Monday, June 30, 2008

Today is the FIRST day of the rest of your life

I am like a book, every turn of the page brings surprises and curiousity

Today, I went down to an office to do a review then went to attend my personal matters then home.

See, the leaf finally fell into the garden of my investment house. it was kind of fun to shoot the pictures knowing that they would be up in the net.
ON LYNN YAP BLOG: Hi, so far do you enjoy reading my BLOG ? I hope so. someone even sms me saying :"happy blogging". I had a good laugh when I saw that sms. oh and if you ask me how many sms I received in a day, I don't know.......I don't count them. Phone Calls ? yeah even though I tell people not to call me they still would call. maybe testing my own "business system".
That is why when I work, you would notice that I don't pick up my calls or to send an sms. it is because my phone is on the silent mode and this is called "being professional". one has to learn how to be professional before anyone out there can say you are one.

So if you are an employee learn to be Professional at least at the work place and after office hours, you can do anything that you want but don't break the law. Number rule when doing business - and the BLOG is going to be the NEXT BIG THING in the INTERNET, one form of passive income too if one wishes.
ON FENG SHUI TIPS: Today I have started to give Daily secret fengshui tips (on the right hand side of this BLOG) as my GOOGLE Ad says so...... then I will work on how to make it an online marketing thing to get revenue. it is not that I need it or want more income, I really don't need them BUT it is a PASSION to want to see how FAR I can go and do it. You know what I mean ? ....just like those savy investors....ask them what drives them ?.........and especially when you THINK you can be as good as those online marketing gurus. hehe....... where they can make an income out of their own BLOG or website.
A lady sms me at 8.55am and ask when she can change her pond to a bigger one ? I replied if I did go back for a house review and then told them that they could do it ? then they can. This is because that client who had their recent promotions invited me every year to their house to do a review. the last time I was there - I over shot my time and was there for over 4 hours !!! and was late for my next appointment.

What does it tell about me and my clients ? - that we have a very very good relationship ? And after fengshui is done for all my clients, anyone can always sms me at 9685-2718 as I am available to them 24 hours !!! yeah. 24/7. I work harder than anybody and run faster too. when at home, I work too - online.
Some companies or some couples do invite me back every year : these are the ones that I know are those who will generally succeed much better in life by using "fengshui as a tool for competitive advantage" than those who seldom invite me back but assume that their feng shui is doing ok which most of the time, it is........ otherwise they would call me already.

ON DESTINY: If you are born a fire element person or if the fire element falls in the day, hour or year pillars then you can take your alcohol very well and seldom get drunk. Don't believe me, test it out.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Some people are starting to buy properties, sometimes it might be the right timing and for some it might NOT be for the right reasons and then they may just loose money. it is all laid down in their bazhi and we have seen some people who own flats that till today because of the recent price increase now can breakeven or loose money.
I somehow prefer living in a condo than other flats because of the "wall". There is something about the kind of bricks that they use to build the WALLS of condos vs other type of houses/flats. I am not a builder so I can't tell but my 6th sense tells me so.
TIP: "As the page turns, a new chapter is born"

Water is most precious !!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Always leave a man a road to go and never corner him to the end

Today, I went to do an office fengshui and a house fengshui and then to the east coast area to do a can or cannot rent and that wraps up for the day and also for the month of June.
DAILY THOUGHTS: It is important in life to forgive one another and to move on and most of the time when we are into any form of trouble, the first person to blame has to be ourselves. it is our ego, our self expectations of others that can DRIVE any person crazy or mad. it is time now to sit down and ponder on WHAT you had done the last 10 years and whether it had been benefical to mankind. this is because life is short.

There was a story, I remembered vagely about a man trying to rescue many shell fish and throwing them back into the sea. so how many person can you help in your life time ? as long as even if you can help only ONE person that is already good enough ok ? and take baby steps at a time.
PHOTO: The photo is taken this afternoon where I was and I am enjoying my life by ordering a bottle of merlot, 2002, great wine, pasta and nuggets. you should try it sometimes. enjoy your work but at the same time, drink and be merry, it helps.
ON LYNN YAP BLOG: Some people blog but they don't have many readers while others have plenty more readers than I have. that is ok. because we MUST understand that there is such a thing as DESTINY and that destiny plays a big part of our lives and also what you write about also counts and how it is placed into words can have an impact on our readers.
Once you understand these: it is will you blog ?

ON FENGSHUI TIPS: There is this real life case of a couple who changed their pond to a bigger one and still rememberd to follow my fengshui concepts and then they got it right !! and so they were rewarded as both got their promotions. I was simply amazed and said "yes, correct". the pond looks good and there are bubbles, bubbles everywhere but no soapy bubbles ok ? I don't know what you will end up with but I THINK very slippery luck.

Er...... your humourous fengshui master at work again. too bad I can't get paid as an entertainer and telling fengshui jokes, but you can and just say you hear them from Master Lynn Yap's blog.

ON LIFE READINGS: Sometimes when people come for a life reading they would be full of frustrations, anger in them and that is where we try our best to explain the meaning of life and why things HAPPEN for a reason. some of them I do tell them to go and become a monk for at least 1 week or even 3 days would be good enough for them then when they come out of their "confinement" they would be a different person. this is because they would LOOK at the world differently and this is exactly my mindset as I have gone for several annual retreats in India already.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Prices of stock market shares have gone down since January 2008 and it is almost time to enter in August. I will most likely not be going in unless I feel that it is a good move as I need to save more money for my sons' university education. I don't want HIM to worry and let him be happy while leaving the worry to me, if you know the story about "a duck and a chicken", you would understand what I mean.

THE STORY: A man said to his wife : "I think I saw a duck coming out from the bushes". the wife said : "No, darling, it is a chicken". "No, a duck" said the man. "No, it is a chicken" the wife exclaimed almost in desperation.

After a couple of moments passed and no solution was found, the husband said to himself. why am I arguing with my wife on such a petty issue. it is such a small thing and yet we are both very upset over this and it is not a big issue but simply an issue on "a duck and a chicken".

Then the man said to his wife : "I see, dear, I think I made a mistake. you are right, it is a chicken". then the wife smiled as she believed that she has won the arugment but then..........guess who has the BIGGER win ? it is the man as he believed that it is because his wife is not so intelligent, a lady and that is why he married her.

Conclusion: Don't focus on a small fault of a person and missed the bigger picture of how your spouse has his or her own strengths.

I remembered once there was a father who asked me if he should send his son to do a doctorate which costs half a million dollars. that was many years ago and I can't remember what was my reply. maybe I seriously would not know what to do if it happen to me.

TIP:"Be true to yourself"

Vietnam - I left my heart there in 2007

Saturday, June 28, 2008

How DEEP do you believe in MY FENGSHUI ?

