Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Do you have a profile in Linkedin, come let's connect !

Hi, I am in Linkedin.com, here is my profile with 57 connections !

Photo taken : Malaysia, July 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reflections of fengshui, reflections of our lives !

FENGSHUI QUEEN SG WISDOM: "Reflective nature" of materials can destroy the good fengshui in any bedroom.
WHY ? This is because a reflective glass of a tv or a mirror or reflective glass window panels or even cabinet doors are not good for fengshui.
The nature is such that : when one sleep on the bed, one's own body will be "trapped" in the mirror or in reflective glass nature of that tv set or in reflective glass from the window panels or even in glossy cabinet doors. Do you think if the "body is trapped", can anyone still have good luck all the time ?
FENGSHUI SOLUTION: is to cover them with a "cloth" or to make them "non reflective" and that will do. Never let modern inventions affect the way a good fengshui should be. If one can learn how to balance the "energies" in our environment, one can have a good grasp on the theory behind fengshui which dates back some 5000 years ago in China.
PHOTO : Science Park, July 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to keep continuity of your wealth from one house to another ?

The Fengshui Queen SG answer is : to carry ideally 16 mineral water bottle each 1.5 litres of "water" from your wealth pond in your old house (just sold) to your new house then pour "8 bottles" of the water from the old house to your new wealth pond in your new house and keep the other "8 bottles" in the store room or where the feng shui master tells you to do.

Each time you move house, another "8 bottles" of water goes with you. You simply can't imagine how many bottles of "old water" my client has now, neatly kept.
A few of my clients made S$500k profit in year 2007, some made less but sold too and then they rented condos to stay temporarily (I did the fs) and waited then enter the property market in 2008, the other just bought a penthouse condo in the east and me too, make profit except for my case it is paper profit about S$500k as I did not sell my 2 properties.
Profit that is "not realised" is not profit per say. I still want to enjoy the excellent fengshui and to help others know how to create wealth, plan for "passive income" when they really want to retire and if possible set up a "trust fund" with one of our foreign banks.
Incidently, 3 of my corporate clients made it to the FG50 list, 3 out of 50, quite good. "that will do".
The idea is that : Water is wealth in our chinese culture and in feng shui theories hence when the water (wealth) in the old house is brought to your new house, you leave nothing behind (still got tap water) at the old house. You bring your "wealth" with you to your new house. This is about the continuity of wealth from the old house to the new house with feng shui. It would be up to the new owners of the old house which is now sold to engage their own feng shui master and to turn the place around.
This is the reality of life and fengshui and goes like this round and round in circles depending on who the fengshui master that they engage.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fengshui Queen SG Tip:

Results: 4 of my clients who had placed the 2006 one dollar shiny coins stack in 3 stacks, totalling 18 coins in front of their name cards, strike wealth ! I was very amazed that, this tip really can show such "good" results.
NEW fengshui Queen, Lynn Yap tip: If you ever visit a condo with a swimming pool, go towards the pool, bend down and touch the water with your left hand but make sure you don't fall into the pool as this is the ox year yah ?
Most people would go and visit their friends living in condos but nobody would ever even think of going to "touch water" from the swimming pool as water is wealth in our ancient "classic text of feng shui". I can see deeper into its meaning of "wind" and "water", can you ?
FSQ NOTES: I love to give profound thoughts on "fengshui" and "buddhism" in my tweets. Care to follow me @lynnyap (Fengshui Queen SG) at www.twitter.com/lynnyap ? currently with over 3,100 followers and Singapore's top 53 twitterer by followers. I know I should be more humble.................don't worry, I am getting there :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Are you fault finding all the time ?

TODAY 12 July 2009 Sunday: weather is good and as I work 7 days a week.
FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: Hmmm.........I wonder how many of us go through life always looking at the faults of others but never at our own ? we ought to fine tune our mindset and learn to "change" so that we can be a lot happier. Ever wonder why some people are happier than others and is not because they've got more money ? is because they can "let go". they always adopt a "never mind" attitude towards certain things in life and are carefree and happy ! try it and you would love it, trust me.
SINGAPORE FENGSHUI LYNN YAP BLOG: Thank you to all the over 1,400 readers a week that comes to read about what I blog and I sincerely hope that you can benefit much from this as this is in a way my contribution to the society that I live in, work in and sleep in.
FENG SHUI: People who believe in my brand of feng shui *fengshui Queen* will stay with me as my clients because they have seen the results of how feng shui can help them make their life better and easier. For more feng shui secrets, follow me in my tweets in twitter.
You know ?.............sometimes I wonder how much is the value of "personality branding" in Singapore ?
FSQ FENGSHUI TIP : The dirtier the wealth pond, the faster the wealth.
DESTINY: Some people are naturally stubborn because of the earth factor that is human nature and karma too. Hence if they can do more merits then they can see more and deeper and be a better person. bazi study is one of the most beautiful text, one can ever find, if you have the time, study it and then learn to improve.
SAVVY INVESTMENTS: After 20 August 2009 the stock markets around the world will start to fall so standby your funds to go in when the timing is right for you.
Now is not the right timing to buy properties, if you wish to buy for investment, go in second half of next year in the year of the tiger, 2010 which is a "rusty tiger with "rusty golden teeth" that bites. ouch ! is because the "yang wood" in the "tiger" year controls the "property" market which is the "earth" element.
FSQ TIP: "Try to change and be a better person, ok ?"

