Sunday, April 29, 2012


Today. 29 April 2012 (Sunday) - It is a Sunday.................and what do you usually do on a Sunday ?sleep, rest or read a book ? Every Sunday morning, I would usually go to visit my parents then I go for work.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - We are approaching May very soon and the first week of May are the celebrations towards Vesak whose actual day fall on 5 May 2012 which is a Saturday.

I usually work on a Saturday however I never want to work on a Vesak Day as I will be taking my 8 precepts and be a "nun" or "holy person" for that day and having only one meal that day and sleeping or meditating. Most people just go vegetarian on that day but I have to do something extra to create more merits for myself as I read "destiny" for people. I need a lot,  a lot of Merits !

So this Vesak a little donation here and there especially on the actual day itself is very very good. If you do not have the time to come down on Vesak Day itself then come down earlier to make a donation by offering lights (to have a bright career and future), flowers (to make yourself look prettier) and others.

Fengshui Tip: about the frog is not to replace our lucky color wallet but an "add on" to keep inside the handbag to have better luck than others.

Have you have a "destiny reading" done before ? it's about knowing which elements in the bazi is lacking   and adding on those elements onto us by wearing the colors of the elements or wearing gemstones or wearing gold or even diamonds. These are just part of what the "destiny reader" can read for you............and much more.

The use of "fengshui" together with understanding the "destiny path" are  our secret weapon or simply said, our competitive advantage over others. That is why would noticed that some people are more lucky than others.

FSQ (Fengshui Queen SG) Note: How do you like my latest photo taken on a wet Saturday morning before I go down to Redhill ^_^

Friday, April 27, 2012

Thank you so much !

Today, 27 April 2012 (Friday) - Today,  I had a wonderful surprise at 4.35pm just as I was about to leave office, a couple with their daughter from Indonesia (Surabaya) came to thank me for my fengshui tips in my blog which they found very useful and good. They did not make any appointment and yet managed to catch me ! OMG ! that's very very rare as I am in only by appointments !

Well..........the wife won an air ticket to Singapore and two nights stay at Marina Bay Sands but their first thought was to come to my office to thank me for my 2011 frozen mandarin oranges, fengshui Queen Singapore tip which helped them win ! and they also told me about the famous six one dollar Singapore coins which they pasted on the wall above their house main door for Good Luck and a friend of theirs also asked them to help get new one dollar Singapore coins to bring back ! 

It is the wife and her cute daughter's first trip to Singapore and the husband's second. They looked like in their early 30's. He told me he was here once before when he was 6 years old. When I heard this.........oh my heart just goes to them. I can understand where they are coming from and how happy they are to make this trip here. I shared with them about the "green frog wallet" and  if they can find it here in Singapore to buy it and bring it home so that they can continue to have Good Luck !

we took a photo together and then it was time to say Good Bye ....... this photo of your gift is for you ! ^_^ and I will continue to write more fengshui Queen Singapore's tips for all of you, readers

Singapore Fengshui Blog - you know something.................there is a secret to everyone's success ! Everyone has their success stories to tell.

Most of all, everyone has to believe in their dream and goal and never give up ! whether you want to be the greatest photographer of all times or the greater builder.........simply be the BEST ! I just wanted to be the Greatest Fengshui Master of all times !!! ^_^

FSQ Note: Thank you so much for the batik, it's a nice piece.
ps: Do you like going to the movies ? which movie would you watch ?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

"just sharing"

A green frog wallet ? you must be kidding !!!

Today, 26 April 2012 (Thursday) - Hi ! how is work this week ? .......shoo......don't have to tell anyone.

Singapore Fengshui Blog Master Lynn Yap - Someone asked me many years ago while preparing to do our brand strategy and asked : Are you more popular and famous as "Lynn Yap" or as "Fengshui Queen" hmmm............some 15 years later,  the name, "Lynn Yap" is still more popular than "Fengshui Queen, Singapore".  I would say that I prefer to keep it "low profile" cause "that will do".

Fengshui Tip: This tip is for those who really really want to grow their luck at no matter what cost and fast ! then what must one do ? reply for you :
1) Carry a green frog soft wallet in your handbag or in your deep pockets and watch the results.

And if you think this is superstitious, then why not you try this and see for yourself how "xuan" this thing called "Feng" "Shui" is ! ^_^

FSQ Note: If you think my fengshui tip is very "unique" and sometimes "strange". Then ask yourself why so many people like to read about fengshui from me  (550viewers, daily) or even to follow my tip like: wearing red and going to the bank on 4 February (Li Chun) !!!! I am the one who started all of this ^_^

Are you GAME for more ? Play Diamond Dash with me in Facebook and see if you can "beat" your feng shui master ! ;))))

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Red roses for me ?

Today, 23 April 2012 (Monday) - It's another week ! I just hope that all of you are good and well. Carrying bells" or wearing "bells" because it is a Dragon year ? Did I hear wedding bells too ? ........... many of my clients will be getting married this year. many of them came to see me this year was to help them choose ECs, HDBs etc  that's how we know how the "fengshui market" is moving.