Whether the day is a happy day or not is how your MIND thinks

Today, 29 June 2008 Sunday, I brought my parents to thomson plaza, a place I frequent since my house is nearby, to Peach Garden for tim sum. then at 2pm to go to the western part of Singapore to do a condo fengshui then home.


ON MY LYNN YAP BLOG: This BLOG is about what happens after fengshui has been done to your house and that you HAD PROSPERED. I am sure you would want to know how to become savvy investors isn't it ? I am sure many others would want to know that too and that is the real reason why I BLOG. I wanted to share with MY CLIENTS/readers about how I went to get a loan from a bank to finance my house and what properties did I buy and why. This is because in the course of my work, I realised that : there was a NEED for my clients/readers to know and why not I share with them about my own personal experiences ? these kind of information you would not read about anywhere else except here (limited edition) - RIGHT HERE at my BLOG and I have already garnered enough followers to this "BLOG". DAILY VISITORS : total 300.

After the ad was out on GOOGLE on 25 June 2008, there have been 117, 976 page impressions for my ad and a few clicks. somehow my content in the BLOG is THE one that DRIVES in the most page impressions and not so much from search engines. Interesting. Are you a online marketing person ? Well......I am not I am a fengshui expert but am now an end user of GOOGLE ads so what do I hope to achieve when I advertise ? you know ? first intention was to drive up the traffic to this BLOG and I get a special "kick" when I see my traffic "move". I don't know why...... so in the end I place a small ad in GOOGLE then I had to learn everything about how to make the full use of adwords, keywords etc. I haven't finish reading on how to maximise these and thought that I should leave my advs running for a couple of days and see what happens as I don't have history with GOOGLE and then I might pause the ad for a while when I get my daily "hits". I don't like to spend money cause I am savvy. sounds cool.
QUESTION: DID the BLOG help my fengshui business ??? you answer that yourself lah. let me sip my red wine.
ON FENGSHUI TIPS: How can one start to learn fengshui ? the best method is a) invite the fengshui master to your house then read everything about what this master wants for fengshui in order to work. b) attend a class conducted by any fengshui masters so that you can learn in depth.

When you invite a master down to your house, it all look so simple during the one n half hour session or sometimes two but actually there are many theories and books to study before one perfects the fengshui. To begin : fengshui comes under the umbrella of chinese metaphysics. so there are : fengshui,bazhi, tzu wei do shu, face reading, palm reading.

In the old days before people want to build a town or city they would engage a learned man to help them determine where the entrance of the village or city should be. this is under town planning. as years go by then these learned men become known as fengshui masters and because most of the books on fengshui are written in chinese therefore most fengshui masters are male and chinese educated.

Very few are female and english educated that can make it BIG and FAMOUS. not easy ok ? I've had my tough moments in the past. I started fengshui in the years when we did'nt even have the internet. I started fengshui in 1989. At that time, I was already on IRC chat to chat with many people (I was a bored housewife and pregnant with my first child)and when internet first came to Singapore, I was among the first to sign up and I asked Pacific Internet if they had chatlines then I sign up. that was in year 1994. After that I learned how to put my photo in my web page. A Hong Kong IT guy taught me about writing html tags and do a ftp over. I was that IT SAVVY. At that time, it was a strange kind of PASSSION that drives you......if you are now an entrepreneur you would know what I mean. He now reads my BLOG too. thanks for everything.
Then when M1 first launched their mobile phones on 1 April 1997, I was among the FIRST to sign for it and that is where I picked my mobile number, 9685-2718 ending with a 8 because period 8 fengshui (years of 2004 to 2023) was coming meaning any numbers that end with a 8 will have better luck. Can you SEE how I had GREAT VISION then ? hehe. and yes, I am pretty old by now but hei look !!! I still look good and young. See that photo with Nancy? Want to know my secret ?
From my slide show on the right, you can see how my career brought me to Europe (switerzand) ( Lausanne, year 2001: where I taught Fengshui for Hotel mangers)(we did hands on where everyone was given a small lupan to test out the fengshui theroies. it was fun), China, Australia, Malaysia, Brunei and what the media commented about me. hmm..............I did'nt add in my photos from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and India. my projects are there too. let me update the slideshow this week.

SLIDESHOW: FengshuiQueen, Master Lynn Yap travels to 10 countries that span over 19 years.

I will be visiting my overseas projects soon to do a fengshui review. when I am away, no blogging. then end of the year, December 2008, I will be away for my retreat and also no blogging.

If you like to read my BLOG, you also got to do your part. CLICK on any of the GOOGLE advs. once a day enough already, a few US cents also good and when I travel for my annual retreat I will donate the same amount in US dollars (hehe) away to help monastries or schools in India. I love children. they are so adorable that I can look a them the whole day long. It is about : how these kids make me FEEL. that is the true nature of things. do you get it ?

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Someone told me sometimes her husband would ask her how much money she has already at her bank. then when she told her husband, then her husband would take a calculator and then punch some numbers and then said to her : wah so much. is your husband like this too ? well if he didn't better do it. then you ask your husband how much money he has in his savings account and got anymore or not ? remember to ask that and then see if he is telling the truth. then you TAKE out a calculator can buy from popular book store and then show him - how much is both of your total net worth.

FROM WOMAN TO WOMAN: it is important to keep money aside that your husband don't know about. make him curious and if he loves your money, you got've a great deal - use money to make him LOVE you MORE. Write to me about your experience in being SAVVY.

ON LIFE READINGS: When a person does alot of good deeds their heart will open. the first thing that can make their heart open is to shed tears - plenty of it. how many times have you cried at the work place and you know it isn't nice to do so and yet you can't help it ? let me tell you : it is because of your bazi. if there is a fire element below your day pillar or in the hour pillar or that you are born in the animal signs of snake or horse, you would shed tears easily. well. that would make you a great actor or actresses.

BLOG COMMENTS: Yesterday, saturday, someone caught me at my laptop at yahoo messanger and sent me a short message saying that my blog is interesting and that she read it daily.

TIP: "When you do enough good deeds all negative events like sickness/illness would be delayed. they won't come. but you must do good deeds every year"

A drop in the street where you live

Today, I went down to Hougang area to do a condo house review and then off to Depot road to do fengshui for a HDB. Fengshui Masters do not work all the time hence their income per hour is usually quite high. However many of the work is done off hours too like replying emails, sms, forums or reading up or placing advertisments on GOOGLE etc. if you ask me how many hours I work, I think it should be 15 hours.

PHOTO: One leaf finally fell still got 2 more.


ON SINGAPORE BLOG: BLOG has been around for years and many people have begun blogging but only recently it had become more popular and is now seen as an effective tool of marketing and communicating. Ever since my small advertisment in GOOGLE, I now get a daily visitor of 300 people. this is not enough as I know I still need to do my homework to increase more traffic. my next target is 400 visitors per day.