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What is the Jewel inside this Lotus ?

How is your meditation so far ? I hope there is progress if not find a teacher and learn from him or her or attend Ajahn Brahm's next meditation retreat and you will go far.

Meditation and dharma goes hand in hand together and with both, you will be able to go far in your meditation practise, maybe you just want to learn how to "calm down" your mind so that you will not be easily irritated by people around you or some other hidden agenda, no matter what it is : they will lead you to the right path to "happiness".

You would remember that : someone said "contentment is happiness" then another person who can look deeper into life would say : "A peaceful mind is happiness". Which one do you think can see DEEPER ?

FSQ NOTE: The jewel inside this lotus is "empty", there is "nothing" there.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The ultimate aim of meditation is to gain enlightenment and renounce

Today, 5 July Sunday : drizzle a little bit but am alright and just finish work and am home now.
I totally agree that the ultimate aim of meditation is learning to "let go" of things and to "obtain enlightment" and to renounce, in my case be a nun. If I do not talk about it or to share my experiences then many would not be interested in "meditation" as many are still afraid to take the first step to meditate.
Even as a monk or a nun, you would need to have that "chrisma" and that "influencing" factor in order to be a successful monk or nun in today's world.
What is the meaning of life may I ask you ? the meaning of life is to benefit all sentient beings hence if one does a job that helps other people and can help thousands of people and especially here in a blog, then the meaning of your life would be great ! and if one were to go DEEPER (you would remember my story of going deeper as my insights from my Nepal trip last year) it would be "empty". How do you explain this to any layman people reading your blog or attending your talks ? Hence you would have to be a skillful teacher and even a skillful (pai see) blogger (you would remember my "lon long" story in my Hua Hin retreat). It rain !!!
From my public blog here : My wish is to simply share with you my experiences of meditation in my past 15 years bringing me good health and wealth plus many more which I will share in my later updates. However, some people like to jump the gun and one thing that I noticed is : the more I meditate, the busier I am. Hence, I would have to strike the "middle way" like what Ajahn Brahm spoke of his teacher, Ajahn Chah who spoke "about life" and is like adjusting the strings on the guitar not to be too tight nor too loose but just nice, the middle way.
Meditation helps you get "good health" because if any part of your body is "sick" you can use that "meditation energy" to channel it to that "sick area" and heal that area and then you can recover faster.
If I don't share my experiences with my over 1,400 readers, a week and many of them are my supporters, I would not be doing justice because if I am today a nun, I would still have to teach "buddhism" and "meditation" and why not share from a "fengshui master" 's point of view and till I decided to renounce "when the timing is right for me".
Some people out there may still disagree with me, it is ok as long as my motivation is true and sincere and never wanting to harm anyone for I have been sharing my "fengshui" and "life destiny"'s experiences for the last 20 years.
Someone did sms some few days ago, asking me where to learn "meditation" and I replied : go to Ajahn Brahm's meditation class and learn from him or go to Buddhist Fellowship website :
FSQ NOTE: When your "meditation" reaches a certain level, you are simply not afraid anymore and you just know what to do and what not to do. Try it if you have the time and if you have any questions ask my teacher, Ajahn Brahm whom I took my 8 precepts with, recently but I somehow went "the middle way" during this meditation retreat at Hua Hin :)
Come follow me in my twitter where I tweet about "craving is a form of suffering" http://www.twitter.com/lynnyap

Friday, July 03, 2009

Meditation can give you good health and wealth

Today, 3rd July 2009 Friday : weather has been good

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: Hope everything is fine with you as it is with me though a bit busy.

MEDITATION: How is your meditation practise ? Give you a tip: after you breath in and out from 1 to 100 then stop breathing and hold your breath for a while, soon you can feel a nice sensation around the whole body and simply allow yourself to enjoy that sensation. Then breath in and out again and this time round, your breath would be slower and more peaceful and continue counting till your "body" disappears. At this stage : you won't even feel if your legs are "numb".

FSQ NOTE: In this meditation practice, you will learn how to train the mind to be calm so that you can see and think DEEPER.

FENG SHUI: FengshuiQueen Tip 2009 : when everybody's "study table" in their homes has a lot of coins around, then what happens ? we will have many gold "baguas" around and this can help all of us overcome the recession.

Coins on the table can bring wealth to us.

DESTINY: A person born in the "tiger" hour is a very "chou kuan"person and who is also usually tall too.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Investing in stocks need skill and once you know "them", investing is a breeze.

FSQ TIP:"Try it if you need to as it all boils down to training the mind to be calm and peaceful"

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Beautiful Guangzhou, China !

1st July to 2nd July 2009 - Trip to Guangzhou, China. Loved every minute of the trip and thanks for the wonderful memories and the purpose of my blog has always been to share whatever I know and experienced or whatever I can predict and am a vegan.