Saturday, September 23, 2017

Today, 23 September 2017 (Saturday) 07.17pm -

Today, 23 September 2017 (Saturday) 07.17pm - Hi...........I am just home, had my dinner and now about to begin my meditation.

Yesterday, I played "The Diamond Sutra"Youtube Lecture 9 and listened to it while doing my sitting meditation and found it useful. So, am going to do this later.....

I ordered Food Panda delivery to my office at First Centre from SHU Vegetarian, hor fan........and some other dishes.       Talk to you later if not tomorrow ;))) 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Today, 23 September 2017 (Saturday) 07.41am -

my lunch yesterday

Today is going to be a long day for me as it is a Saturday, going down to Rivervale Street for a house fengshui review then to Suntec then to office at First Centre. Take Care and Have a wonderful weekend ok !!!  ;)))

Enjoy !!

Today 22 September 2017 (Friday) 11.43pm -

Today, 22 September 2017 (Friday) 11.43pm - Hi...........I just woke up and am blogging. Did my meditation and listened to "The Diamond Sutra"  explanation by Venerable Guan Cheng. Discovered that there are 38 chapters !!!

Here is the link to the temple

On Dharma - There are some nice Dharma Youtube so I will share them with you here. Hope you enjoy and learn.

The Diamond Sutra - Personally, I like this sutra and though I have had read it out loud a few times, I still enjoy reading. At times, wisdom appeared and you know that this sutra is helping you. Then when you meditated especially after reading it out loud once, it is easier to meditate. There are less thoughts. You may wish to try this method, this way help you cut out "scattered" thoughts during your meditation until you can achieve the SAMADI state.

"Thus shall ye think of all this fleeting world
A star at dawn, a bubble in a stream
A flash of lighting in a summer cloud
A flickering lamp, a fathom and a dream"

I learnt by heart these 4 lines and speak it silently during my meditation to cut out the "scattered" thoughts. I find that it helps. You may wish to learnt this too.......

On Youtube -  A lady client whatsApp telling me about her son who won the award at LASALLE McNally Award Excellence in The Arts 2017 Winner.  Here is the video !!!

FSQ Tip - Some people's hair needed to be long and very long then good fortune comes while for some, short hair is better. Do you know whether long hair or short hair is better for you ?

Enjoy !!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Today, 22 September 2017 (Friday) 8.06am -

Today, 22 September 2017 (Friday) 8.03am - This morning, going down to town area to do fengshui for a cafe then to office at First Centre for life readings. I will help those who approached me for help and I always try my very best as that is my goal in life, to help anyone with my level best and so far it had helped many many clients and am most happy for them.

One lady whatsApp me .......I think yesterday telling me that it is true - as she pasted real currencies directly opposite her where she is sleeping and she saw "wealth" coming to her consistently......hehe

Be home by 6pm then blog..... if I have the time. I find that my time with meditation is too little already and my time with listening to Youtube dharma is too little too.

Need to find tune my time spent here ....blogging, ok ?

Thank you to the 2,615 visitors to this blog, yesterday !!!

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Still like this music.......Enjoy !!

8 steps to fengshui a room office -

8 steps to fengshui a room office -
1) The corner diagonally opposite the room office is the secondary wealth area - we usually place a "laughing buddha" standing there or some "auspicious" object.  For some, we would suggest that they place their 8R family photo there. So that their family would all get good luck all the time. For others, they would place a treasure chest there, more modern and not so "Chinese".

2) The wall colour and blinds colour should also follow the person'a bazi who is seated in this room.

3) If the person's bazi chart (a form of life reading based on his/her english birthdate, time and sex and country of birth) needs "wood"  element then we can place a tall, 3ft,  real, green leaves, potted plant in the room. 

We usually use money plant or iron plant with 5 trucks in a pot.

4) The room office should ideally only have one side glass windows and not two or three sides of the wall - this is because Qi (energy) cannot stay within the room then it means that this person can help the company "lose" money.

Usually the person who sits in this type of room office seldom sit for long.

