Thursday, October 31, 2013

Please come and support me in "Predictions 2014" !

31 October 2013 (Thursday) - Today, last day of October…… are you ? Hope the Snake year pass fast fast eh ? 

Fengshui Queen SG (registered mark) PREDICTIONS 2014 Talks :

1) 4 January 2014 - "Predictions 2014" Invited by Safra Mt Faber.

2) 11 January 2014 - "Predictions 2014" invited by Safra Toa Payoh.

3) 16 January 2014 - "Predictions 2014" invited by NUSS

4) 18 January 2014 - "Predictions 2014" invited by Safra Tampines

Above are my list of talks and yes, I am sorry I had turned down a few talks as I prefer to deliver only a few talks per year hence making it exclusive. You like that, right ? 

Well, if you really want to come and see me or to shake my hand for added Good Luck then come to my talk.

If you want to know when to buy gold or property then come and listen to my chun chun Predictions, ok ?  

(Yah, han cheng not so good, so must sell MORE tickets ) You may call them up for registration and see you !!!

FSQ Note : Yes, I know this year, I tend write less is because I am busy plus didn't want to write when I have nothing to say. 

It's been a Great year so far especially when I had been invited to Batam, Penang and China this year. I really enjoyed my trip very much maybe because I was more aware.

Plus this year, many many ladies like to buy me lunches or high tea, got one coming up in end Novemeber ;))) yummy yummy !!!! and see you SOOON !!!!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

One Day Batam trip n Good Energy

2 October 2013 (Wednesday) - are you ? Fine ? that's good.

Singapore Fengshui Queen Blog - Sometime ago on 11 September 2013, I was invited to visit Batam and I took this photo. The trip was very enjoyable. In fact just a while ago, I remembered I went to Penang, Guangzhou and Batam ..........Wow ! so wonderful isn't it ? and wrote about it in my Facebook.

Annual Life Reading : Already a few clients had started reading their annual reviews for the year 2014 and two of them commented that this year,  I hardly write my blog. Then we burst out laughing ! it not that life is meant to be like this ? 

To enjoy a joke or two here and there and to make life more interesting and humorous ?

FSQ Tip: Always take a photo of yourself to check your "energy". If your energy is "good" it means there is "good fortune". While if the energy looks "dull" then it means "negative energy" and so something must be done to convert it back to "good energy". ok ?

Photo taken last week at home in the wealth area.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

"There is a thin line between caring and loving"

Today, 12 September 2013 (Thursday) - Hi.........feel like writing tonight. So here goes......thank you for one person who sms telling me that what I wrote in my blog which maybe very trival to me but it means the world to her cause it helps her "rethink"her current problem and help her out.

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Thank you to many who sms or what sapp me asking how to make a donation to help the Nepal kids. My reply to them was to tell them to sms to Stephen Ching.

"There is a thin line between caring and loving" -
Some people care for you and show it in various many ways. Some buy things (food) for you while some like to spend more time with you plus many others.

It is only if you have the "eyes" to "see" or to "feel" then you can KNOW. 

However some may do it silently............and if only you can "feel" then you would know.

This is CARE or is this also "love" ? 

What do you think ?

My answer is : It is the motivation of the person that is the most important. Only he or she knows ;))

Monday, September 09, 2013

It's that time of the year - to create MERITS !!!

Today, 9 September 2013 -'s that time of the year when we do a donation to help students in Nepal with their educational supplies like books, pencils, new uniforms, new shoes etc. You would remember that video clip that made me cry.

Message from Stephen Ching, my dharma friend :
It's the fifth year that I am collecting this Educational Supply Fund for our precious Guru, Khen Rinpoche Geshe Thubten Chonyi.

The good news from Khen Rinpoche this afternoon was that the fund now sponsored more than 200 students from 4 differents schools compared to the initial number of 50 students (i.e. growth of400%)!!!
It is YOU who made this possible. It is YOU who practiced generosity who allowed the students to attend school with proper uniforms and shoes with other basic necessities e.g. stationary.
Khen Rinpoche mentioned that there will be another 50-60 more students this year.