ON FENGSHUI : I had spent the last 10 years (let's just take 10 for easy calculation)(have been in this business for 19 years) of doing fengshui and life readings and only the last 5 years that I started to ask people about property prices that they bought and then I did my own analysis and that is where I GREW wiser or should I say more financially savvy. of course the first thing that I did was to count my own money and in year 2007, many of my clients grew wealthier and because of en bloc and because their own property rise in value and somehow strangely enough, so did mine. I did not plan for it, it just came. however, for the next pig year in 2019, it is going to be a planned one. just watch this space for my next big purchase and I love buying properties.

ON FENGSHUI TIPS: a) Colours play an important role in fengshui effects. so there should be a light coloured wall colour in all the rooms like beige and white. that would be best if you do not wish to invite a fengshui master to your house and have a look.

ON LIFE READINGS: There was a guy who came for life readings and he had 4 metals in his bazi and so he wasn't suitable to be wearing a gold expensive watch. when I mentioned that to him. he exclaimed yes true !! eversince he had this expensive metal watch, his luck went down. I had a good laugh and advised him to wear the S$20k expensive watch with the leather strap instead because leather is cow and cow is of the earth element.
ON INVESTMENTS: Wow. Singapore now has 77,000 millionaires those with a net worth of US$1 million dollars. are you now in this league ? I hope you are. I wonder how many of these 77,000 are Singapore born ? that would be an interesting read.

TIP: "Great insights come because of great good deeds done. have you done yours already?"

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My other house

Today, 27 June 2008, Friday, I had an appointment at 10.30am at bukit merah area and then in the afternoon to Lok Yang road area. both for office review and these two companies had been my clients for at least 11 years. Gosh, how time flies.

ON BLOG: What makes a blogger motivated to write ? I don't know about others BUT for me, it is the traffic. the more visitors to this blog, the more my passion to write juicy secret fengshui tips as I wish to share what I know about fengshui and destiny.
ON MY FAVOURITE FOOD: I love seafood and japanese food. whenever I have seafood I must have a bottle of red wine and with japanese food, it is always a bottle of sake and make it cold. salmon sashimi is my favourite too. my brother who is a medical doctor told me that it is good for the arteries because of its natural oil so that they don't get clock up. Sounds right so I just follow. sashimi anyone ?
ON FENGSHUI TIPS: Someone asked me if money kept in cpf is the same as cash at bank ? well, the answer is that it is NOT the same. the real hot cash in your savings account in the bank then can attract more money to come to you or you may keep S$500/- cash in your zip pocket of your handbag to attract more cash to come to you. try it if you still haven't know about this : fengshuiQueen tip for 2007 or come to my yearly talk at Safra. these days I am a paid speaker. I get paid for making fengshui speech if not I don't talk.
SMS RECEIVED TODAY: 3 people sms me saying that my blog is interesting and informative. one even said she read it 5 times a day ! I replied thanks for making my counter "click".

TIP: "The dragon cannot face the pond in your wealth area"

Overcome your inner most fear

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Persuasive power is important but before that trust has to come.with trust people will be persuaded

Today, I went down to do a house review at serangoon area and then went to visit my hair stylist to colour my hair and to book a table at peach garden for my sunday outing with my parents. I am taking them to tim sum lunch at thomson plaza. Making time for family members is an important part of life. It is call "respect" - once we can respect others, others will also come to respect you and I respect my parents and I also respect my children. that way, we have a very good relationship.
ON BLOG: This morning at around 5am I noticed that my blog could not be downloaded. I wondered why. then I search all the other help for blogs and try to find a solution. I could'nt and did'nt have the patience. so I switched off my computer and then went downstairs. after a while I came back again at around 9am and decided to take a FRESH look at the problem then I decided to use a new template and viola !!! it worked. all the text and the photos came back.

ON BUSINESS: Recently I was reading on line about how people build a business on line and earned lots of money. I wondered if such a system can be done in Singapore and whether any online marketing firms became very successful just doing that or that we really need a "brick and mortar" business model in order to succeed.
I have come across many medium size businesses and most of the time after fengshuied and after two review sessions with them then I feel more comfortable to talk to them about going listing. I told them that one of the way to cash out in the company that they built would be to cash out by going listing so that the shares that they own would be easily transferable.
Some of them agreed that they should be doing that while others were still quite sceptical. I told them to go and search for "like minded" companies maybe in the same trade and then form a Holding Company first and then let this Holding Company control equal shares in company A and company B before going for listing. this is because how can a company work with 2 heads ? and especially if both heads have very different visions and goals.
Of course when they are about to go for listing I will buy some shares from them before being listed. my investment fund is S$500k.
BUSINESS SYSTEM: Ever wonder why Mcdonalds burger is so successful when your mum's chicken burger actually tasted much better and yet may not be very successful ? it is about a "Business System" and once we build that system in place we can go for our body massages and do our hair anytime that we like. what we need to do is actually to stay very focused on our goals and discipline.
ON FENGSHUI TIP: There was a lady who asked me why I do not like to answer my calls? I replied that :"it is because my clients will absorb my energy and then I will feel exhausted afterwards". that is why I do reply my calls but selectively. Another reason could be that : I find that much time is lost talking on the phone while that time could be used to do more productive things instead.
ON YEARLY FENGSHUI: The "five yellow energy" falls in the North sector. not many people BELIEVE because other fengshui masters say it is in the South. Recently, there was a passport case in the newspaper involving two men. men are North element and it occured "troublesome" energy to them - the males. have you read of any females (south element) that had troublesome energy recently the first 6 months ?
CASE STUDY: One young couple told me that his wife didn't know and place a standing fan inthe North sector of their new house. and what happen ? the husband was overseas at that time and had the most difficult time with clients and when he came home he found to his horror that the standing fan was accidently placed there in the North sector of the house by his wife. I have many more stories to tell if you are STILL not convinced.
I reply my emails, forum and sms personally. I did all this BLOG myself in a month by now......just by reading other blogs and see what they have and whether I want to have them in my site. and I write my own BLOG. I am very IT savy. then I add this and that...... and then in order to drive the traffic I advertise on GOOGLE and then crash. Anyhow yesterday, I have a record of 300 visitors already. I feel great. Now it is time to build the content on this blog.
ON DRINKING WINE: I can drink wine anytime of the day or night. however if you know that you are going to drink wine at 11am then make sure that you take a full breakfast first. there must be food in the stomach before one drinks if not you will be very tipsy very soon. So I usually will take rice in the morning at 10.30am before I meet my client at 11am at Sheraton Towers and once there I will have my usual glass of house red. People there all know that I frequent there. however I do notice that eversince I began blogging I hardly go there and say hello to my friends.
One person sms me saying that : "U look pretty in d photo with Nancy. One of d prettiest fs master"
TIP: "Standing out among the madding crowd take skill"