5) If this person wants to have more "power" then we would place a golden Dragon beside his name card to give him/her power - this Dragon should be facing a wall or facing the window and cannot face himself in the room  (put wrongly) -

6) If the person's bazi needs "fire", then we usually place a warm reading lamp or table lamp within the room office - if they use a reading lamp then sometimes this reading lamp is shining at their name card (standing) and the Dragon beside. Great idea, isn't it !!!

Once a cable tv company did a documentary on a Company with me walking around the office carrying the Chinese compass, luopan. They also interviewed the MD of this company and this concept was introduced to the public then......and  is about 15 years ago already.

7) If the person is doing sales then we would place a frog or toad in the room office to attract more wealth to come into the room - So this frog or toad has to look into the room and then look at the window (to attract wealth from window into the room office)

8) Paintings are usually also used in room office - the type of painting used depends on the person's bazi. 

Once I went to do a fengshui check on a company and this big company likes to get an agency to display all kinds of nice, beautiful paintings on its wall. Once, I saw a padi field painting hanging on the wall of its conference room and I immediately told my client to bring that painting down.

It was a padi field painting where the padi is "green" in colour. .......meaning forever cannot "ripen".  Padi field painting is good for the company but the padi has to be bright yellow meaning ripen already.

So if it is hung there for 3 months, then how this company going to make money ? 

Enjoy !!

One of my all time favourite..........Enjoy !!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Today, 21 September 2017 (Thursday) 2.51pm -

Lunch from First Centre today

Today, 21 September 2017 (Thursday) 2.51pm - Today, I was in the office to do fengshui for a couple client whose new HDB are in the West. After that I went to Thomson Plaza to do my hair and now home, going to watch The Diamond Sutra in YouTube in English......late evening then blog ;)))

Seated at Thomson Plaza, waiting for Grab Driver

Discovered this....going to listen to this, today......Enjoy !!

A lady whatsapp saying she enjoy listening to is part 2.....Enjoy !!

Thank you to the 2,485 visitors, yesterday !!!

Photo shows a Vegetarian Supreme PIZZA from CRUST

Thank you to the 2,485 visitors to this blog yesterday. Thank you so so much !!! Going to office later......home later then blog.

In the meantime, here is one Singapore Fengshui Queen Tip for you :
1) When you are in an air con room and you forgot your shawl or your jacket to keep you warm, then what can you do ?
The answer is - Do meditation. that is breath in and breath out and use the mind to focus on the "in" and the "ou"t. After some time, you will feel ok.

2) If you have dry, ginger pieces with you then eat them first even one piece can keep you warm for a while. 

Try this....if you have to, it works !!! ;))))

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Hi.........follow me in Youtube !!!

Was listening to this..........Enjoy !!

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Do I look "bright" today ?

As I was in a car going towards Lengkong Tiga....The Grab car stopped at the traffic light while next to us was a big Bus and the Bus Driver gave me a big smile and I smiled back !!!

Usually.....I don't smile back but today I did as it is 8th lunar month, 1st day loh....but also "heart" happy mah...nice weather and going to work, always make me "happy".

Later at Lengkong Tiga, I took selfie and then realised that ...."hei" engery looks different today and quite "bright".....hmm....maybe that was why that Bus Driver smiled and me ;))))

Maybe it was because yesterday, I had recited the "Tee Chang Jin" 15th time so far.

FSQ Note - Today that life reading client said he read my blog and said my blog "quite interesting" de....oh.....I didn't know that and thank you for telling me ;))))

Maybe it is my "positive" outlook in life and a true Buddhist nature that can capture people's attention. He also said my blog suddenly got so many viewers.......hehe. That one, got to work on it then can get many viewers de, not so easy.

Ok..............going to continue my meditation. Talk to you, tomorrow ok ? 

Enjoy !!

Today 20 September 2017 (Wednesday) 8.50pm -

Today, 20 September 2017 (Wednesday) 8.50pm - Today, I was at Lengkong Tiga to do fengshui for a couple client and they even invited me to some nice vegetarian snacks nearby.

