Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good Health is Wealth

Today, 26 September 2012 (Wednesday) - Hi.......I know many of you work long hours and very very hard however if your body is rest and either go to sleep or go for a two hour body massage to get back into shape, ok ?

Body Qi is very important for good health. Running is a good exercise too  however not many of us like to run so going for body massage is a good excuse. ahem. ^_^

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Today, I was there this afternoon in the eastern part of Singapore where client bought a terrace house. Seems like the minimum price for a terrace house is now S$2.5million.

FSQ Food - I like chicken rice as well as duck rice as both can fill my tummy and especially when I have a long day, I would usually take rice for my breakfast as I need a lot of energy to do my fengshui work lah !

This duck rice is from a koptiam somewhere along Serangoon North Ave 2, quite near to my office.

Thank you to many who like to see the photos of food that I take with my iPhone 4. Oh the canteen at First Centre is closed at 2pm to 4.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays. After 4.30pm, they are open again for dinner but the other stalls are closed.

FSQ Tip : The color handbag and the color wallet that you carry have a great impact on your money. Don't believe ? change your handbag color or wallet color and watch the difference.  ^_^

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Froggy, my love......

Today, 23 September 2012 (Sunday) - Today, I had a long day......hope your day was pleasant too.

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Photo shows the batik that my lady client gave me when she visits me in Singapore recently while I find a nice looking frog on the floor next to my pond to use as a "prop" and hope that you like both.

The 8th Lunar Month, 15th day is approaching.......and many people are looking forward to eating moon cakes and having chinese tea while looking at the moon. If you have not tried it, try it for least once in your life time, ok ?

Facebook - The friends that I had in Facebook already exceeded the 5000 friends , however you can subscribe to my Facebook and still read about what I do daily and my "thought". Some photos which are a bit more personal are posted there than here in my blog. Do come and subscribe ....... ok ?

Whatsapp - A client whatsapp saying that she went to farmart and wanted to buy a frog to place it next to her fountain but when she arrived the salesman asked her : Is your fengshui master, Master Lynn ? The frogs are all sold out because of her :))

FSQ Tip: Do good deeds and observe the law then nothing wrong can come into your life and one thing to remember : never ever be too stubborn when solving problems otherwise you become your own creator of your own fortune.

Mooncake Festival is coming.......enjoy this song !

Friday, September 21, 2012

Looking at nature to give life meaning

Today, 21 September 2012 (Friday) - Today, a lady flew in from Jakarta to see me for a reading and then another lady for a reading and I went home by 7.30pm, quite late by my usual standard as I like to be home by 5pm even though I may work from home on emails, blog etc but at least I am home.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Today, I have nothing much to write about. Maybe just share some wisdom with you.

When I see the yellow flowers bloom (photo above),  I feel very very happy however this bloom does not last long and then it fades away.

What is the meaning  I can get from nature ? Well, to me it represents the meaning of life and then it fades away and life passes on.

FSQ Tip: Try to find the meaning in your life by looking "deeper" into the nature surrounding your environment ^_^

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Readers of my blog keep me writing....

Today, 18 September 2012 (Tuesday) - How are you ? it's already the 8th lunar month and very soon we would be celebrating Moon Cake Festival.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Thank you to all readers of this blog, sometimes when I get a little lazy and didn't want to write............then I thought of the many clients who had spoken to me and informed that they like to read my blog. Yes, it is THIS that kept me going......writing, just for you.

Fengshui Case Studies - 
1) The other day when I arrived at a road and when I was about to do the fengshui for this terrace house, I noticed that almost directly opposite the house was fengshuied by me. I was stunned for a moment as this hardly happens. What is the percentage of anyone having this kind of probability ? wow. I did my best for the house and went home.

2) Once during consultation for destiny reading, my client spoke about the cc of the car and the brand and asked if he should follow this "theory". I gave him my reply and then went home and pondered upon it.  I know that I shouldn't think too much........or maybe I am getting older. haha.

This "fengshui theory" was developed by me as it was part of my life story and saw how it influenced my career and my life. I started learning driving when I turned 18 and bought my first car after graduating from NUS. I did not buy a new car but a second hand car and my dad helped me select, only thing the color of the car was I had a few issues with it  ^_^ That time, I haven't started learning fengshui yet.