Singapore Fengshui Blogs - Everyday when you get up to go to work, be mindful. There are many people out there who have to work a lot harder than many of us. Therefore, be thankful that we have a job to do and do it with all of our heart and sincerity. 

When we are sincere, people can feel the "energy flow" from yourself to others who are around you. 

How many of you have ever sat beside an "impatient" person and can feel that energy from the person ?Haha ! 

Traveling - I will be traveling to Penang on 1st May, going to have Penang Laksa and then come back. 

Fengshui Tip: Placing flowers in the house can cause romance in particular the wealth area. If you are married, please do not try this ^_^

FSQ Photo : These red roses are for those who wished me Happy Birthday in my Facebook ! Thank you so much for the over 120 likes and 105 comments,  never had so many before !  I am glad that I am still popular !!! ^_^ Thank you for making me, popular !!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My parents !!!

Today, 20 April 2012 (Friday) - TGIF !!!

Singapore Fengshui Blog - It's been quite a while since I started blogging (May 2008) and the numerous number of visitors to this blog, keep on growing and I am "moved', yesterday's page view is 641 ^_^

Fengshui Tip: There should be minimum "glass" in the whole house because "glass" is also like a mirror and can reflect things away from you.

Example : If you have glass cabinet doors in the "wealth" area then they will reflect "wealth" away while if you have glass cabinet doors in the "health" sector of the house, then they will reflect "health" away.

Photo : Shows my parents having buffet lunch at Riverview Hotel in March 2012 and I posted this photo in my Facebook and my cousins caught the photo and commented on them. Thank you, Selina Lok and Irene Yap for your wonderful comments which pleases my parents very much and they were so thrilled !!! If my grammar is wrong, I know that my wonderful dad will come and correct me ^_^ My dad used to teach english in a secondary school in Queenstown where we used to live. He is 80+ this year. Have a great weekend !!!

"4" is like a crossed leg Laughing Buddha !!!

Today, 19 April 2012 (Thursday) - How are things with you ? Hope the Dragon year, 2012  did not do much harm to anyone of you. If you do find things not very smooth still, then carry a "metal bell" that "rings" around you, ok ? 

Tomorrow would be TGIF and then we will have the weekend, for me I work on Saturdays and Sundays  and has been like this for the past 15 years ! One thing:  we don't work all the time, it's all by appointments only and sometimes just two hours or slightly more.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Yesterday, I had 541 pageviews ! that's a lot ! Hei ! thank you for coming. We are still number one in Google search on Singapore Fengshui Blog ^_^ And thank you for your support !!! You are the Greatest !!!!

Fengshui Queen Singapore's Tips: I was saying in my Facebook that "4" is my favorite number and any property that I buy, it has to have a "4' in it. About 10 years ago, property with a "4" usually very hard to sell, that's what I heard ...........but these days, more people are "fengshui educated" and so "4" is like any other number.

Someone asked : I thought "4" means..............then another added that he heard "4" is a cross leg and shake leg. I replied : Yes, like a crossed leg laughing Buddha which we can place behind the office main door on the floor so that you can crossed leg (very free) and yet got money !  ^_^

So today's tip is : Place a crossed leg laughing Buddha behind your house main door (when you enter your house, you can see him) or diagonally opposite your dining table ! One of my client had a big golden one facing their dining table ! Mine is on the floor of my office which most people can't see ^_^

Fengshui Queen Singapore tip on buying a very good fengshui property :
1) The fengshui has to be very good rating : 8/10 then we buy. Some fengshui is better for the male, some better for the female. You can choose.

2) The house's unit number or block number has to follow our "spiritual number" and this "spiritual number" is any number that always follow you where ever you go. If as a couple, you may not know then check the last digit of your marriage certificate and that is your "spiritual number" !!!

FSQ Note: People are still buying property but mostly for their own stay as they upgrade. I have done a few checks on whether "can buy or not recently", just last week.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy 53rd birthday to me !!!!

Today, 15 April 2012 (Sunday) - How is your Sunday ? hope it was nice and enjoyable !!! Thank you for some who commented that my blog was too personal. 

Is it very personal ? well...........if you are my client,  I am sure that you would want to know abit more about your fengshui master ? plus I share with you my own fengshui investment strategy which you can't learn from anywhere else except here in this blog or in my Facebook. Plus, I have success stories not only from myself but from my numerous clients who come back and tell me and to thank me. I maybe a small investor but I did it my way.

...........while if you simply a new reader and don't know me at all then maybe make an effort to see me in person before you call MY and tell him about it ^_^

Singapore Fengshui Blog - How do you like the music, "Too Much Heaven" by the Bee Gees. I grew up listening to these songs and Carpenters too.

