Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's get ready for Li Chun !

Today 30 January 2012 (Monday) - How are you getting on ? I am sorry if I did not update my blog as often as I would like to because I was busy working. I hope you are busy too ^_^

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Thank you for the numerous good comments about my blog and I will try to write often ok ?

Li Chun is coming on 4 February 2012 Saturday - so this day we go and bank in cash into our account. However, you must wear a red  blouse or shirt then it works ! since it is the first day of Chinese New Year, you must wear red colour even if red is not your favourable colour, ok ?

This ensures that our wealth can Grow according to the brand of Fengshui Queen, Singapore method and we have been doing this the last few years ! ;)) and our wealth did grow !!! see your funds and property portfolio ;)) ( I know of a couple who owns 7 properties all over the world)

About my Predictions for the Dragon Year 2012 slides - I will upload them on 11 February 2012 evening in my slideshare account under Lynn Yap. Thank you to the numerous new followers.

Something about Good Relationships between a man and a woman :
Just to share something about having good relationships: Not many of us are fortunate enough to find someone who is mature and understanding enough to tolerate all of our female nonsense and vice versa.

Therefore, some couple may have numerous disagreements especially in the begining when the relationship is very raw and when it needs 3 years of solid foundation of "getting to know you".

The first 3 years is always difficult - as there can be many disagreements because each has their own viewpoints about matters. Some may even quarrel over "a piece of paper" and when you remove the paper, the issue is gone.  however the couple would by then both be very furious ^_^

How to solve this ? is when you first try to get your message across and it hits a wall (that is he or she is not accepting your point of view and argues back) then avoid talking more about it. Stop talking.

Otherwise, the more you talk, the worst it can become. Therefore, stop talking and simply let him or her continue till the other party stops. This way, relationship would be much better. End of the day, both are winners and the relationship is intact and good.

Photo : taken last week, my latest ;)) 

Hope you like me sharing this concept with all of you, my wonderful readers ! ^_^

Friday, January 27, 2012

Have a Heng Heng Dragon Year 2012 !!!

Today, 28 January 2012 (Saturday) - Will be going to office soon but just wanna update my blog a little cause I think I had been missing in action huh ? The truth was that I was busy working since second day of the Chinese New Year that is 24 Jan 2012.

Well,  just to show you the CNY greeting card that my relationship manager sent me and a packet of red PB ang pows (not in photo).

Hope that so far your cny celebrations and work has been smooth and "busy" ?  For those entrepreneurs out there, being busy is good and just follow the flow of events that come your way, yah ?

For my relatives that I missed meeting up with them : The ang pows are there with my mum ! 4 of them ! The Yap family lah !!! Sonny Yap,  Irene Yap and Charlie Yap & family

To those who asked me about changing big money to small money - I will only give juicy tips during my talks and after that I will not reply anymore especially when you have never texted me for an apppointment before.

This is because I have my own way of doing the business plus I cannot give  you my luck by replying. That's the main reason, sweetie. Don't you want me to have Good Luck too ? Well if you want your sifu, Master LynnYap to be good and successful, respect what I do and why I do this and that :))) hehe

And don't get upset after reading this: Many of my clients have very positive mindset and are a very very Happy lot ! ^_^

The iphone is great ! cause it allows me to capture when was your last appointment with me and your name (though you know I don't want to remember your name only your Face hehe) ...........especially when you next texted me.

I worked without a PA for some time already as I had decided to instead of paying the PA, I pay myself slightly more and that was like a couple of years ago, maybe more than 5 years and then  from the year 2006 onwards eversince I bought my BMW the 3 series initially (I drove that for 5 to 6 years before changing to a 5 Series last year, 2011) then I decided not to engage a driver and to pay myself more too. What a mouthful of words. I think my school teacher from the Convent (Victoria Street) will not pass my Singapore english !

I am quite a lousy driver and not good at parking so if your wife drives like can understand lah !

All these helped a great deal. Of course, I have to pay more taxes on my end but that is ok ! ^_^

My family & I wish you a VERY HAPPY HENG HENG DRAGON YEAR 2012 !!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai !!!!

Today, 23 January 2012 - Today is the first day of the Black Water Dragon. I hope that things went smoothly for all of you. By the way, did you notice : how you felt the first thing you got up this morning ? I felt calm this morning and happy.

FSQ Note: My family & I would like to once again wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year, 2012 !!! Have a GREAT year with an Abundance of wealth and great health  !!! 

Stay tune to my blog as I continue to write in the new year............... with juicy stories, ok ? ^_^ 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Have a FANTASTIC Lunar New Year 2012 !!!