FSQ Note: Just remember that whatever "fengshui theory" that I share with you during the consultation,  are all proven and that they work.  Though they may sound funny but they work.

3) For example: If a person need the "wood" element, I would inform them to go plant a plant on the ground.

Next was the typical reply from my clients : Can I plant in a pot instead of in the ground ?
My face changed and I said : "Don't change what I tell you to do".
(Most clients have their mindset on what they want to do or can do. However it is my job to tell them again to follow exactly what I said)

FSQ Photo : Most of the photos that you see in my blog are taken by me. Though I am not a photographer but I hope you can appreciate my little artistic talent ^_^
Am currently reading this.......

Friday, September 14, 2012

Lady version of Lai Pu Yee.....

Today, 14 September 2012 (Friday) - Hi......the 7th month is finally going to be over. One more night tomorrow night then it is the 8th lunar month where many couples will be getting married. I wish them all the best in their married lives together and ever.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - We are already at the 7th lunar month and soon before we know it, it will be Chinese New Year too.  Wa so fast.

Firstly,  I want to thank the couple who came all the way from Kota Bharu to come and meet me. I trust that you have had a good and fruitful trip to Singapore. How's the Garden by the Bay ? nice ?

I have another client who might be flying down to meet me in end September 2012 from Jakarta, Indonesia. Sounds like this Dragon year brings a few clients from overseas and they all know about me from their local newspaper, their relatives as well as my blog. Guess my blog really travels round the world ^_^

Blog viewership - averaging around 700 and the blog with the frogs brought in over 900 viewers ! Guess you like to view the frogs too.

Well at least you know that your sifu, Master Lynn is busy which is good as it means that I am very popular.

Then I also want to thank a group of ladies working in the same office who invited me to visit their office and do a few life readings. I was there from 12noon and right till 5pm. Never worked so hard in my life before.......ever since I became boss ^_^ But I was very happy when I went home as I heard from my lady client who introduced me to them......what they think about my fengshui and bazi ^_^
The ladies there all felt that I had that x factor walking around their office. Ahem, your sifu had been to many many offices too.

Fengshui case studies - 
1) One client this year, after switching on the light in the kitchen found a good job.

2) One client this year strike S$20k after her house was fengshuied, about 8 months later.

3) One lady client after moving into a good fengshui condo, balcony facing SW got a promotion, good pay rise and so did her husband. They were both very very happy. Now they are planning to buy another investment property.

4) One client (a couple) bought a S$7million Leedons Residences - guess who are those who had that kind of money to buy such high end property ? They currently own a bungalow in a good class area.

5) There are many other success stories but I tend to forget them after knowing about them. Like what Ajahn Brahm said is to become a dustbin to have holes on both sides, the top and the bottom. After listening to them, remove their stories from the brain cpu.

FSQ Photo : show my favorite food, chicken rice. Is that your favorite too ? After seeing this photo, if it makes you feel like eating chicken rice, I have done my part to help all those who sells chicken rice ^_^ This chicken rice is from a kopitiam somewhere in Serangoon North Ave 2.

Fengshui Tip : Be very careful when buying a house to live in. I have heard from some of my clients how after they bought this house, they had to go to a hospital a few times within a few years period while for some it was money matters. They wanted to know why and so they called and invited me to do the fengshui for them so that their lives can be better. I was like the lady version of "Lai Pu Yee", I helped. ^_^

Monday, September 10, 2012

My lovely friends, the toads !!!

Today, 10 September 2012 (Monday) - I am off work today.......take a break and go for massages.......well, how do you like the real toad in the photo above ? when I first post this photo in my Facebook one friend asked if the frog was real and my reply was a "yes". The fake frog that I had is here........see photo below.......the green one ^_^ The shop only had one green frog and so I just bought one and placed him at the side of my lily pond otherwise I like to buy my things in pairs.

FSQ Photo : These photos are taken a few nights ago when the toads came and croak so loudly ^_^
Personally, I love looking and staring at the toads, real and fake ones, so enjoy !!!

