Sunday, May 30, 2010

Going away to Ladakh, 7 June to 17 June 2010

Hi, I will be away to Ladakh, Northern part of India from 7 June to 17 June 2010. I think there might not be any sms or phone calls available. So if you are unable to reach me via these method, it is fine, just trust that your sifu, Master Lynn is having a very good retreat in Ladakh.
I have been working 7 days a week since I come back from Kathmandu in November 2009 and is now time to take a big break to rest, do more meditation and read my dharma books. The iphone is great for recording my chanting which I like to hear over and over again. Be back soon and I love you all ! Please take good care of yourself and if you really need help, try calling......

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

24 and 25 May 2010 - Qigong

FSQ NOTE: On 24 and 25 May 2010, I set time for a two day *Qigong Workshop* conducted by Master Tsai (from Taiwan) organised by Awaken Universe. The above are some of the photos that I managed to capture - the moments.
A plane flew over us and I just had to capture it and I saw how the clouds and the sky were so beautiful and I got them too. You would notice that because of the presence of orbs, some photos were very difficult to shoot. We were there at East Coast Park at 5.30am and the sun rose from the sea in front of us (indicating the East direction, can't help noticing the compass direction cause I am into feng shui and where there is good fengshui, I will be there), while everyone was busy doing the Qigong, I noticed the background, so beautiful. The workshop was conducted in mandarin. To find out more about them and their courses go to their Facebook.
I would like to thank Mary Tan for introducing me to this workshop and the Organisers for their special care and lastly to teacher, Master Tsai

Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Unmistaken Child"

Yesterday evening, Saturday 22 May 2010, I attended the screening of the Charity movie "Unmistaken Child" at Cathy Cinema. I was there early and had a chat with Tenzin Zopa about the TSUM project (help build monastry and nunnery) and here is the photo taken by my Iphone. I had helped in TSUM project before by sponsoring one of the rooms in honour of my parents (they now have 100 rooms in the nunnery) and one day I hope to go and view them.

Benny Soh, a good friend of mine texted me a couple of days ago and invited for the charity screening of this movie, one of the motivation was to impact the knowledge of rein carnation, the other was to raise funds for the little child, Tenzin Phuntsok's education fund and also for the TSUM project. Immediately I pledged a sum as I love to do charity especially dharma related.

Tickets go on sale for the charity screening on : 29 and 30 May 2010(Sat and Sun) time : 9.15pm at Cathy Cineplex (tickets are on first come first served). To book your tickets at S$100/- contact :

Benny Soh : (9655-8313) or
Stella Ho : (9450-4797)

To view the trailer

FSQ NOTE: I sincerely hope that you will come and support this event ! Personally, it is such a wonderful documentary/movie that I had attended in a long long time which touched my heart. I was there in the movie, it was too fast I could not find myself somewhere. When you see some chinese Singaporeans (Amitabha Buddhist Centre members) around, yah I am somewhere there ! I know I was there. See you !

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Do you like reading into Clouds ?

FSQ NOTE: Yesterday, 16 May 2010 was a very warm day but the sky looks good. Sometimes when I have the chance to look at the sky and I find something interesting, I will *shoot*....just wanna capture that moment. So with just my Iphone, I shot this and try reading into the clouds, if you can ;) Maybe you can become a famous *cloud reader* !

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A 2 day prelimary practice of Yuthok Nyingthig

FSQ NOTE: On 10 and 11 May 2010, a group of like minded people gathered at Poh Ern Shih Temple at 9, Chwee Chian Road to attend this 2 day retreat which is mainly on Medicine Buddha. I was invited by Evelyn Quek to attend (see our photos above)(I had to bun up my hair and when it comes to photo taking, I let it down so here it is, like that lah so messy but original state).
There was no aircon, only fans and you can imagine how we just sat there on the floor for two whole days ! Well, can you see how "bright" my *energy* now is ?
This retreat is taught by Dr Nida Chenagtsang and organised by Basic Essence. If you like to know more, do a Google search on Yuthok Nyingthig. I would like to thank the organisers and teacher, Dr Nida for the wonderful care and support that they showered on us. Thank you !

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Photographs by Lynn Yap

FSQ NOTE: Photographs taken recently and there is one *food item* among all condos showing that nothing in this world is perfect. Sometimes, there must be a *small defect* then every thing in life is smooth.All photographs taken by my mobile phone, my Nokia and my Iphone. you like ?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My new Iphone

Hi, I have finally got my new Iphone (+65-9685-2718) (buzz me for feng shui) and am using it now to communciate with clients/fans/friends.

This Month, May 2010 is a very interesting month, not only because of the coming Vesak Day but I have signed up for a 2 interesting workshops like QiGong and another one on Tibetan Medicine like healing others with my hands plus am also packing my bag to go to Ladakh (northern part of India), 12days of simply doing nothing, no where to go, no tv, no internet, no phone *I think*. Wah !!! bliss !!! Have you ever tried this ? haha..........I think most people would be very bored. You know what ? I said in my Facebook that I wanted to someday live in a real cave (with no windows) for 12 months and someone wanted to buy me a Generator so that I can still blog ! haha anyhow, I was touched.

It is true, you can read about it in my Facebook and it seems that many many people are getting onto Facebook now. Next time, I see a property agent I would ask him or her if he is on Facebook. See ? we work very hard, day time work on sites, night time in emails and Facebook plus other net working sites like Twitter.

I guess when you walk in the spiritual path, you can FEEL deeper into things, read DEEPER into most matters.

Well, how have you been ? So far so good I hope.
There was a lady client who asked me who took all of my photos ? and I replied I took them myself. Sometimes using my digital camera sometimes using my mobile phone and now I would use my Iphone when necessary. This photo that you see now is taken from my digital camera without flash. I think I look very calm and serene.

SINGAPORE FENGSHUI BLOG : Hope I am still on Page One in Google search engines though I hardly write this year.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Hope that you will come often to read what I write and hopefully you can become a better person and to start with, start with having kindness in your heart for anyone and everyone that you meet. If you can't because you think the world is unfair to you, DON'T. Don't think this way, the world is a fair place sometimes it is our actions or non actions that can cause certain people to react to us in that manner or cause them to be hurt. It can come from our own ba zi, you know ?