Between now till 01 Oct 2013, I will be accepting sponsorship for this annual fund raising event for the Nepalese Kids.

This fund is meant for the deprived kids in Nepal, mainly to provide for their school uniforms, shoes, stationary and the like.
Khen Rinpoche estimated that about S$100 is needed to sponsor one year supplies for one kid.

Why is this an annual event? Our Guru recognised that kids grow and the sizes (uniform and/or shoes) kept changing. Stationary and the likes are all to be replaced year-after-year. Therefore, it's very important to keep the supplies consistent.

For any kind and generous sponsors, you may message me for sponsorship details (including how many kids you would like to sponsor).

Whether you believe in karma or not, whichever faith/religion one belongs, please help to spread the words and let the love proliferate... love and kindness do not have boundaries, agree?
You really can make a difference in their lives...

On behalf of the kids in Nepal and Khen Rinpoche, many thanks in advance.

FSQ Note: You may also reach him via his mobile at +65-9011-0191
We usually write a cheque out to his name and then he would send it to Khen Rinpoche, our precious Guru who would bring it to Nepal for this Educational Supply Fund. Do donate generously to this project. Thanks !

Monday, September 02, 2013

"You light up my life"

Today, 2 September 2013 (Monday) - Hello !...........Hope you are doing well and feeling Great !!!
Well......even if you don't then still try to think of ONE thing that can make you REALLY HAPPY  every day !!!

Singapore Fengshui Queen Blog - My clients, my most precious clients are the ones who are like the "light" that brightens my life, every day and every night. Because of them I serve and serve from my heart and mind. I try not to think of anything else.

I am very fortunate in that I have many or shall I say thousands of clients already over the years and I am most thankful.

Being thankful, Being grateful is one of the merits that you must REALISE and know so that more GOOD LUCK can come your way.

On Property: When Developers give keys to clients for their new Condo, I would be there and invited to do the fengshui. This time round is on PRIVE an EC at Punggol Field where I have two clients this week in September. I am grateful.

A thing or two about LIFE : Sometimes when your spouse or friend scold you and inside your mind,  you are scolding that person back. Ah ! here is the catch ! you are actually "thinking" in your mind and that should'nt be if you are very mindful and is a practitioner in dharma.

Instead, your mind is supposed to be "silent" and not scolding nor thinking.That is being "present in the present moment". I am still trying my best all the time.

Photo : shows the lights in my office at First Centre where I use energy saving bulbs to save electricity and to go a bit more green. BTW, I don't do fax. Never liked them and prefer emails or whatsapp for communication.

Travelling: I have been invited to go Batam for a business trip on 11 and back on 12 Septemeber 2013. You can still reach me via sms to 9685-2718 ;))) This is my 3rd overseas Business Trip. Go there ..........look see, look see, chit chat, eat and come back. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Being Rich"

Today, 24 August 2013 (Saturday) - Hi ! are you ? Yes, we are already half way mark into the chinese lunar year of the snake. I hope the snake year has been good to you. For me, it is so far so good or shall I say, every year is "Good" to me as long as my mindset or some people call it "attitude" is "positive". I have been busy and you can check me out in my Facebook ;))) or even in Instagram ;)))

A big Thank You to my readers (over 500 readers yesterday) who still like to come to my blog even though this year, I tend to write less. I am so sorry.

Yes, I did enjoy my recent trip to Guangzhou, China as you can see all the happy faces including mine ! But then once back to Singapore, it is back to my rountine and work and work. However, I am most happy to be home and working to serve my clients as they mean everything to me.

One thing that I learnt over the years is : not to be afraid of hard work especially for the things that you want in life. example is if you wish to own a condo and to live in it then you would have to work harder to get the income to buy this, right ?

