. The side back is that : it can make one very busy at the work place. Hence, we prefer to burn candles and after that, discard it, is easier and better.

11) In our brand of fengshui, we also encourage clients to feed stray cats, stray dogs or even birds as these can help improve one's good health and can have long life.

12) Each year, clients are encouraged to do donations to any Charitable Organisation that they wish. We usually inform them to sponsor to Cancer Society or other health related societies so that these clients can have long lives and good health.

13) For those with serious illness, clients are usually encouraged to go full vegetarian as this helps to "free animals" hence their lives will be long.

14) Clients are also encouraged not to "kill animals" for their food if they wish to have a baby or to have long life and good health.

15) Going to temple to offer candles for good health and long life is usually also recommended.

NOTE: This article is written by Master Lynn Yap, BBA (NUS),  3P Fengshui Consultancy Pte Ltd.

第一耍有惭愧的心 !

Here at Toa Payoh ......

Thank you to 2,027 visitors yesterday !

The Panorama

Today, 16 November 2017 (Thursday) 08.21am Good Morning !!! going down to Toa Payoh to do a can or cannot buy fengshui then to office for a baby Chinese names and one destiny reading then home. You.......take care ok ? :))))

This Morning - at 5am .........someone whatspp saying she or he (currently overseas) cannot find a wooden / clay toad or frog !!!! Excuse is 5am plus !!! 
Even if I am meditating at that time..........don't you think you don't want any one to disturb you ?

PUT yourself in my shoes and walk around......then tell me how you feel and how you will react or no react. This is important. Because you cannot see how your actions affect the other person. And this is no good. Because you can hurt many many people and yet you don't even know about it.

For me..........I didn't hear it as I was deep sleeping. But when I woke up at 6am plus........I replied her/him ;))))) Then I went to meditate and that person WhatsApp again.

Can you tell me the character of this person ? I bet you CAN !!! (especially those who had followed my brand of fengshui for so many years) hehe

Fengshui Queen SG Note - Whatever you are feeling right it worries about children's school results or about parents health etc....just remember that : The world outside you is what you created in the world inside you.

REFLECT upon this statement ......see if you have "wisdom" come to help you solve the issues.



3 Benefits of "Breath 20 times fast fast" -

Photo taken yesterday

3 Benefits of "Breath 20 times fast fast" -
1) When you do meditation of this kind of "BREATH 20times, fast fast", it can help to calm down your mind. Then when your mind is calm, wonders happen. First of all, you will have a very good memory. Everything that you do that day, you can remember.

Try it.........At the end of the day already and when you are on the way home in a train, bus or taxi then try to think "how was the day"........then you will be surprised to see that you can remember so many many things.

2) You will notice that your mind has power - this means that your mind don't feel tired and so you can be very productive and efficient in your work. Fast and Good.

3) You may also noticed that sometimes when there is a work problem, a certain 'INSIGHT" can come to you to help you solve that issue. This is called "WISDOM". You have begun to develop some wisdom which is good. 

So this means that : the more you meditate every day, "BREATH 20 times fast fast"....the more the wisdom can developed.






Tuesday, November 14, 2017

10 Fengshui Tips on the POWER Area of the house -

Photo taken today in Grab Car

10 Fengshui Tips on the POWER Area of the house - 
FENG SHUI  explained - The POWER area in your house is among one of the most important sectors that I would look out for other than the wealth area. When I choose the power area for a house, it is ok if the power area do not have any windows but wealth area usually must have windows to tap better Qi for wealth.

For many people, it can quite difficult to find out where the power area of your house is without inviting the fengshui master. However, if your 6th sense is good, you can discover where the good areas of your house and then put the right things there to tap the Qi of the house so that everything goes in harmony and when the Qi balances, everything becomes perfect.

The POWER area is also one of the most comfortable area of the whole house and a place where SLEEP always happen. Hence if you always fall alseep in that particular part of the house, then usually that is the POWER area and what fengshui stuff can you place there to enhance the power.

1) You may wish to place a standing lamp or a table lamp there - as the fire element can be used to enhance the POWER Area.

2) You may wish to burn a big,  fat red candles in that area and usually within 3 hours your phone will ring or a new business deal is done then you know that you have got the right power area. test this out youself and feel the wonderful nature of feng shui and how feng shui can help many, many people.

3) The power sector should never have its wall painted blue -

4) The power sector should be painted, red, pink, purple or orange colour to activate the POWER for some restuarants' fengshui, we use orange which is a more modern colour.

5) It is ideal to place your 6 seater or 8 seater dining table in the power area so that your career would have Power.

6) It would be great if you can sleep in the Power sector of your house so that when you wake up, your health is always very good and and when you speak, you have the *POWER*.

7) A fish tank or a water feature should never never be placed in the POWER sector if not you are sure to fall very ill. Don't believe me, try this and discover feng shui for yourself ;))))

8) There should also not be a big mirror in the POWER sector.

9) There should also not be a standing fan or ceiling fan in the POWER area, if not children would tend to fall sick all the time. Take note and try to do something different in your house and see if things can work and improve. 

10) You may wish to place your photo in the POWER Area of your house - so that at work and at home, when you speak, more people listen. 

Fengshui Queen SG NOTE : This is a EDITED version of a 2009 article written sometime back. Hope you can enjoy.....