At first, I didn't want to go as my schedule today is quite tight but since today is 8th lunar month, 1st day, I finally agreed as it can allow the couple to do merits by buying me vegetarian food. 

In the end, I was 30mins late for my next appointment at The Terrace but the family there waited for me. So nice yah ? and we had a very good and interesting session there. Then I left for office for my reading with another client.

Photo taken today at The Terrace

This life reading client was also quite nice, we had a good discussion and he wrote this for me at the end of the session.

When I was waiting for Grab Driver to pick me home.......I saw the evening setting nice !!! so I decided to take a photo. Here it is.....

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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Thank you to 3,059 visitors to this blog, yesterday !!!

Today, 20 September 2017  (Wednesday) 9.53am - is 8th lunar month, 1st day. Therefore, I hope that clients and friends can try to go vegetarian today..... at least for one of the meal. For me, I am full time vegetarian since 22 June 2016 and would be for as long as I live.

Today, is also a good time to meditate or to do chanting -

Thank you to 3,059 visitors to this blog yesterday...........hope you enjoy reading the articles and would come back soon.

Today, I have a long day and would be back late, maybe by 7pm therefore would blog later when free. Have a good, blessed and peaceful day, my friends and readers !!!

Was listening to this in my headphone and meditating.....quite nice !.....Enjoy !!!

Was listening to this before my bedtime......Enjoy !!

Enjoy !!

Today - 19 September 2017 (Tuesday) - 8.36pm

Today, 19 September 2017 (Tuesday) 8.36pm - Hi.........just finished reciting out loud the "Tee Chang Jin" and dedicated the merits...... how about you ?

This morning, I was at Jalan Jurong Kechil to do fengshui for a client and then go to office for another appointment. rained this morning, luckily I reached.

I even managed to take some nice photos before it began to rain ;)))

See the black clouds.......yah, later it rained !!!

We have many beautiful condos in Singapore, don't we ? How do we define beautiful ? look nice and clean or ......

Everyone has their own idea on how a nice condo is being defined. There is no right and no wrong answer.

FSQ Tip : If your bazi favours wood then you can go buy a wooden, bamboo wind chime and if you are married then hang it in your "sector" which is the South West sector of the house. This is one way to improve a person's good fortune.

Listen to the youtube video on "bamboo wind chimes" and see if you like it, if not then check your bazi before buying and hanging one in your house.

Enjoy !!

Am just home.....

potato curry puff from Polar for today ;)))

Hi.............I am just back from work and already 5pm. Gotta do chanting for "Tee Chang Jin"....and meditation. Write later....but probably quite late in the night.

Yesterday, when I wrote the fengshui  article on "10 tips on how to fengshui a bedroom", I did not expect from Facebook, a total of 48 likes and 13 shares, wow ! I am encouraged to write more fengshui articles. Thank you.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Thank you to 2,933 visitors to this blog, yesterday !!!

19 September 2017 (Tuesday) 9.35am - Thank you very much to the 2,933 visitors to this blog, yesterday. Thank you very much for coming. Today, am going to check fengshui for clients home, later. Hope you enjoy the articles, I wrote yesterday. In the meantime, take care of yourself......

Today is the last day of the 7th lunar month and therefore is Tee Chang Wan's birthday. This evening when I am home, I shall be chanting the "Tee Chang Jin" may not be able to update my blog so ? so kindly be patient with me.

When I woke up at 8.48am this morning........already, got one lady client reminded me and I said thank you, yes, I know. Because I already said to myself to chant "Tee Chang Jin" on 15th day and on her birthday which is the last day of the 7th lunar month and also to make offerings to her on my altar table at home. Yes....I pray to her de.

Thank you ;))))

Enjoy !!

10 Tips on how to fengshui a bedroom -

10 Tips on how to fengshui a Bedroom -

1) At the back of the bed should have a wall and directly opposite should also have a wall - this way, one can sleep better and can get deep sleep.

