Monday, June 27, 2011

"thoughts for the day"

Today, 27 June 2011 (Monday) - It's another week and work and we are almost half way through the rabbit year and today is a Monday !
Thank you to the many who sms to say that they like to read my blog. Hmmm......I sometimes wonder what is it that they like to read ? I guess mainly is they like to read the way I write it lah ! ^_^ (true or not huh)(or am I being sincerely true to you ?) Ah ! must be this lah !!!
I guess the feng shui tips that I give are usually very popular and that you know they will work even though it may sound "crazy" like putting 8 mandarin oranges now in our freezers. Ahem...........well as long as it works for many of us, why not ? So far, so good, yah ?
Feng Shui Queen, Singapore, Master Lynn Yap's tip : Place a metal bowl full of coins in the wealth area of your house and watch how you can manage to save more money when you have 5 of these all full of coins. The energy in the feng shui will have an impact on you when you least expected it ! The bowls are about 6inches in diameter and 4inches in depth and made of metal as they won't break easily and are kept hidden in cupboards away from people's eyes. wanna try ?
FSQ Photo : shows me in the street of Hong Kong ^_^ (just wanna experience how the Hong Kongers live their life after work)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wonderful memories of my Hong Kong trip, June 2011

I am back !

Today, 26 June 2011 (Sunday) - I am just back from Hong Kong ! Photos to come are you ? Good I hope.
FSQ TIP: If you have to be unhappy and still lived a day why not make it HAPPY and live through this day ? Happy or Sad....still got to might as well make it HAPPY lah !!!
Can't you see that I am always laughing or smiling all the time ? If you think I have no problems, you are wrong. "Everybody has problems and it is how their mind thinks that can turn any unhappy events to be Happy Events, that matters !!!"
FSQ Photo: Photo shows me at Causeway Bay, near The Park Lane Hotel where I stayed (24, 25 June 2011) and I enjoyed my trip very very much and love Hong Kong ! I may bring my family here this December !!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What a pleasant surprise !

Today, 21 June 2011 (Tuesday) - A client sent me flowers to my First Centre office ! Photo shows the flowers sent captured by my Iphone ^_^ It is to congratulate my Company for buying its own office after renting one for 1 and 1/2 years. We also would like to thank everyone who made it possible. Without your continuous support, we would not have been able to do it. Thank you !
I have been busy over the last weekend working and hope that you have had a Happy Father's Day celebrations with your family members, hope it was nice and warm.
Today, I met a client who said that he likes to read my blog, well thank you for coming to read all about feng shui and what I do ! Hope you will continue to enjoy reading.
PS: I will be in Hong Kong from 24 June till 26 June 2011. You can still send me sms or to my gmail account as I can read them. My time is very tight and I might not have the time to meet my other clients who are now in HK. Cheers !!!
Fengshui Queen SG tip: "The dirtier the water in the wealth area, the better"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

free & easy

Today, 17 June 2011 (Friday) - Am back from a very short break away from Singapore and today am back to work with two appointments and stretches through the weekend.
Facebook - Facebook helps me keep some of my customers & friends informed of where and what I am doing. I usually upload any photos or tell any first hand stories there. So if you want to know the latest, Facebook me ! but you have to wait cause I over exceeded the 5000 friends limit already.Or you can add or like my Facebook page where I am listed as a public figure there.
Photo shows me at my Hotel room balcony at Casa del Rio, Melaka, just two months old as they recently just opened. Lovely Hotel and a must stay if it is your first visit to Melaka, after 30 years. The hotel is nice, clean and very comfortable. The food at the Hotel is really good and I love my big breakfast (a must have when I travel away from home) photo to come later
I was here some 7 years ago to deliver a fengshui talk though but I did not get to see much of Melaka then till now. I brought my family here for a short break during the school holidays and we drove up ^_^

Monday, June 13, 2011

An "off" day - on leave

Today, 13 June 2011 (Monday) - I took a break today, my off day.
I am really grateful that many of you like to come to my blog and read what I write and I hope every day I will get some new inspirations to share feng shui tips with you.
My Thoughts for today:
Singapore Fengshui Blog : On and off I would get clients who wanted to start a new business and they would usually seek my advice on Company name, logo and at the same time, they would already have studied about my Blog, Facebook, and other websites that I am in.
Yes, social media do help me to get new businesses and I hardly advertise unless it is for a particular reason then I will try it out so that when clients come to me, I have first hand information to share with them and to help them grow their business and to use what's best that I have tried.
Sharing my knowledge has always helped me gain more customers and trust. I simply love sharing as I do not wish my clients to go through what I went through those tough years and when I was a housewife.
Fengshui work : there is one fs job that I was really looking forward to doing is because the house is on the street where I live the past 8 years. Why ? because I only need to carry my heavy bag and walk there :) and I warmly welcome the family as my new neighbours in town. Oh and they have very cute sons !!! Nah, it is not that I love boys only, deep down inside me I wish for a daughter. Can't get lah (no destiny for it and I can predict boy or girls, you want to know ) so maybe next time, grand daughters and grand sons !
Tools for my business : Iphone, Ipad and PC (no budget yet for Mac)
Property Investor : No, I am not a property investor as I buy properties that I intend to use and to stay in, that way, we are not overly leveraged. We minimises expenses and create equities.
Fengshui Queen SG, Fengshui Tip: There should be a safe in the house, nicely hidden as the safe represents "money". we usually place the safe beside you where you are sleeping, directly opposite where you are sleeping or facing the side of the bed or even in study rooms where a gold cloth would cover it and on top we place our photo or our family photo. Minimum size of safe is two feet tall, of course the taller the better ^_^