Am on this chapter !



Thank you to 1,535 Visitors to blog, yesterday !!!

Bk 232, Ang Mo Kio street 22

Today, 15 November 2017 (Wednesday) 11.05am - went to run errands. Was at Ang Mo Kio street 22 then went to Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, buy things,  "ta bao" food then home.

Vegetarian lunch every day and loving every moment of it !

Food - I don't bother too much about the food I long as stomach is full, can already. Intend to try to go one meal a day.....a bit tough because I like to eat like snacks, ground nuts etc. But want to be Buddha right ? so need to try to cut .....cut ;))))

So when you see the food that I post here..........don't judge and don't comment. Just note that that was my lunch.............and if other people can do it why can't you ? so why can't you go vegetarian for a while too ? hehe

Can snack one, eat potato chips, eat ground nuts etc etc and most important of all , chocolates as these give you the energy that you need. So I buy a lot of whole stack (7 or 8) and stand by..........

Also, drink GINGER tea to keep you warm so that on cold nights, you are not cold or eat GINGER pieces and I was told at night, cannot eat only day time.

Ok.........going to watch my dharma, YOUTUBE.

見性成佛 !


Today, 15 November 2017 (Wednesday) 0241am -

Today, 15 November 2017 (Wednesday) 0241am - Good Morning !!! Came dharma in Youtube then fell asleep till now. Intend to do some meditation after this....

On red packets received - Thank you !!! here they are .....

Thank you !!!

Thank you, ate this yesterday.....;)))

Thank you !!!

FSQ NOTE : Later........going for my tunia massage at Pasir Ris!



Monday, November 13, 2017


Registration Open at Safra Tampines !!!

Photo taken this morning on way to First Centre !

Some clients told me that they went to their website and did not see the program on the "PREDICTIONS 2018". Then when the Organiser asked me about the door gift, I took this opportunity to ask.

She said they can send an email to her :

If there are more people, we get to go to the BasketBall Court..........if not then same place also can :))))))

See You !!!


Thank you to the 1,714 visitors yesterday !!!

Thank you to the 1,714 visitors yesterday !!!

Today's schedule - Today's work is at First Centre office for readings, do some  bazi charts, scheduling appointments etc and lastly meditating before appointment.

Fengshui Case Study - There was a lady client who shifted to her own 3 room HDB flat. In one of her bedroom she had a green Cross, a cupboard where she stored things inside. This Green Cross cupboard happen to be in the wealth area and I said no....kindly remove this if not, can go hospital de. 

So....if you ever buy nice cupboards, please make sure it is square, rectangle would be the best. Ba Gua shaped table or cupboard also can.

If you buy a Ba Gua (8 sided wooden stool or table) and placed it in the South West sector of the house, all of you,  married ladies are going to have more POWER at home and at the work place. This is because South West represents married lady. ;))))

It rained early morning nice so I took a photo and also meditated facing this window

FSQ NOTE : Am in office now........



Today, 14 November 2017 (Tuesday) 0433am - Good Morning !!!

Today, 14 November 2017 (Tuesday) 0433am - Good Morning !!! Hi.......just woke up and meditated starting at  0339 hours. Have to wait till 6am then can break the fasting period. After that, would do the dedications then usually I would take biscuits.

Once you managed to stop breathing....then hold for a while then breathe in again...this time, you will find that the breath is much slower and this is the speed of breath that we should have, everytime. 

We can slow down at the work place and yet do fast and accurate work. You will be surprised and then you can find that you can handle "stress" from mobile phones better. hehe

Now...continue to breathe in and out slowly because you will find that the body don't allow you to breathe too fast. 

Next, use the mind to focus on the space between the two eye brows and watch the blur purple colours of energies that is there. 

Keep the focus of mind there, while gently still breathing IN and OUT.

Keep at it till the blur purple light becomes more focused and it is now light purple lights and floating around.

Shall stop here. See if you can manage to get to this step. Personally, I went through this process myself and I stopped at this stage for 10 years. I didn't know how to progress until last year, I learnt the method.

Ok..........time for some rest before I get up from bed ;)))))

Sharing.........what I posted this morning on FB wall !


"Memories are made of these"


Sunday, November 12, 2017


Am watching chapter !


Sharing some of the past videos that I have watched......

Thank you to 2,243 visitors yesterday !!!

Photo taken at Anchorvale Road, yesterday

We are quite fortunate to always have visitors coming to read this blog. Thank you.......

Today, 13 November 2017 (Monday) 0818am - Good Morning !!! is my rest day and hence have decided to take 8 Precepts.

If you ever wish to take 8 precepts too........kindly do the 5 precepts first. If you have not yet done the 5 precepts, you cannot take the 8 precepts because it will be too much for you to follow and then you may break the precepts which may then not be good for you.

On a personal note : I do hope that you enjoy all the lovely music and video clips that I shared. I do know that some of you only listen to English dharma and therefore I may need to post some nice English video clips.....for you.

Gotta Go. Blog Later......


"Yesterday Once More"

In Penang, 2003

The Travel Link :‎

 In Penang

Was invited to give talks in West and East Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 2004

The Link :

Was invited to a private function to be a Destiny Reader, going around each table, Kuala Lumpur