Create a system in your business

Another photo with Nancy

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To THINK out of the box is like looking at the same problem from a different angle. try fengshui, it helps

Today, 25, June 2008, I went to ubi office as usual and in the afternoon pop over to Parkview Square own by Mr. Li Ka Shing at North Bridge Road to visit an old friend, Nancy who did the massage for me for two hours. The spa there is called :"kooj". to book call : 6299-6733

PHOTO: This photo is taken this afternoon with her. I also inform her that I will put the photo in the internet and people would call her. I told her to be prepared. I have known Nancy for a few years already when she was at Beauty Place, in CK Tang. Her mobile is : 9338-3857
BLOG: Blog is actually easier to create, to do and then to see results than a normal website and is also not personal. somehow that "personal touch" is missing in a normal website however with a blog, that closeness between the person who blogs with his or her readers are there. Advertisers would usually love a blog that has the most readers which can run into 10,000 readers per day. for it to happen the blog may need to be in existance for a couple of years. Advertisers also look for the age group of the readers of any blog. Now, are you READY to blog ?

In order to drive traffic to this BLOG, I placed a small ad in GOOGLE and activate it this morning at 5am and till now at 5.20pm, already had 20,067 page impressions and if you click on the advertisment I get to pay GOOGLE. the ad only started today, 25 June 2008. let's see if this works, after two weeks and since most BLOGs use ads by GOOGLE you may see my ad there and also in GOOGLE's search engine. I am now number 5 at the top, not bad for a beginner.
ON FOOD: The best food to me is anyone who took the trouble to cook for me. that to me : is the best food ever. Oh and make it : no beef, no mutton, no pork, no sotong.
ON FENGSHUI TIPS: The first method that anyone can first get into touch with fengshui is : to look at where the wealth area is in your house. it is usually the place where you would feel the most comfortable and that anything that you place there will GROW and of course one would need to buy a fountain and activate the wealth area so that one will have constant luck. if one does not use water then why call it "feng" and "shui". it is therefore about the use of water - be it real "running water" or "still water" and how anyone can understand the indepth of fengshui and then use water to activate it.
The SOUND of water is also very important in feng shui, the art of which has history that dates back as far as 5000 years ago in China. This is just a small part of fengshui. there are many other factors to consider when "checking" fengshui.
FENGSHUI: I do not like mirrors in the whole house except that they can be hidden behind wardrobe doors but I like mirrors outside the house and especially the round convex ones so as to bounce off anything that we, fengshui masters don't like and to make them "disappear" like magic.

ON LOTTERY: Someone just sms me today saying that 1133 is all sold out. have trouble buying ?? I don't buy lottery or shall I say very seldom.
ON LOGO: Someone also sms me asking if a cactus is ok ? this BLOG is what I call : super fast result ?

TIP: "Life is too short to get angry over many matters, learn to forgive and then to forget, you will be alot happier"

Monday, June 23, 2008

I sing my own song

Today, 24 June, Tuesday as usual, I went to work at my Ubi office.

BLOG: This morning, I signed up for GOOGLE ADwords so as to drive the traffic to this BLOG. the last few afternoons that I was home, I was actually reading up on other BLOGs and how to profit from it and to see what other people write about and how they arrange their BLOG. I have to do my own homework.

ON FENGSHUI TIPS: There was once when I was doing FS for a client's restuarant. I told them to sell and specialize on crabs as I know most Singaporeans love crabs. then one fine day they showed me the advertisment that was going to be placed on a light box. The crab turn out to be "green" in colour and I said : "no". I told them that I had never seen a logo of a "green" crab with red outline that made it BIG. besides it looks uncook so how to make money ? they later changed it to redder one and their business has been booming.

About FS for logos again, there was once another restuarnt that wanted to use a "butterfly" as their logo and I said : "no". same reply : "I have never seen a restuarant that uses a "butterfly" logo that made it big".

ON DRINKING WINE: Many times when I do life readings with clients I would ask them to start learning how to drink. why ? would you ask me. it is because when one drinks, the drink relaxes the person and so the person would be less tense and then words would be more free flowing especially between couples or for those who have too much fire elements in their bazi (a form of life readings based on their birthday and time of birth). so I do encourage many couples to drink together. it really helps in the bonding.

ON HOW TO DRINK: When someone has poured some wine into your glass, the first thing to do is wait for the host. if after waiting for 10mins and the host did'nt want to toast with you then you gently take the glass of wine and bring the wine close to your nose and smell for a while. 2secs will do. count 1 and then 2. then you drink. that way you will look more professional like a expert on wine drinking but actually you are not.....well, maybe you are.

It is just like having a meal : when there are dishes on the table and there is a soup there. one should take the spoon and sample the soup first before taking any other food. it looks more professional this way.

ON LOTTERY: I know many of my clients love to play ibet. I give you two tips. ibet on : 1325 and 1133 and you won't loose money. small small also good is it ? I was told they love the "winning feeling", so this one is for you. GOOD LUCK !!!

TIP: "It's not the song but the singer" quote taken from my book on fengshui: Questions 101, printed in 2000.

Driving your company to the next level

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A lonely passage to the TOP

Our MIND will tell the future

Today, 23 June 2008, Monday, I went to do a HDB fengshui in Bukit Batok area and then to Cold Storage to get two bottles of red wine. It's always fun choosing wine so fun that you want to buy everything that is there on the shelves and drink them all ! Well.........this is JUST one of my passion - that I like to drink. the more I drink, the more I talk.

BLOG: If you ever choose to BLOG: Be responsible and accountable. Your integrity also counts. this is because one must understand that there will be more and more readers reading your blog and in order to create traffic one needs to do homework to drive that traffic then you would have a successful BLOG. I am working on it to increase the traffic to 300 visitors per day and one day I will have my breakthrough.

ON DESTINY: Some people are born to just love to "give instructions" but don't know how to do them. while there are some are doers and not good at giving instructions. which one is you ? or neither. because you are both a doer as well as good at giving detailed instructions.

For example: When someone ask you what do you like to drink ? don't simply say : "coffee". this is because this statement is not complete. there are many types of coffee. coffee with milk and sugar or coffee black, without milk but have sugar or simply just coffee. I personally like my coffee black and is not a coffee lover meaning I don't need to drink coffee everyday.