Friday, June 10, 2011

Travelling to Hong Kong soon

Hi ! Today, 10 June 2011 (Friday) - Work was at First Centre building the whole day and I just got home. I went to the canteen twice to buy food, other than that, I was in office the whole day.
A few days ago, my client confirmed my trip to Hong Kong and I will be flying on 24 June and back the next day, a very short trip. I can speak cantonese hope it will come to good use :)
FSQ Note: I also would like to announce that we have bought an office #09-14 at First Centre Building so as to serve you better for the next 20 years or more, lease is 56 years left and also till I am 70. I will still read your lives and do annual reviews or do selection of wedding dates, baby chinese names etc.
Without all of your continuous support, my company would not have been able to make it so soon and so fast as we sold our Ubi office in November 2009 and shifted here since, Thank you all, very, very much.
Well, I am happy that I do not need to move otherwise it will be another BIG headache. Plus for now onwards, money will be going into office equity rather than expenses like for the last 18 months and that "thought" makes me happy.
For the latest news, join me in Facebook ok ? Oh ! and how do you like this photo taken from my camera at Ipad2 and I got a white one (metal element) ^_^
Currently reading : "The Innovation secrets of Steve Jobs" (I love reading this and just cannot put my hands down or my eyes off !!!)

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Look for your inspirators

Today, 8 June 2011 (Wednesday) - In life, we should aspire to do well and be successful, all on our terms.
That is : if you think you are successful, you are. In reality sometimes, we may not be successful but we would'nt know because we thought by our own standards, we are. So, how do we form a benchmark to know that, we are successful ?
I guess we will be termed "successful" when we are "financially free". People surrounding me sometimes commented that in life we should be contented. Maybe they are trying to hint that I am too fast at my pace for personal pursuits, maybe I should slow down.
I do agree with this point that "we should be contented" but we should not be contented till we are so much in our comfort zone that we forgot to plan for a day when we are not working at all and that day can come. It's call seeing the bigger picture. I have a plan and to financially free when I am 70 ^_^ (20 years more to go build wealth.........wanna let fengshui speed you up or you swim alone, also can)(my clients are usually quite close knitted in the sense that they are a group of friends, relatives, brothers and sisters etc and they talk behind, well good things lah !) Over the years, my brand of fengshui worked for them and they see results ! no result, you can throw rotten eggs lah
Can you call yourself "contented" when one day you wake up and there is no work for you to do and so no income ? Can you survive ? If you are not financially free, you can't. You will have a set of new problems to handle and to worry then why say "contented" ? Contented has to equal to something or at least while we are planning for our retirement financial freedom we could be contented in its process so that our mind is peaceful all the time ? maybe this should be the way.
Many people do not know how to plan for retirement (should one day no work) or be financially free. I am not in a good position to speak more, so please ask the experts in this field how to be one and learn from them. I can only share with you in Facebook what I did and it all came from a plan, some 5 years ago but I did not do anything until 3 years ago when I felt that I was ready and make the move by selling my office at Ubi area and getting ready for financial freedom.
Are you Ready ? If you are, look for people who inspires you or people whom you want to be like that ! If you cant find, search deep and hard enough and you will find. They are known as your inspirators in life.

Our office at First Centre Building

Today, 7 June 2011 (Tuesday) - How are you ? Hope you are fine and so am I and I would be travelling to Hong Kong soon end of the month if everything goes well.
Master Lynn Yap's Blog: Thank you all for coming to read my blog, over 300 people each day ! well that is quite a feat ! ^_^
FSQ Photo : shows A 10 storey white building, First Centre located at 50 Serangoon North Avenue 4, Singapore 555856. We are located on the 9th floor to serve you better for the next 10 years and so forth. The building was up around 2007 leaving 56 years of lease still available.
Late December 2009, we first operated our consultancy business here at First Centre and will remain here for a long long time. Those who have been here love the cosy, warm feng shui feeling huh.
When you are around Yio Chu Kang, drop by the canteen on the ground floor for some nice hokkien mee or curry chicken mee at the canteen ! Some stalls are open too on Sundays ! See you around !

Monday, June 06, 2011

Happy Father's Day !

FSQ Note: Happy Happy Father's Day this Sunday, 12 June 2011 !!!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Listen to this !

Habit of saving

Today, 2 June 2011 (Thursday) - Work is as usual but quite rewarding especially when my annual review client said that his path to the future is much clearer now and thanked me.
FSQ Thoughts : How do I save money ?
1) Every 1st day of the month (or you can choose 15 or 13th day), transfer S$100/- or more into a savings account where money goes in and does not go out. It is not the small amount that is important in saving but the HABIT. Once the habit kicks in, you can be a great saver and MORE ^_^
2) When I eat alone and outside, I never order any drinks, that way, I save some money unless I am out for a great night out then drinks, Yes !
3) Use only one wallet and one handbag then your money will stay. If you always change handbags or wallets (to match your clothes) watch where your money goes then you will know what I mean.
PS: I don't claim to be a great saver but at least I try ^_^
FSQ TIP: If you wish to save more money, use only one handbag for a whole year !