Most of the time when I visit my client to do fengshui and since 15 or even 20 years ago, I always advise my client to start saving and to buy the next property. I never once stop telling them not to buy even with stamp duty etc and some asked me .......I tell them to go ahead. Why do I say that ? 

What I saw was the price of the property that they wanted to buy 10 years later and when compared to today's prices is good, I will tell them to go ahead especially when the property is freehold. One of my lady client whose aim was to own a landed property and she did it this year before all the cooling measures set in. She was really lucky !!! and another lady bought her first condo to her name !!! she was also very happy and grateful.

Well.........I guess, it pays to get a savvy property investor for a fengshui master ! ;))) and I walk the talk too. 

However,  if you think you want a slow and lazy lifestyle then live simply and be contented with whatever you have. Never Never compare your wealth or income with others if not you could be terribly disappointed and this is no good.

Fengshui Queen Singapore Blog : BEING RICH
When you think you are "rich" enough then start to be generous to people around you and especially to those who are helping you. For example: those who do the massage for you, those who brave the hot sun or heavy rain to deliver hot pizza to you or those who simply helped you in other ways. Be generous to them ;))

This is my message to you for now and have yourself a super great weekend !!!

Photo shows the rain and flood in ChangAn, China. I became my own victim of my "Predictions 2013" currently with over 70,000 viewership ( (I may be the first one in Singapore who has the most viewership for a powerpoint presentation) and with heavy rainfall this year.

The fire prediction also came true as well as the price of Gold. I was really "spot on" for quite a number of events making me an excellent "destiny reader". Do you think so too ? 

Fengshui Tip : Be generous to those who had helped you. The Universe will reward you much much more. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

8 more photos and can't get enough !!! Enjoy !!!

Willie, the one at the back whatspp this photo to me. 

Howard gave me this gift but the box was too big so I took a photo to remember

.......and I brought all the pineapple tarts back for added Good Luck !!!

Willie even said in my Facebook wall if I would like this red bottle of red wine. Photo taken on my first night dinner held in a chinese restuarant in PullMan Hotel. We had one red and two Moet. 

My all time favorite "parfum" bought at duty free Changi Airport.

Happy Happy being photographed !

Another group photo - us after 6 Moet ! but I think not enough. Another 6 Moet would be perfect !!!

Didn't managed to take any photo of the food which was very very delicious however I took the lights above. Hehe. Shy mah........worried that Leon or Willie might not like. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Some Photos of my Guangzhou/HongKong Trip !

Raining when I arrive on 14 August 2013 

PullMan Hotel, ChangAn, China 

Lobby at PullMan Hotel, ChangAn, China

My room at Pullman Hotel at level 16 

My lunch, very very nice dishes and I ate a lot !

Fish Steamboat with everything that fish can be made into ! Very fresh and nice that goes very well with Champagne !!!

Howard invited me for lunch before I leave on 16 August 2013
Arrive at HongKong Airport by private car from ChangAn, China on 16 August 2013. Because of the floods in ChangAn, for the first time I missed my flight and shift to another SQ Business Class flight from HK to Singapore. Thank you all for arranging and handling this very very well.  I was prepared to stay another night if all else fail. That was my mindset but then I would like to be home by Friday. I miss my bed ;)) In the end, everything turn out fine.

My seat on SQ865 from Hong Kong to Singapore, 16 August 2013 

Champagne anyone ?

My friends and I after 6 Moets

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

My favorite piece to go along with my blog posts ! enjoy !

Do you set a sales target for yourself ?

Today, 6 August 2013 (Tuesday) - Hi................hope that everything is fine with you. I was very inspired this morning when a lady wrote on my Facebook wall that she enjoys reading my blog that I decided that today when I go home I must sit in front of my big screen Mac desk top (bought it to motivate myself to write)    to pen some lines ;)))

I guess..........sometimes it is the writing style of the writer  that makes it very readable. Mine is like this. I think this works very well for me cause I get many many viewers.