2) The bed should have legs below about 6 inches gap between the mattress and the floor - this will allow qi to pass through them. that way when you wake up the next morning, you will not have a backache and also don't feel tired.

3) There should be no exposed mirrors in the bedroom - otherwise when you sleep, your body is trapped in the mirror, like that how to get good luck ?

4) There should be no glass cabinet doors too in the bedroom - as glass is like mirror. same concept.

5) Ideally there should be no ceiling fan above the bed - as these acts as blades and cuts relationship then relationship between friends or colleages will not be good. Use wall mounted fan instead.

6) Never paint the walls dark blue or black - very morbid colours can lead to depression and stubbornness. Ever notice that if it is a boy's room then your son is very very stubborn ? just change the wall colour then that will do and use blue curtains instead. Time to negotiate with the child.

7) If still single and wish for romance then hang a painting of flowers on the wall directly opposite you, where you are sleeping. 

8) If you want money, then hang "money" - a painting of different currieries.

9) If you wish to grow your wealth, first keep a tall, metal tin box and fill it with coins and notes on your bedside table - so you sleep with "money" then your wealth can grow. In the old days, old men/ladies used to keep money hidden under pillow cases or hidden in metal cracker boxes. Same concept here.

10) Besides the bed and the cupboard to put clothes in the bedroom, a study table in the bedroom is important - so that the child can grow up to love studying and put many many books too.

Enjoy !!

Am watching this.......Enjoy !!

Enjoy !!

Should a couple buy direct from HDB from fengshui perspective ?

Today, 18 September 2017 (Monday) 2.40pm - Most people know that I rest on Monday.....these days, Monday also work but more on blogging. need to spend time blogging and you also need to think of new things to write.

Today, I decided that it is going to be about investments - Should a young couple buy direct from HDB from fengshui perspective ?

For a young couple, in my opinion, it is best to 
1) Buy their first home direct from HDB -  That way, if 5 years later they wish to sell that unit and move on....most likely they can make a profit. How much is the profit, one cannot say as the property environment now and 15 years ago is very very different.

They can grow their wealth by keeping the existing flat and then buy a small condo (let's not talk about stamp duty, got stamp duty also pay lah) but first  make the first unit fully paid, first.

The quantum these days, we are looking at is quite huge as compared to my time in 1988 (aged 28) where an executive HDB flat cost S$106k and can be fully paid after buying, having worked only for a few years. Times have changed.......

Please remember not to wah wah............and don't compare because times HAVE changed. 

If I want to compare, with the money that I buy my first HDB flat, I could have had bought two corner terrace houses as my parents bought theirs for S$35k ;)))) (I think I was 9 years old then)

2) Can buy EC  -  Couples usually don't have the downpayment to do a booking. I met a couple whose parents that I know of. I advised them to think carefully of what they want first before they make their plans.

I told them the options and that - should they wish to buy an EC, I told her, I am sure your parents can help you the downpayment ;))) she looked at me and then said.........yah but monthly installments.

It is true that an EC cost quite a fair bit for a young couple. Maybe after studying all the options, new HDB flats seem a better option.

For both options, of course fengshui must be chosen and  good for the next 30 years then buy. Some directions, cannot make it de.

3) Buying a resale flat - But this can be tricky in terms of fengshui and the number of lease left. I did tell them that if it is resale flats....first choose Good fengshui first then buy then second buy those just completed 5 years so that their lease is still strong and still can last a fairly good 90 years.

Newer resale HDB fengshui tends to be better in terms of Qi.

Fengshui is about the flow of energy (Qi) throughout the house and they have to flow smoothly others that house don't have good fengshui then one can be in for some trouble.

4) Stay with parents after getting married - can save a lot of money.

5) Rent a room with a view or rent an apartment - Doable ?

FSQ Note - Whatever you decide, the fengshui must be good. Then can live in harmony, good health, wealth etc......