ON FENGSHUI TIPS: There was a day when I went to check an office in one of those flatted factories and the facing was "North West" and built in "period 7" (years 1984 to 2003) and so this office would not have a wealth area in period 8. my clients then told me that they cannot find another suitable office anymore and was not about to go hunting for more suitable office to rent. Then I told them. "ok". can be done..... but you MUST follow exactly what I tell you. they agreed. a) Close up all the windows in the northwest sector with boards and have the most window opening in the "west" in order to change the "facing of this office" to west. that way we can alter the "bad fengshui".

NOTE: This is a case of how "creative" and "excellent" the fengshui master is. I don't follow books although I have read thousands on this topic, I understand the concepts and then apply them to modern living conditions that we have and I always WANT THE BEST for my clients. cause when they are successful I would have more business in future. (looking at the bigger picture).

When I do "fengshui for residences" I also try to make my clients understand the concepts behind so that they too can be "creative enough" and to understand "the art of fengshui" better and that is why I am today a popular fengshui master.

INVESTMENTS: One needs to develop financial knowledge so that we understand the value of money and learn to grow it. most important is to set yourself a GOAL. A simple start would be a target of one million dollars say by age 60. then you ask yourself how can you arrive there in the shortest possible way ? if in your bazhi, it is through "properties" then you : buy and sell, buy and sell in order to arrive at one million dollars by age 60.

For example: You buy a condo now and 5 years later you sell and make S$500k. then you go buy another condo and 5 years later you sell again and make another S$500k. then you would be one million dollars up already. Can you see my point ?

However, this is a consciously and carefully planned out MAP in order to arrive at your one million. then when you have actually would be much much savy than this.

The other method could be buying GOLD : for example if you think GOLD is going to reach US$2000 per ounce in 10 years time then it would be a great idea to keep S$50k in gold and then in 10 years time your S$50k would become S$100k.

So, you can invest some in PROPERTIES, some in GOLD and maybe some in foreign CURRENCIES and by age 60 everything cash out and you would have got your one million dollars. I am only explaning to you the method of arriving at one million. maybe you have another higher goal then do the same formular and arrive at your own goal. bear in mind too that in 10 years time: the one million would be worth very little. but at least : you START somewhere, ok ?

By becoming savy investors yourself and belonging to the community of fengshuiQueen, where fengshui truly works, you would become a multi- millionaire very soon.

TIP: "Have a kind heart to all"

Another morning has broken, another day

Today as usual I would visit my parents and then to do a house review at Clementi and then home. I was actually looking forward to going down to Clementi again as that place somehow holds a special feeling for me. To put it simply .........I like the place and if there is any HDB that I would like to own it would be here, next to MRT and to amenities. a good buy and sure to make money in 10 years.
PHOTO: This photo was taken yesterday. the 2 dry leaves are still there and waiting to drop.

ON MONEY: There was a time during one of my house visits for a review and I would check the house once more and then give good advice and if clients ask me if they can sell their property now - then my reply to most of them is usually....a 'yes" especially if they live in a HDB flat and intended to upgrade to a condo or a landed property. very few people actually moved from a HDB flat to a landed property most somehow will want to live in a condo.

Some already bought condo and then check their fengshui for the condo and still keeping the HDB then I will tell them to keep both as both can appreciate in value in 10 years and why not ?

Anyhow, I would tell them this : If you can make S$200k from this property then the next property that you buy, you can only put in the S$100k and keep the other S$100k in cash in a bank. Never mind if the interest rate is low. The logic behind this is: "Money in your bank STAYS and can GROW". Besides it also give you PEACE of mind that most people really need. The more cash one keeps in the bank in cash, the MORE the money can grow. This is because the universe will send more money to come to you and that is how the money GROW. This is a fengshui secret and a well kept one. Nobody knows much about this.

Since now you know, you can analyse for yourself and see if what I say is true or not or and observe.

TIP: "Money in bank will attract more money to come"

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The miracle of birth is everywhere, can you SEE ?

Today, I went to do a house review and then to Ubi Office to meet a client for his baby's new chinese names , I was late and then to Jurong to do an office fengshui then home.

ON BIRTH: When I received the job to do a baby's chinese names I was delighted not because I had business but because there is a new precious baby born - Such is the miracle of life and how precious life is and very often we take LIFE for granted and always wanted to FOCUS on making more money or solving problems at the work place or dealing with nasty customers etc that we FORGOT about the existence of life and how precious our own life is.
Life is very very precious and that is why we should spend our life more meaningful and one can START by "learning how to smell the roses"...... meaning : start to "look" around at your family members, relatives and then friends. these are the ones who will STAND by you when things go wrong or when you fall like when you loose your job. do you know that ?
Then learn to be in the "present moment" with all your family members or relatives when you are with them. it helps and that can also make them feel important and loved.
I came out to do this fengshui business many years ago and never ever wanted my family members or my parents to worry about me. In the process I learned to be very strong and firm because I have to survive against all odds and I like to think that I had succeeded.

In business, one must be careful and being able to handle "cash flow" is the most important other than looking at the bottomline which means your "profits". Every deal has to make a profit or unless you intend that business to be entry level to bigger businesses later on than no profit also can.
DESTINY: Do you believe in destiny ? that your life is already planned for and can be explained ?

FRIENDSHIP: Many of us have friends how we do rate them ? I have many friends too and when with them "The level of communciation" is how I would rate my friends. I would divide the level of communcation as : 3.

1st level is : Eating and drinking friends. 2nd level is : Letting them know about my investment strategies and my family. 3rd level is: About my inner most thoughts on all matters.
So you can see how deeper and deeper it can get ? friends either they can make you happy or they can also betray you. be careful.
Some friends when they talk to you : there is this sense of jealousy. if you are good with your 6th sense, feel their jealousy and then don't tell them too much. jealousy is such a big word, you know ? that it can occur between friends it can also occur between businesses. It will be about how your mind THINKS with every situation that is the most important, ok ? Be firm and have confidence in whatever you want to do.

BLOG: I will report on how I am doing with this blog, 6 months later in terms of traffic and revenue derived from the advs here. let's make it 20 November 2008.
When one wants to BLOG, one must have a purpose if not then it will be just like life - "Living life without a purpose" then what is the REAL meaning of life ? think and perhaps you will get an answer.

SAVY INVESTMENTS: My own plan is to make my last house fully paid, I don't know which one yet. I also intend to buy next door apartments for my two sons. All mothers love their own children and for me I would give a house each to my 2 sons.
Saturday best on TV: 6pm to 10.30pm on the chinese serial on cable 107.

TIP: "life is precious, make the most of it"

Friday, June 20, 2008

Your mind has to focus when you are working

Today, I went to do 2 fengshui. this photo was taken in my last trip to Bangkok last April. I love looking at it as it reminds me of the lovely Bangkok that I know.

BLOG: Are you already planning to write a BLOG ? oh common....let's join in. write about something that you are passionate about. however if you wish to make it a Professional BLOG then you will have to write daily and it's like telling a story except that this time you know that you have an audience, your readers.