Singapore Fengshui Queen blog - I started writing my blog in May 2008. That makes it 5 years old this year, 2013. Wow !!! that's a long time and it takes me 5 years to reach an average daily viewership of over 500. 

I guess, not bad lah. But must also know that I work very very hard on the ground, visiting homes, offices, factories etc 7 days a week, meeting at least 4 new people a day, my target which is very achievable.

Oh...........when you do your own business, you are answerable only to yourself and to your own pocket. How much do you make in a day ? in a week ? it is ok if I do decide to take a day off or if tomorrow I only work,  half a day. Who is there to breath down my pretty neck and scold me........oops !  No one. 

But my mum would if she knows.......only thing is I always tell her good things as I don't want her to worry. She can't walk well now and most of the time, either my brother or my sister in law, Yvonne and sometimes me would have to hold her arm and help her walk.......just in case she fall. we are most afraid of this.  And she likes to go to the casino and mind you, my fengshui skills at her house is so good that she wins all the time. 

And my dad told me that old people cannot fall down. I will always remember this.

When I have very interesting feng shui case studies then I would share it with my parents, no names. just the case itself to make my mum laugh. My dad can't hear too well now but with my loud,  high pitch voice, he still can hear. I sometimes imagine what is life like if one can't hear properly........

Topic Today :
Do you set a goal or target for yourself ?
Personally, I don't set any but I do have a certain sales target that I need to achieve in a month. I set reasonable and achievable targets for myself and as like I said, I am only answerable to myself and to my own pocket.

After setting a big plan, now plan monthly then plan weekly and then daily. work and work till you earn your first million, net worth for one. Then plan and go higher till when you wake up, you found yourself at 55 or even 60 then count.......what is your net worth. Hmm......a couple of millions and very comfortable, then tell yourself, you have done yourself proud and well.

For those with kids, some like to buy their children, each child one apartment or even one landed property. If you are young now, can set goal and achieve it. If you are around my age, this is still doable. One bedroom condo for one kid, then buy two loh. Still achievable. And  never never yah,  so small.

It's your narrow mindset that sets borders for you and then limit how much you can achieve in your life time.

Do flat size matters ? If I tell you I can stay in a small apartment (maybe in my new condo or maybe never)  and still feel top of the world feeling with many rental properties.....don't you like that ? 

After all, when I come home, I stay in the master bedroom (4 bedroom terrace house) all the time, working on my computer or iPad playing Hay Day or Candy Crush and watching my Starhub, cantonese serials, 857 or hokkien ones like 852 at the same time. then replying sms or whatsapp too or now even Facebook chats or emails. I become very "boh eng" (busy) 

But then I know that my clients know that I am quite IT savy.  I got Instagram, Twitter with many many followers. I also know how to snap a photo and upload to my Facebook for my fans/clients/friends to see. And I blog to tell fs related stories and some on life's issues that I hold dear to my heart. 

About setting goals : I do know of a lady entrepreneur who sets very high sales target for herself and  when she cannot reach her sales target ? are right. She gets very upset and makes herself so miserable.......then her family members probably would suffer too. I hope you don't do this. I mean don't get upset with yourself.  Just try harder or work harder next month.

FSQ Photo : Photo taken years ago. I do hope I still look the same.

FSQ Tip: Inside every house, there is a wealth area which we call internal wealth area. Activate this with real running water and wait 3 months to feel the results coming. After that,  the feng shui continues.......

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Enjoy !

First of August 2013 - hello and cheers

Today, 1st August 2013 - have you been ? As for me........I am fine and hope that you are busy and well. One client that I met for her annual review told me that I now write once my blog, once a month and I was surprised that she kept track......and we both end up laughing !!! 

You it is with your favorite and popular feng shui master, ME lah !!!

Thank you to the many who bought me gifts, gave me extra red packets, buy me lunches this year. It now looks like a year of good food and with all my favorite clients, YOU !!! 