Each day about 500 visitors come here to read my blog. yesterday's count : 458 views. That's how popular the blog is when it comes to reading about fengshui and Master Lynn Yap

Birthday Week - It was my birthday week and thank you to the over 80 comments and over 104 likes on my Facebook under fengshuiQueen. It was my 53rd birthday this year ^_^ Happy Birthday to me !!!! I hope to retire by 60 or slower pace ;)))

Vesak Day is coming - Go book your big candles at S$98/- each or offer donations, flowers, do pumas etc. it would be great if on this day, you go vegetarian while I am going to be a nun for a day by taking my 8 precepts ;)))

Fengshui Queen Singapore,  Master Lynn Yap's Tip - 
1) Music is the "water" element and Music moves me and I can feel the energy of music within the environment. Anything that is wavy is "water".

2) Always leave a night light on in the kitchen or in the dinning room of your house so that - day time, your house is bright and night time, your house is bright too. Why do all of these ?

The kitchen represents your career and is bright in the day time however by night time, the kitchen is dark and that can mean that your career is "dark". Hence, we place a lamp in the kitchen and turn it on from 8pm till 6am in the morning and that will do.

Have you ever stayed in a HDB flat and ever wondered why those neighbors of yours, don't turn off their kitchen lights !!! ^_^ (this is the answer) 

Thank you for the numerous feedback on the 21 dining table tips ! Glad that you like them ! ^_^

Enjoy ! this song reminds me of my childhood !

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Piggy Bank, Dragon, Go get it !

Today, 7 April 2012 (Saturday) - How are you getting on ? Hope you are well and everyone is fine at home. I miss you all but I can't see everyone all at once.

I just got back from a fengshui audit of a condo at West Coast. The lady client said to me that she liked to read my blog (that was before she met me in person)(Ahem) .......she said many things to me but there was one thing that she said that caught my eye and that was : that my blog was very "wen sin" (sincere in english ? or having a heart ? ) I leave that to you, readers to interpret. Thanks, sweetie ^_^

As for those who asked me questions here in this blog, please bear with me for a while....... while I get used to my 27inch Mac Pc before I reply, ok ? thanks. I have never used a Mac before and this is my first time trying it and hopefully I can understand how to use it. (I got a new IT Toy !) ;)))

Feng Shui Blog, Singapore  - Thank you to my clients who wanted me to help give a list of baby names for their nieces or children etc. Indeed this year, there is an increase of babies born ^_^

There was a day when someone asked me to help give a list of baby chinese names and this baby was still in the ICU unit. I did the baby bazi and gave a list of baby girl's chinese names. My heart was all soft for her and hope that she is well by now. I told the client who came to ask for baby names that this baby has a lot of "qui ren" (helpful people)  so she would be fine. I have done so many baby chinese names before but this is the first time,  it was such a special case and my heart goes out to her.

Relationship between couple : Many of us do face some difficulty in understanding relationships and every time anything that goes wrong, it is important to note that : it is always our fault first and then learn to understand the situation and help make things better,  the next time.

Fengshui Queen Singapore Tip : If you are born in the Dragon year, try to buy a piggy bank, shaped like a Dragon and put coins into this piggy bank. when the Dragon coin bank is full, it means that your money is "pa pa" (full). Only this year, you can find a piggy bank, Dragon so please search and buy one this year, ok and fill it up.

The same applies to all animal signs born : the piggy bank represents you,  so put many coins in the piggy bank and make it full, then your luck will come. So if you are born in the Rat year, buy a Rat piggy bank and fill it up.

Above all, always have a kind heart for everyone even people whom you do not know. Your kindness will come back to you, one day.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Investing and waiting for the Oink Year !

Today, 2 April 2012 (Monday) -  Most of us work is because we need to work. We need to survive. We need to bring cooked food on the dining table and other household expenses. Do you know when you open your eyes tomorrow, how much in a month do you really need ? and whether you have enough savings to last you 6 months or more ? It may be a scary truth but it needs to be addressed.

However when we are older and securing a job may seem to be hard for some then what do these people do ? They still think they are young and still want to work. If you are already 50+, if you can, you should retire or do something else that you have always wanted to do, like a second career.

If you still want the normal high job that you have been used to, then you will need to have lots of merits. You will need to do many donations, offer thousands of lights and do "long prostrations" like 50,000 times in order to secure your normal job. There is no hard and fast rule.

You would remember that in the year 2009,  I was on full vegetarian diet for a whole year. It takes discipline in order to do it. If I can do it, can you ? think again. If you have to do it......would you ? Can you ?

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Thank you for coming to read my blog to learn about fengshui and also on investing in properties using fengshui principles. Over the course of many years, I have helped many clients choose a good fengshui house and most of the time is for their own stay. That is that when we buy a property or condo, it is mainly for our own stay. However,  for some because of high price increases, some did sell their condo to cash out and then go and buy another.

The timing that most of us are waiting for is the year of the pig in 2019 when we may intend to cash out for some and keep some. It is going to be another busy year for property agents in 2019 as well as for us, fengshui masters. The buoyant property market will drive us !

Fengshui Queen SG Tip:
1) When you shift house, your fengshui also change - how much you believe in it, depends on how strong your faith is in fengshui that was delivered to you.

Website for Online-donations:
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