FENGSHUI TIP: This year, 2008 a corporate client wanted to buy me lunch during the first 15days of this lunar new year and I tried to give excuse not to go until I was almost force to a corner in smss as I gave many excuses till he then asked WHY and only then I said that : if I go during the first 15 days of the lunar new year then it means that you are taking my luck away from me and I need to keep my own luck. he then understood and then their company then invited me for a japanese dinner on the 16th day which I cannot refuse.

The secret is : If someone buys you lunch or dinner then that person will take away your luck especially during the first 15 days of the lunar new year. this has been part of our chinese tradition.

INVESTMENTS: HOW TO BE SAVY ? know when is your "exit strategy" and plan for your financial freedom at which age and by then remember to make your last house fully paid.

TIP: "When your mind is calm, you can SEE further"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bring your mind to the present moment, everytime

Today, I went down to do a house fengshui review and then to ubi office for 2 annual reviews then home.

BLOG: On 20 May 2008, I started to BLOG. It was in the Strait Times about how bloggers earn an income simply by blogging that caught my eye. I was curious and wanted to discover for myself how much people can make by BLOGGING and to test it out, I had to BLOG. so I started one that way I can also give "good advice" to my life reading clients and those who wanted to earn a part time income - by BLOGGING and also to share with my readers about the life of a fengshui master, my thoughts daily no longer weekly and about my investment strategy. so this BLOG is about me - Lynn Yap, the savy investor.

One of the reason why I blog was : About a month ago, a client, Jumbo sent an sms saying that my website is not updated. I replied that the "weekly thoughts" there is updated "weekly" but he said nobody knows. I did'nt reply further as I knew that I was going to give excuses for myself why I didn't update my website and I wasn't about to start a chain of sms s. and hei that cost money.

Whenever I have a small problem. I would sit on it. But then I would THINK whenever I can on how to solve. the days went and passed.

One of my thoughts was : should I call my web developer, Mr Gan that I wanted to add more content or what ? then one fine day came the article on the Straits Times. the rest is "history".

So what is going to my topic ? so I recken that it is going to be about me and my investment strategy if there is any........and that is how "The Savy Investor" is born. then I ask myself am I that SAVY ? I am not a financial analysts or a banker or a stock broker. I am just someone who simply got lucky by just following "simple fengshui rules" - "always buy a good fengshui property so that one never looses money". Well......I guess I will write about them and I am MOST PASSIONATE about sharing. I even told you how much I bought my house !!! hehe

You know ONE thing ? I never follow what other fengshui masters do. I just follow my HEART - that burning passsion to want to "SHARE" as I discovered from my clients that they don't know how to borrow money from the bank and which bank to choose and so I wanted to write about what I did and how I can share with readers to my blog. I believe it has been most informative to many readers as I received many comments immediatey from a client who was in Bangkok at that time and that he found time to give a comment over at my yahoo mailing list - a group list where clients regulary write to me and other smss that I received. thank you all for your feedback. I will take note.

Why do I think I am a SUCCESSFUL BLOGGER ?

Two things: a) The total number of highest traffic is achieved on 17 June with 206 visitors. now everyday always about 200 visitors.

b) Revenue is now at : over S$30/- and it come from Google, Nuffnang, and Payper post.
Oh and they would be declared as my "other income" and I intend to donate these money away as I don't need them. I have to inform my accountant when I next see him and when I receive my first paycheck. I don't know if I am the fastest Blogger ever to make money in a month or the one with the most traffic only after 30 days of BLOGGING........ hmm.......well, my fengshui works.........and anyhow it won't bother me if I am not.

What MATTERS MOST : is whether my readers benefit and feel entertained especially by my "rat story". one thing I realise about Blogging is : My personality comes across and people start to know me and how free I am or how busy I am. hehe. Me ? now a Professional Blogger ? yeah and why not ? and I can go out and teach people how to start your own blog and make money on-line !!! I got track record now.
My next step now is : To drive my traffic up and I will work on it.
MY PASSION: I just wanted to bring the art of "fengshui" to the next level which is : that we become "savy investors" in Singapore. It is the best country to make money from shares and properties. Agree ? and the form of coummunication now is everyday and thru a BLOG.
BLOG: Are you READY to start one now ? how to start ? CREATE a content that you are passionate about and that you can write everyday without fail. if after 6 months you will be "sian" (hokkien) then don't do this topic. if you are very successful you can even earn a decent income from the advs and then you can stay at home and have more babies.

PREDICTIONS: "BLOGGING will be the NEXT BIG thing in the world of Advertisers"

Magazine will soon be launched here in Singapore called "Bloggers" and advertisers looking for a new way to reach out to consumers will soon do so and this is where you GET to earn your money. so you better start to blog now and you can leverage on me. I will add you in my page.
FENGSHUI: Many companies are using "fengshui" as a tool to competive advantage. just look and count those very successful companies and ask them if they had ever consulted a fengshui master. even if you are a non believer, give it some thought.


PROPERTIES: People are buying properties. I already have two foreigners buying properties and fengshuied the first half of this year. got more coming.......

SHARES: I am waiting to enter and I know I always loose money.

TIP: "Train your mind by making it calm then you can see further"

Listen to what everyone around you is saying about you

Today, I went down to Amithaba Buddhist Centre (am their lifetime member) at 44, Lorong 25A, Geylang for a recitation of the Golden Light Sutra and just finished and am now home. I am also on a vegetarian diet today but got wine later. hehe

Strangely enough I only tune in to Starhub's channel 107 on my tv on weekdays and continue to follow those serials most of whom I had already watched before so it is like a re-run to me. it is ok.... as I am not actually my computer is on and am working.

What is my main purpose why I set time aside today ? I went down to do it specially for my 2 children's good exam results as well as for good health and happiness for my family and also for all my clients. while there I met a few good friends and we chattered for a while. we were also planning to travel together for a December retreat.

FENGSHUI: On the 1st day or 15th day of the lunar month is always an auspicious day to do anything and that includes moving house or pasting 6 one dollar Singapore coins on the wall above your main door (inside your house eh ?) this is because any "wrong action" done by you will be reversed into "something good" because that day itself is either the 1st or the 15th day. this is a secret.

PROPERTIES & SHARES : I have nothing to comment today.

TIP: "When one donates for charity, give it willingly from your heart and don't bother what they will do with YOUR money"

Monday, June 16, 2008

I am a little bit of country and a bit of rock and roll

Today Tuesday and tomorrow I will be taking two days off work to attend to my personal matters. it is more of my own spiritual retreat.