Sunday, September 17, 2017

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Buddhist Prayer Wheel -

Today, 18 September 2017 (Monday) - Thank you to all the wonderful 3,099 visitors who came to this blog yesterday. I hope you will come again or at least follow my blog !  ;)))

These days....... when clients whatsApp me about their house reno issues or other issues then I would ask them to follow my blog.  hehe

One of the main reason for blogging in the past was - to keep clients as our valued customers. I started blogging in May 2008 which is a long long time already. I think todate, we have many many satisfied customers already ;))))

On Merits - I first went to Amitabha Buddhist Centre in 1994 as someone told me to learn meditation and said it was good for me. At that time, my mind was really "untrained".

When I was at ABC, I find the buddhist teachings very interesting and "very me" (same as what I feel deep down inside). Therefore, I began to follow their Tibetan teachings and also went on numerous trips to India to visit all Buddhist holy sites.

There are many interesting things to relate about my spiritual path which I shall share once I have the time.

Here is the link for ABC

Buddhist Prayer Wheels - When we were told to chant 108 times of "OM MANI PADME HUM" on our chanting beads, we were also told that Buddha was so compassionate that he allowed objects to help speed up our chanting.

This is where we have "hand help prayer wheels" where we turn "clockwise" and at the same time, chant "OM MANI PADME HUM".

ABC usually have their fund raising day, once a year. There was once, I witnessed a lady who spent a 5 figure sum to have a 108 prayer beads by His Holiness or Lama Zopa Rinpoche. I cannot who but I remembered vividly because I also wanted to "have' one of these holy objects too. It was like a "must have" kind of thing.

After a few years, one fine day, I managed to sponsor a big prayer wheel which contained many many "OM MANI PADME HUM". So if, I turn one round, I would have chanted many many of "OM MANI PADME HUM".

This prayer wheel now sits on my altar table at home and I have two of these but I turn only one prayer wheel every day when I pray to Buddha before I set off for work. I also do 3 long prostrations to Buddha every day.

So if you multiplied the number of long prostrations todate, I would have done, many many.

I would also have had chanted many, many "OM MANI PADME HUM"

What I want to say here is - start chanting........a bit a day is also good. Then when you wish to, buy one of these prayer wheel to help you speed up your chanting.

The reason why we needed to learn at least one chant in our lifetime is - when we need help that time, all we need to do is to chant silently "OM MANI PADME HUM" and we would be saved and blessed.


Was listening to "energy"......Enjoy !!

Today - 18 September 2017 (Monday) - 07.12am

Good Morning !!! I am home shall be writing on my blog soon. Stay tune, ok ?

Just submitted blog to SGblogs

Today - 18 September 2017 (Monday) - 4.46am  Hi..........just submitted my blog to check out TOP Singapore Blogs !!!

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Do you have a Weibo account ? I have...... you have a Weibo account ? I have and had started writing in mandarin since April 2017, currently with 40 followers. Search for "LynnYap2017" and follow me, if you wish ;)))

My wallet here so far is still empty.....because my mandarin articles are not long and deep enough.

The link is here.

The page looks like this

This has the most "views" (362)

Something from the years that had gone favourite TVB ........Enjoy !!

My childhood most favourite song........Enjoy !!

When your husband's bazi clashes with yours -

Today, 17 September 2017 (Sunday) - 1929 hours - A lady client made these the day before and gave them to me today.......I am so touched and nice to eat too. Ai Yoh....not suppose to say "nice" or "not nice" I should have "no self".

Once you are aiming for "no self"....there would be many things that you have to remind yourself on what can do, what cannot do and what can say or what cannot say. Why do we do this ? so that we can achieve SAMADHI as according to Shurangama Sutra Volume 6.

She strike 4D, First Prize, yesterday - you remember that I shared with you about a lady who saw me chanting the Shurangama Mantra out loud at this Bedok void deck.....and she didn't disturb me and then when I finished, I dedicated merits to all and especially to her.

Well, last night she whatsApp me saying she did what she was told ...on what numbers to buy so that she can strike the most money and so on Sat, she bought and won 4D First Prize but small small bet only.