3 CHEERS for yourself !!!!

Your FS master is fine, a bit busy except that this year......don't seem to find the "mood" to write. 

Fengshui Queen Singapore note : My next article about Fengshui tips for the bedroom is out at Property

Here is the link :

Another piece of Good News : The powerpoint slides on "Predictions 2013" at had over 70,000 viewers, 7 Favourites and over 965 downloads. Probably this is my "report card" .......the result of many many years of hard work and "precision". Thank you all for sharing with your friends. I really appreciate your kindness. Thanks ! and hope you enjoy the predictions.

FSQ Note: Today, is also my eldest son, Ivan's 23rd Birthday. Happy Birthday,  my dearest ;)))
Thank you to over 522 viewers yesterday to my blog. Thank you all for coming, I am grateful.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Away on 14 August till 16 August 2013

Today, 26 July 2013 (Friday) - has been quite nice especially meeting an old client for his annual reviews for 2014, a bit too early but then he is a foreigner and do not stay in Singapore. Very Happy to have met him.

Flying : I would be away on SQ Business Class to Guangzhou to meet some friends, have sumptuous dinner, chit chat and Champagne. So far, only this client would buy me champagne for dinners and already by now........many many bottles of champagne and still counting. Of course, we don't just drink, we also have many other good Singaporean friends around.

Arguments and Misunderstanding - Some couples tend to argue because of differences in opinion if not it may be different value systems that one has. However , in bazi readings, these are referred as bazi clashes or fire and water person clash or wood and earth person.

They also tend to think differently and like different types of food. One may like Japanese food while the other may not. One likes coffee while the other likes engish tea.

In communications, first you try to push your idea across once and if he does not accept then try again if you wish but always stop at the third time as it will be point.

Some couples also tend to have numerous mis understandings basically it is because they do not know each other deep enough. Once they spend more time knowing each other then that "misunderstanding" would soon go away.

Have a happy relationship, my dearest fans/clients and loyal supporters. I would always pray for all of you ;)))

FSQ Note: Always focus on your health as good health is very very important in life. So when you are really tired, go to sleep or rest. This snake year would be most powerful the second half of the year and coming.........if you don't like the snake year and always feeling tired, lazy ?'s the snake year that is having an impact on you and your body and mind. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

After the Rain

Today, 17 July 2013 (Wednesday) - Hi...............just wanna introduce a personal friend of mine, Daniel Yun who is now a certified life coach on top of his other work like producing films. Many of the films produced many box office hits, the most famous in my opinion was probably "881". I am sure many or thousands have seen this movie, I need not say more.

His blog is at
and I love reading them whenever it is being published. Go read it yourself and if you think you need a mentor in your career or life, he is the man to go to. Go contact him now or join his Facebook page at 

FSQ Note: I will try to write more when I can......and thank you all for coming to read what I blog about : fengshui and investing :)))

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Always try to have compassion in your mind

Today, 17 July 2013 Wednesday - are you ? Hope everything is fine with you. Am sorry for being busy and seldom updating my blog.

My next article is ready at

This time is about fengshui tips for the kitchen ;))

We are approaching the 7th lunar month hence if you do find yourself extremely busy or too free then that is a signal on how the second half of the year will be like. Cheers !!!

FSQ Note: if you do find my face getting a bit slimmer.....mabybe is a product that my friend introduced to help women look better !!!

Enjoy this !

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Secret Fengshui Tips for you !!!

4 July 2013 (Thursday) - 5th article with Property Kaiser is out !!!

The article is "Secret Fengshui tips to enhance your wealth so that you can invest in more properties"

FSQ Note: I had spent hours and days, pondering over this topic and I do hope that you enjoy reading and putting it into action especially if you are not yet my client/friend/fan and benefit greatly from this especially those who do not live in Singapore ;))

I know you are out there as you had written emails to me to tell me how my fengshui tips did help bring some wealth to you. In this article, maybe you can find more new secret tips which I only disclose to those who come to me for their personal consultation.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Do you like to read my fengshui articles ?