Do a donation on line today and tomorrow as it is good for creating "fortune and good health" always. you may wish to go to this Maitreya school, I fengshuied some parts when I was there last December 2007 for my retreat, in Bodhgaya, Bihar, India and do a donation. Root Insititute is the place where I stayed for 10 days last December. the other website is for the preservation of the Mahayana tradition.
PROPERTIES: hmm......
Shares: Nothing much to say except that to wait.
TIP:" Try and have a heart for everyone that you meet"

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Curiousity got me interested in the art of fengshui

Today, I went to ubi office to do 2 life readings and then to Bedok to do a HDB fengshui.

BLOG: What makes a successful BLOG. I guess 1) the traffic. the more people visit the BLOG then the more successful 2) the revenue generated from the BLOG 3) content : interesting read/ informative something that people wants to read. something that can make people come and visit you everyday. 4) Comments by the public 5) Poll 6) Awards

PREDICTIONS: "Period 9 Fengshui starts from year 2024 to 2043 and it will be everything about the "eye"" this means that more and more people will take out a camera and start to shoot. the camera can be so small that they are so well hidden that even your pen can have a camera.

FENGSHUI: There are many fengshui masters out there. It ultimately depends on how you want to do this business and how clients perceive you. TRUST is a very important factor in this business.

The "5 yellow" occurs in the "North" this year and hence most earthquakes or "bad things" will occur in the "North" like China and Japan quake last saturday. Sickness is in South East this year. we use the Equater as the divider. Anything northern hemisphere is "north" anything below the Equater, southern hemisphere is "south". be careful. North also refers to the "male" hence more "accidents" will involve them.

PROPERTIES: The HDB property market seems to be moving well. however, I believe the 2nd Quarter of 2008 will show lower caveats lodged than 1st Quarter.

SHARES: STI close at : 3036.92. Yes !!! another accurate prediction. the other one is Obama win, remember ??? hehe. well are you getting ready to enter.....??? I read somewhere that commodities stocks are a good bet to buy now and must remember to exit by 10 years later cause the bubble will burst by then for the commodities market. Jim Rogers said that in a recent interview. those who buy unit trusts or funds on agriculture, do take note.

TIP:"Ask questions all the time when you don't know however if you notice that the person is annoyed then it is time to stop asking your questions"

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our children are our pride and joy

Today, I drove my car to my parents' home chatted with them then went to my "investment home" for a while and then go to work fengshui for a shop and then home. I hardly go shopping or going out with friends. I am a homely person. my children are having their major exams this year so I try not to disturb them. I already told them what I want from them while the only thing I could do for them now is to offer donations in their names. I am a tibetan buddhist and it is my faith in "dharma" that kept me strong at all times. that is why my philosopy of life follows very closely to their teachings.
My main purpose right now is to save as much as possible as I have two sons who may be going to USA for their overseas education and that means a savings of S$300k. we earn our income while someone close to us will help us spend. this is the workings of the universe.
How often do you reach out to your children ? there is no need to talk to them everytime and everyday. Just spend "quality time" with them and tell them what you think they need to know or when they ask, then it is the time to teach. Some kids are more outspoken some are very quiet ones. Mine happen to be the quiet ones and shy. big headache to teach them to overcome their fear of speaking in public.
FENGSHUI FOR KIDS AT EXAMS: Some children are rather "rubber time" meaning that they are not very good with their management of time hence when it comes to exam questions they may tend to spend too much time on one question and then forgetting to answer one question because of the lack of time. then their results will be "poor" and then most mums complain about their children's poor results and ask me why. I have heard of this from my clients a few times and I "thought deeply" about it and then knew that this is "what happened" - the kids got nervous at exams and spend too much time on a single question.
Remember to help your child TIME the questions. Example: one question only 30mins after that must go to the next question and if they can write fast then got extra time can always go back and wrapped them up meaning to add more.
Some parents are also "rubber time" these are those who REALLY need to plan ahead and time their work and so they can get MANY things done in the shortest possible time. this is about :"Time Management" and I am very good with my "time management" such that I can get many things done on a single day. don't you think so ?
PROPERTIES: Currently I believe the rental market is still very busy with people renting and some buying but not as much as last year's. Property agents work very very hard and 7 days a week but the rewards are "awsome". want to be a property agent ? you must FIRST LOVE to look at properties and LOVE to meet people.
There was a day when I was with my client and chatting. when I heard about how much my client is paying for the HDB flat, I went like a "oh my" cause I would not pay S$400k for a HDB flat unless I have to. I don't mind paying half a million for the new 28.9sq m small condo if any Developers are building. I will be the first to buy. why ? because I like the fresh smell of cement in a new house the smaller the better. cheaper mah and from day one can make it 100% fully paid. Oh and fengshui must be good !!!
SHARES: Day Traders usually sit in front of their computers to trade and that is because they can't afford not to know what is happening. Do you wish to become a Day Trader ? STI index would be able to close at 3000 tomorrow.
Oh and "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY !!!" to all fathers out there.
TIP: "When children grow up, remember to let them go"

My philosophy of life : letting go

This morning when I wake up, I was very exited as I was going to Mayspring Condo in Bukit Panjang area. I got there early and took these photos. Today just went to do this "can or cannot buy" 2 condo units and then to do my personal stuff and then home.
BLOG: The "FengshuiQueen Forum" is now open to all to post any questions on fengshui, destiny, properties, shares and any other.
FENGSHUI: My School of fengshui, "FengshuiQUEEN" usually has no mirrors or glass cabinet doors in the whole house. There should be no fans too in the whole house. "Dining table" must be solid either made of marble or solid wood and definately "no glass" because "dining table" represent "career" and since if it is made of glass, it will break easily. best is to place your "dining table" in the "wealth area" or "power area" of your house.
If your first reaction after reading this is "what !!!".....then let me tell you to first have an "open mind". listen to what I say first. then you go and analyse what I said and see what is the logic behind then you would understand what I mean.
PROPERTIES: The recent En bloc really brought about the ugly Singaporeans that I have come to hear about. those with properties to rent out were all trying to get the next higher price till some of them these days have to lower the asking price for rent now because there are now fewer takers. I can't understand why some people are so greedy.
The "prices" of some properties also have come down. if you are looking for a house to stay then for now either can get 999leasehold or freehold property then you won't loose money. And if you plan this house to be your "last one" then even a 99 year leasehold is ok and make sure it is fully paid from Day one and that you live longer than the house's lease. I might consider Mayspring Condo as my last house where I will make it fully paid from Day One and then have other properties to collect "rent" for my monthly household expenses and my current lifestyle.
I remembered when I first bought my landed property, it was in the year of the goat, 2003 and in the year of the dog, 2006, the property price "on the street where I live" even went below what I paid. the family opposite bought his for S$950k while my next door neighbour paid for his at S$880k. so I guess the best best timing is to wait for the next dog year, 2018 before we enter to buy. my neighbour who bought his at S$880k renovated the whole house and built a roof terrace and had it sold in 6 months for S$1.35million, pocketing some 3 hundred thousands. Wah and guess what ? the property agent who sold that house is my client from Dennis Wee Realty !!! in fact they (a couple) are so good that they sold two of these landed property "on the street where I live" in 2007. the other one was sold earlier in 2007 for S$1.2million.
I could really see how property price rise so much in 2007 and how my own property can make money.
Well, let's all become "Savy Investors" in years 2018 and 2019.
Since it is such a long time away....let's first start by saving money or growing our "capital". we would need to buy a property in district 9 and the price is around S$1.5million or more. so for a 20% downpayment, it can be quite a big sum. you calculate.......lah I drink my red wine and you then tell me ok ? burb.
SHARES: STI can fall to 2700 very soon.
TIP: "Learning to let go of things that we are most attached to is very difficult and yet an important part of life"