Today, 22 January 2012 (Sunday) - Today is Chinese New Year eve and I hope that many of you would have got everything welcome the year of the Dragon !!!!
Come this evening...........many of you would be having reunion dinners and so will I !
Singapore popular Fengshui Blog Master Lynn Yap Predictions 2012 -
For those who wish to read my Predictions for the Dragon Year 2012......well interestingly enough, yesterday evening around 8pm, Paul, owner of the website, texted me saying that his readers would like to know what's in store for their horoscope in the coming new year and so I immediately get to my laptop and quickly emailed him so that he can get his web developers to upload them into the interent for all to read.
It was quite fast and when I woke up early this morning I had a Google alert on my own Predictions 2012 and saw that it was already up in slideshare and then I sent it to my Facebook with over 4997 friends for all to read at 6.30am !!! and 2 mins later, I had a "like" from one of my client ^_^ (wah so early wake up !!!)(Singapore english)
Well........ here is the link:
or search for slideshare and Lynn Yap and by this morning already got 66 views !!!
I will upload mine into my slideshare account after 11 February 2012. You will notice that I have my own set of principles when it comes to work and my working style - to enjoy myself and having fun !
The last few days, my mobile was on silent mode and I went to office to do readings, quite a few new readings and I counted 6 new ones, the rest all annual reviews and haven't finished yet, will continue on second day of chinese new year !!! Yap ! I will be working !!! (give oranges and ang pows)
Thank you for the great demand for my "Predictions 2012". I guess it is because over many years, I have done a great job and that impresses !!!!!
Er..............correct spelling or not ah or the Dragon is coming is it ! ^_^
FSQ NOTE : My family & I wishes all , A very very very very Happy Lunar New Year, 2012 !!!! Thank you for once again making our blog Number One in Google search for Singapore fengshui blog !!! I must have been a great blogger !!!! hehe

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What do you do the first thing on CNY ?

Today, 19 January 2012 (Thursday) - I was up at the new condo at Toa Payoh and boy was that lovely !!!
Predictions 2012 - Thank you for the numerous request for my slides however I still have one more talk to deliver and therefore after that talk, I have decided to put the slides in
where you can go view it yourself or you can join and become a follower.
In fact, I have Predictions 2008 there and Predictions 2009 there where it has over 20,000 views ^_^ Wow !!! Awesome, yah ?
Fengshui Queen Singapore, Master Lynn Yap tip : What do you do on the first day of Chinese New Year when you open your eyes ?
You go to the bathroom ? or you go to get yourself a drink ? or you go collect the newspaper and start reading ?
Well, the wealth area for the Dragon Year 2012 is in the West. Therefore, the moment you open your eyes, get up and first thing to do is : Go walk to the WEST direction of your house and stand there for 2 mins. The idea is to receive the WEALTH ! since the wealth is coming in from the WEST.
We have been doing this for the past few years and so far, so good.
Since Chinese New Year is coming and all of you have been my most wonderful fans of this blog, this one goes to you, sweetie ! and Don't forget to switch on all the house lights for one hour on Chinese New Year Eve and Have a Happy Happy Lunar New Year of the Dragon, 2012 !!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Enjoy !

Li Chun is coming !!!!

Today, 15 January 2012 Sunday - How is your preparation in welcoming the new lunar new year of the Dragon ? Hope all is well.
I would be working on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year to "see see look look" with friends ^_^ (can consider working) and sometimes I don't know if I am working or not as I don't divide the line so straight but rather any daylight time is considered working.
Now about the 8 frozen oranges in the freezer : Question : Did it work for you last year ? if they did then replace the 8 mandarin oranges with new ones two days before chinese new year.
If not then dispose the 8 frozen oranges two or three days before the chinese new year. You can then throw them into a plastic bag and then dispose.
Thank you for many who asked me this question either through email or sms or whatsapp. Next time, either attend my talk to find out or wait till I finished my first talk at any Organisation and don't sms or impose more stress on me.
You can imagine my frustration when here I was working on my slides to make sure that what I predict are "chun" "chun" and not just "chun" and then someone would sms or whatsapp me to ask about the oranges !!! Arrgh !!! and then my buddhist teachings would come in !!! cool down, Lynn.
Then in my talks I predict about Gold and someone who never attended my talk email asking : What about silver ? Arrrgh !!! I choose not to reply. Any questions you want to know, ask me at the talks and after the talks, I would not want to reply any of these. I am going to work (check fs and do annual reviews or life readings) and take a short break.
Thank you and have a Great Lunar New Year 2012 !!! For those who attended my 3 talks (I have turned down a few) I have given 2 more fengshui tips !!! it's to thank you for taking the trouble to come and listen to me and to go home armed with Great , Good Fortune !!!! Then.......... come again in 2013, ok ??? See you !!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thank you for coming to Safra Tampines !!!