I was happy for her......and lets hope there are more for her ;))))

from the lady who made the nice jelly ;)))

On Fengshui - There was a client who said she did not have much money left and so I recommended her to use a blue pail and add in air pump (buy from fish shop) with two tubes inside the pail so as to create more wealth to come to her. A few weeks later, this client strike lottery.

On Destiny Reading - There was a time when I told this lady to say the opposite to her daughter so that her daughter would do whatever she intended. And it worked and she was so surprised. 

I told her that it was because of the bazi clash between her and her daughter and that is how one should do in order to deal with this "bazi' thing. Otherwise, forever, you will be very upset and angry.

It is the same as - Example - whatever that you do, your husband will never appreciate or agree. 

This is also because of the bazi clash as well as if one is a "fire" person and the other is a "water" person. If you have this type of husband then learn not to say anything much or try not to share what you think the best. Less talk, more harmony ;)))

See the 3 small, white spots on his forehead.......Enjoy !!

Nice sound to help you, sleep......Enjoy !!

Today - 17 September 2017 (Sunday) - just got home

Told my brother today that I wanted to take photo of the beautiful white clouds

Today, 17 September 2017 (Sunday) - Hi........just back from work. So now am free to do either meditation or to watch dharma in Youtube or read the last Sutra by Buddha.

Family Lunch - We had family lunch today and waited for my brother to bring food back. This is our monthly lunch gatherings where I get to meet my niece and nephew. But before that I had asked my Dad to buy me some food first. Here it is...........

That is all for now.........later if have time then blog or else much much later in early morning ;)))

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Thank you to 2,128 visitors to this blog, yesterday !!!

Wow ! we are improving...........thank you to the 2,128 visitors to this blog. Thank you for coming to read about the "thoughts" of a simple, female, fengshui master, based in Singapore. In this blog, I share about fengshui, destiny tips, buddhism as well as investment tips to help Singaporeans as well as the world. Thank you for the encouragement where I will work hard and improve as I move along.

Today, I am going to visit my parents as usual as it is a Sunday then I go to office for work then home to blog (another type of work but also getting paid.....thank you to Google !!!) muak !!! hehe

Yesterday, I register with Problogger so that I can learn more about blogging......who knows maybe I might teach blogging.......but I am moving towards my retirement and going to a temple to stay for 6 months (siu xin) and shaving off my hair. Mum already agreed. Dad did not say anything.

This is because I won't be coming back to samsara (birth and death) anymore and I want to go to Amitabha Pure Land. I will go there and wait for you, ok ? so you had better start chanting "Ah Mi To Fo" !!!

Can chant "ah mi to fo" then sometimes, "na mo ah mi to fo" on the 12 count also can....... but I chant it on my 4th count because 4 is my spiritual number !!!

Buddha's last Sutra ........

Enjoy !!

Enjoy !!

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In social media, we have Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, Google, DIGG, Weibo, WeChat, Google+ and many others. If you want to be successful in this, you will need to have a presence. 

Here is the link.

 I am merely updating them here so that this blog's pageviews can grow.........and I am seeing a good improvement.

Enjoy !!

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Today, 16 September 2017 (Saturday)

photo taken today at First Centre office

Today, 16 September 2017 (Saturday) - Hi.......just had a good meditation. How is yours ? Hope you are progressing well in your meditation and watching some of these Dharma Youtube which I shared with all of you. I had watched many but only those which are worth sharing are here.

On Fengshui - I had shared with you about the painting with oranges leaves.....quite funny huh ? yah......I think so too. So much for the forest /trees painting......

What if the house is haunted ? there are a few houses that I had went in to do the fengshui and I can "feel" things (spirits) around. 

When we studied fengshui, we were told to open a window in the wealth area so that the Qi from the wealth area can come in and convert all the other bad energy into good and at the same time, can chase the spirits away. This theory is from books.

But in practical, there are so many variations and constraints that it has to be up the fengshui master's "creativity" and "experiences" to come up with something "new".