Today, 18 June 2013 (Tuesday) - Another article on fengshui is out in : This time is on "Fengshui Tips for the dining table to enhance a better career " 

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Ramen, Ramen !!!

Today, 5 June 2013 (Wednesday) - There was a day when my client wanted to buy me lunch and so we went to Suntec to have that "japanese egg" with the runny egg white..........Ooh so yummy !!! 
Here .....are some of the photos that we took that day. Hope you like and enjoy !!!

I love prawns the bigger the better and of course Ramen !!! The soup is also so yummy !!! 

See the runny egg white.......oh and I don't take the yolk

I like tofu but my lady client don't

Singapore FengShui Blog - thank you to many who commented that I am very active in my Facebook. Yes, I am active there because many of my clients connect with me through Facebook which is more interactive than a blog. I feel that it is important to let clients know how we are doing.........and that we are still busy as ever.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

My 3rd article in Property Kaiser is out !!!

Today, 5 June 2013 (Wednesday) - 3rd article on Understanding Feng Shui and Numbers are out !!! Check it out here !!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A scene from Singapore ! You like ?

Today, 22 May 2013 (Wednesday) - first article for Property Kaiser did very well and currently with over 1700 views.

I hope my second article on fengshui tips for the Living Room would do better !!!
Do come and read......ok ?

I spent some hours cracking my brain to come up with the 28 tips. I just hope that all of you enjoy reading and benefit much from them.  My motivation in life is to share and to help others.

Have a Happy Vesak Day !!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Enjoy !

Big Lotus Lights !!!

Today, 20 May 2013 (Monday) - Hi...............Vesak Day is coming. So get ready to offer big lotus candle to Buddha on Friday and do a donation on Saturday too.

On Vesak Day itself, I would be taking the 8 precepts to be holy and to create lots of merits for myself, my family and my clients. 

From 10 May to 8 June 2013 is the fourth month of the Tibetan calendar and therefore is a very good month to do online or off line donations where the merits are being multiplied many many times. This is to share with all those who need to create more merits for themselves ^_^

Photo taken last Vesak Day ^_^

Ps: I will write soon.......

Friday, May 10, 2013

The "gift" !!!

Today, 10 May 2013 (Friday) - Hi.............was thinking of you and all the warm support that you had given me in particular to my first article at I had over 800 viewership now till date and the owner and staff of the portal are all very happy with me. Thank you !!!

Thank you very very much !!!

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Usually when someone comes for their annual review they seek answers to their own problem as well as take note of what the new year hold for them.  Many of my clients come yearly to have theirs read and sometimes they will need more than the two hours which I usually give to all life reading clients.

For those doing their annual reviews, they may need more than two because we had become friends and so they have so so much to share their one year's stories with me in that short period of time. We usually have had e a good laugh and of course is kept confidential.

The only tales I tell are my own fairy tales and my talk which make the participants so engrossed and rooted ;))

Food I like : I only like a few type of food as I don't take beef......... no mutton, no sotong, no pork, no cucumber , no squids etc. The dishes that I out on my blog are the type of food I like to eat often.

I like drinks though like sake, whisky, red wine, volka and champagne and drink a glass every night before I sleep, helps me sleep better and dream better ! ^_^

Thank you for your gift !        Er........this sake has got gold dust leh !!!!

FSQ Tip : What your mind "thinks" every moment, every hour has an important impact on your daily life, so please think positively and watch how your fortune comes knocking at your door !!!

Today, one bazi client asked : Why don't you ask us to buy something from you in order to bring us Good Luck ? 

My reply was : I only wish to offer consultation and ask you to buy if any from other shops around in Singapore.   It helps our economy.

My main wish is to help all those who come to me for help,  I only really want to help as much as I can with my "gift".