Fengshui Queen Singapore note : Thank you to all participants for taking their time off on a hot Saturday afternoon to listen to my Predictions for the Dragon year, 2012.
Thank you that it was full house with many seated right at the top. I saw you and thank you for coming and make the talk most enjoyable. Hope that the big Dragon key chain that we all got will bring us wonderfully Great Good Fortune !!!! CHEERS !!!!

Thank you for coming at NUSS !!!

FSQ Note: NUSS invited me to deliver the Predictions for the Dragon year, 2012 and was full house. Many thanks to those who took time off to attend my talk on 12 January 2012. A lady also took her photo with me but am not too sure if she likes it being published here. I enjoyed the talk very much and thanks for being a great audience always testing my memory by asking me 3 questions in a row ^_^ Hope you enjoyed the extra two tips given !!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photos from my talk at Safra Mount Faber, 7 Jan 2012

Real Happiness begin with yourself

Today, 11 January 2012 (Wednesday) - How are you ? hope so far, so good ^_^
Singapore Feng Shui blog : You know........I thought receiving presents was wonderful till I opened my presents after Christmas Day ..........and boy ! I was shocked but very happy as my clients really "know" me. Photo shows some of the presents. Thank you to all who gave me "gifts" !!!!
Fengshui Queen Singapore 2011 tip: About the 8 your freezer now, I will only reveal what to do with them after my talk this Saturday, 14 January 2012 at Safra Tampiness.
Participants pay money to come to my talk at NUSS and at Safra Tampiness. How can I reveal what to do with the 8 oranges already frozen in the fridge, now ?
It does not not make me more intelligent by doing so.
I have to THINK of all those who are coming to my talks and paid to the Organisers.
In life, we have to be "sensitive" to people or at least to anyone who is sitting directly opposite you or near to you or anyone close in contact with you. Pay attention to them or help them with kindness. If you don't have a kind heart, you will never be able to find real happiness anywhere.
Real Happiness begin with yourself.
It begins with your mind thinking positive and thinking about helping anyone who approaches you for help. It is about helping people with your abilities.
For those coming to my talks this year, 2012 : I will be giving you very good tips to make money this year as well as how to have "extra luck" for the rest of your life !!! you will be well rewarded if you are coming to my talks !!!
Let's all prosper together in the Dragon Year, 2012 !!!! See You !!!!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Thank you for coming !!!

Today, 9 January 2012 (Monday) - is the new year so far ? Hope you are feeling good and very busy !!! ^_^
Fengshui Queen Singapore Blog - Thank you to the 250 participants (full house) who came to my Predictions 2012 talk organised by Safra Mount Faber. Thank you for taking your time off on a Saturday and coming !!!
Fengshui Queen Singapore 2011 tip: About the 8 frozen oranges in your freezer : if the oranges bring you Good Luck then it is time to change to new ones and put new 8 ones into the Freezer for another whole year !!!
I cannot understand why so many people kept asking me when to remove the 8 oranges from their fridge ? Are they taking up a lot of space in your fridge that you dislike them so much ? if you do...........then I don't think you will see any luck.
True fengshui is about doing something and then waiting for the Good Fortune to arrive. For some it takes some time to come, while for some, it may take a very short time. It all depends on individual bazi.
Just remember that : "Ming" or your "bazi" comes first above everything else. However, if a person does many good deeds then that person would be able to alter their "ming" for a while. Hope........... you have been doing many many Good deeds.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

The wonderful effect of the POP sound !

Today, 1st January 2012 - Wow ! it's brand new year and hopefully it will be a great year for all !
Jade Buddha is coming to Singapore : If you like to support Jade Buddha, change your facebook profile photo to this one, you may do so and :
May the year bring you good health, greater wealth and happiness !!!
If you think you are rich then learn to be happy also - today, I had very good conversations with my clients during the house visit and I do that by sharing what I cannot write here in my blog with them so that they too can be "inspired". Is this the right spelling ? ^_^
Fengshui Queen Feng Shui Singapore tip: Every year, on the first day of the new year, I would usually pop a bottle of champagne and drink some. I have been doing that since 2003 ever since I stayed here at Gerald Crescent. Wow, 8 years, no wonder I feel like moving..........
Well, it's the "pop" sound that I like and that it can bring the year, better luck and fortune. Either you do it next year in 2013 or you may do it on Chinese New Year first day, that is after midnight on Chinese New Year eve.
Begin the new lunar new year of the Dragon with a good POP !!!! (we want to pop the Dragon's mouth so that he will not blow fire at us) ^_^ (Protection) Try it, it really feels good.