On Destiny Reading - If you wish to strike lottery, your house wealth area must be done properly. Then from the bazi chart, some has to buy their children's number which is usually their child's time of birth and birth certificate number then can strike a lot. 

While for some, it is to buy their own the last 4 digit of their mobile number.

Ok........that's all for tonight !!! ;)))

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Today, 16 September 2017 (Saturday)

Hi.....I am just home at Gerald Crescent...........need to meditate and watch Dharma Youtube.....write later !!! ;)))

Friday, September 15, 2017

Thank you to 2,073 visitors to this blog, yesterday !!!

Today, 16 September 2017 (Saturday) - Hi...........going to work soon, today all appointments in office at First Centre, level 9, 50 Serangoon North Ave 4, Singapore 555856. 

9 is a good number in Indian Astrology, right ?

Thank you to the many support that I have since blogging.........I think since second half of this year...need to check then can know when exactly.

I was doing a Google Search this morning to see how my blog can be TOP 50 Singapore blogs in 2018 !!! Found and register with them....not sure how this works....but just try loh....
I have my own profile now in

You can read the TOP 50 Singapore Blogs in 2017 here in this link.

Enjoy !!

Just finished watching this......Enjoy !!

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Sound of Tibetan Singing bowls can help in meditation......

16 September 2017 (Saturday) - Hi.........slept early and now woke up fresh and I meditated for a while. Found this sound of singing bowls in Youtube, quite good. You might want to play it and then meditate while listening to the sound. This can help you to "focus" too and have less "thoughts"....because you are listening to the music, mah !

On Dharma - In Shurangama Sutra, it said that once you reached a very high level in your meditation, it is true "demons" will start to come and "attack" you.......but only if you try to "show off". If you remain calm and humble and if people ask you if you are "enlightened" must always say "no"..........that way, the demons will not come and harm you.

This was written in the Shurangama Sutra in Volume 8 and Buddha never wanted us to show off.

This is why...very senior monks if you ask them....they can never say they are "enlightened".

On Youtube - I was watching new monks see them talk about dharma and then I wondered why one monk that I saw........why he never shave off his arm pit hair !!! hehe ;)))

Blog Counter - Currently, we have 1,868 visitors.....

Sharing.....meditate with this "sound".....try !.......Enjoy !!

"Ah Mi To Fo"

                              Going to sleep early this tonight......."Ai Mi To Fo"

Now.....watching this.....Enjoy !!

Just finished watching this.......Enjoy !!

Check this out......DIGG

Hi........I managed to link my blog with DIGG....check this out !!! See lah....I say I want to watch Dharma on Youtube...instead on the blog so as to get more visitors !!! ;)))

Actually this is just a passion only.....and a platform for me to share dharma and fengshui and destiny readings with all of lovable YOU !!!   ;)))

Today - 15 September 2017 (Friday)

Today, 15 September 2017 (Friday) - Today's weather looked dark as I was going down to Tanglin Shopping Centre. How are you ? thank you for coming to read my blog. Really surprised to find 2,000 visitors yesterday .......and that was because I blog a lot.

One day, 2,000, one month got 60,000 visitors and one year got 720,000 visitors !!!  OMG !!!

Wow !!! this really, really encourage me to write more and to share my "thoughts" or "knowledge" with you. So here goes......

On Destiny Reading tip : when a husband's bazi clash with the wife. I taught the husband to say to the wife "I got no money" so that somehow....somewhere..his money will come !!! Try it !!!

The Shampoo that mum recommended - I started using this brand of shampoo, given by my mum and I find it nice and easy on the hair and can wash every two days..........and gives a lot of soap too. It is quite expensive about S$20/- odd dollars per bottle but can last quite long if you don't use a lot of "liquid' each time you wash your hair. Try this.......then tell me if it suits you ;)))

Going to watch Dharma on Youtube now......later then blog again. I don't watch TV but sometimes, I do read dharma books on iBook or real book  ;)))  Ta Ta !!!