Fengshui Queen Singapore Tip : Have you ever noticed if after moving into a condo or even a landed property and when you climb staircases, your knee joint has a pain ? This is fengshui related and is because there is a swimming pool in the South East sector of your house or because there is a water pond, koi pond or even a swimming pool in the garden of your house.

The fengshui Queen SG solution was to : Place stones or boulders inside the pond and then there is no more pain. Can you see two rectangle stones, one big, one small inside the lily pond ? ^_^

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Do you like to do nothing at all and everyday ?

Today, 9 September 2012 (Sunday) - How are you ? Hope you are fine.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - The past few days, I was busy working and because it is still the 7th lunar month, decided to write less. I find this 7th month very eerie.

Fengshui Queen Singapore tip : As you are busy with work, please learn to listen to your body. That is when the body is tired, please rest and sleep early or go for your weekly body massage and foot.

Someone asked me : how about running ? I said running is good for the heart but for overall well being, one still needs someone to press on the acupoints of our body so that our body qi can flow and blood can circulate well too. This is my personal opinion and if you want to know more, it is best to seek advice from the experts like the doctors. Well when you have a body massage, one can also know which part of our body is weak whenever someone presses a point that is so "suun" (tired) or even for some, it is painful.  Ever have that feeling ?

Here is a link where you can read more :

One thing I do notice is : my clients tell me that they are very very busy with work. Well for them when they are young, they can take it but not me at over 50. I tend to work less hours but 7 days a week and I take frequent short holidays to rest and relax or to meditate deeply. I love to the calmness and peacefulness that I feel in my mind and heart is simply beyond "Bliss". Try it and maybe you may like it too ^_^.........then insights may come in and you may then want to buy more gold since it is going up.

Well, my clients tell me that they like to find things to do even when they are free. I can't believe it when I first heard that. Then I share with them what I like to do : I like to finish my work and come home and "do nothing". I am so free that I have a lot of time to do many things that I like to do. 

So usually, I would watch cable tv or read a book or find things to do but....the less stressful kind and I dislike doing house work, it never gets done ;))) my favorite past time is watching cantonese serials or hokkien serials and sipping my red wine ^_^ (to me this is rest and relax......but sometimes, my mind would think of things like how does anyone who want to grow their wealth begin ? How to start ? what sort of advice should I give them ? from the fengshui perspective ? so........I would sip my red wine and think and think. Do you like to think ? ^_^ well............I do and maybe too much.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Can you save money ?

Today, 4 September 2012 (Tuesday) - are you ? Hope that this Dragon year , 2012 didn't bite you too deeply. I was quite busy last week doing fengshui checks, helping clients to choose their new condos as well as destiny readings too. This time my client was intending to buy a over S$7million dollar property ! a 4 bedroom condo on the ground floor. 

And it is not true that people don't like to check fengshui during the 7th lunar month period. well, not from my clients. I still have a few who are quite particular so they booked me in the 8th lunar month, some 5 months back that's because they will soon be getting the keys to their new landed property in the west.

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Well........we are already in September month and my mum was telling me soon it will be a new year. My first thought was : wa so fast ! how come so fast !  ^_^

FSQ Photos - do you like my photo shots on food ? if you like them, here is another one....

One of my all the favorite : mee rebus at Serangoon Garden Market. Enjoy ! 

Feng Shui Queen Singapore Tip - One of the best kept secret about fengshui is about the use of water. And fengshui was usually applied to the rich people, people who could afford a fengshui master while those who could not afford one, some how tend to let time pass them by. I think in today's world, this seems to be so too.

But one major factor that I find is : it is usually a person's stubbornness that sets him backwards than going forward and nothing else. I guess it is their own karma. what do you think as these people do not believe in feng shui ?

For fengshui to work effectively - If water is placed in the right place after 3 months, results appear. but if water is placed in the wrong place, wrong results also appear. Since the two words of feng shui is about the use of water and wind, these two really really matters, whether it is in your house or office. 

Hence,  if your house is too windy, then people staying in this house tend not to be able to save money. It is because the energy in the house will cause them to always think of something for example : to fill up that space or wall there !!! that how to save money ah ? ^_^

Sunday, September 02, 2012