Friday, June 13, 2008

Learn to smile at everyone around you

Today, I went to do 2 fengshui and then to Demsey Road to meet my gf/client on her new condo design with her interior designer at Wine Company for a meeting and then to Jumbo Restuarant to have my favourite black pepper crabs and now home. It's been a long day.

PROPERTIES: Looks like the market is not moving much. The property market REALLY depend on the Developers selling the new condos as well as the buyers, buying. It takes two to "tango"

SHARES: The shares are down today and below STI 3000. hmm.......

TIP: "Smile at the waitress, the cleaners, it will make their day"

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Examine yourself everytime in order to improve

Today, I went to check fengshui for a HDB flat and also to do 2 life readings and then to do an office fengshui at Ubi area and then home.

Countries compete for "foreign investments" while Companies compete for customers in the same market share. Some small and medium size companies should compete for customers in "overseas markets" would be better and in order to go "venture overseas" you will need to have very very good "relationship bonding' with these partners so that businesses can be sealed over dinner and drinks or even while playing golf. it is like a "who you know" then you will get the business.
PREDICTIONS: "Hillary Clinton will soon write a book about her trials and tribulations to the white house"
PROPERTIES: I read in the papers that the first Quarter of 2008 saw 850 caveats being lodged and of which 111 are landed properties. foreign buyers or permanent residents form some 27%. if we take 850 x 4 then the total "predicted caveats" for the whole of of this year 2008 would be some 3400 caveats and I believe this is very low figure when compared to last year's. I wonder how much sales in Sing dollars have been transacted for the 850 caveats then multiply that by 4 would give you the "Property industry"'s revenue in millions or billions for this business.

SHARES: The share price of Golden Agri is coming down and once it hit around 85 cents to 89cents should be a good entry level. if you are a "newbie" and wants to earn some "pocket money" start buying this stock or any other that you may choose and buy 5 lots or 10 lots. if you are a "seasoned player" then can go in for 20 or 30lots.

BLOG: I have submitted my BLOG for BLOGGERS CHOICE AWARDS under the category of "Best Blog about stuff". Vote for me ok ?
Today, a client asked me : "How does it feel to be BLOGGING ?" I replied: "I felt like talking to myself". BLOGGING to me is to write about what my insights are and what I do each day and I hope to bring about a "different perspective" towards "fengshui masters" like myself, chinese, Asian, female and Singapore born.
TIP: "Every child has a talent. discover it and help groom your child into a STAR. most important is : to make sure he is happy"

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nothing is impossible if you only ask

Today, I went to Woodlands industrial park E1 area to check office fengshui and then to Ubi Office to do a life reading and then home.
Once home, my tv is turned on to channel 107 and watched till 10pm sometimes changing to other 106, 108 or 48 channels.

This BLOG is very very public and hence all sorts of people will read about it, be they, believers in fengshui or non-believers.
FENGSHUI: Never place a Dragon in the wealth area and that the Dragon is looking at your pond if not the fengshui will not work. these Dragon can be found on your gold ingots, ok ?
Last night, it rained so heavily at around 10pm on "the street where I live" near to yio chu kang that the tall tree outside my house shaked and moved and I love the fresh qi of "rain" and "wind" outside my window. it's simply.... beautiful, relaxing and awesome !!! I hope it rained again tonight.
PREDICTIONS: "The US economy will be quite bad soon and by next year even worse"

Countries will be competiting with one another and companies too will competing and so it is very very difficult to do a business. What happens ? "Clients' Loyality" will COUNT and it's not just "competitive advantage" that your company can offer to any client, it has to be MUCH more than that in order that deals are closed. "Do your business with sincerity". it helps.

PROPERTIES: There are all sorts of property agents out there and when I wanted to sell my "E-centre at redhill" in year 2005 I make a pact with my agent that I will only pay him 1% commission which amounts to about S$3k as versus S$6k that I have to pay as per normal. I get him to agree on this first and once it was agreed upon he set out to sell that unit for me. the "E-centre at redhill" was bought in my name and not using company name as compared to Ubi Techpark. I would probably make more money if I had hold on to it and sell in year 2007........but at time I had a PA and a Chauffeur and a Camry to pay. I wasn't that savy. I spent my money all over.................My thinking changed after I bought my "investment house" in year 2003 and since then my "financial knowledge" grew.
Now..... without the PA and chauffeur you can imagine how much more I am saving each month now vs then and can you imagine if I were to tell you that my car loan for the BMW vs Camry I am actually paying less per month, would you believe it ? but it is true.
The money that is now from the sale of "E-centre at redhill" is still with me. I make sure that I still have that amount, no matter what. I share with you, my personal experiences so that you will know how to sell your property next time. Can bargain one, you know ? and get an agent who can if not, I can recommend, my agent.

Most people think that owning a BMW or a Mercedes is out of reach for them. however I would always tell them to please go to their showrooms and test drive the car and then get their car salesman to help you "figure out" how much you will need to pay for the car and oh my !!! you will definately be amazed cause you can AFFORD it.

SHARES: One can see that shares not moving much these days probably most people rememberd the BIG down of last year in the 7th lunar month period and hence they are also watching and waiting.

TIP: "Read the newspapers and analyse and THINK. You will GROW"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Never look at your world from the sky above your well. Look beyond.

Today, I went to do a HDB apartment house review as well as a life reading and in the afternoon went down to Farrer Road area to do fengshui for a Bungalow and am now home.
FENGSHUI: Different fengshui masters practice their ART differently. it is indeed very difficult for any layman to know who is correct in their "Schools of Fengshui" and whose not - the clients' results would speak for themselves. Our job is to work and to serve our customers and then wait 3 months for clients to see their results so that they know that the "fengshui has started". in the last 19 years it has been like this except that I do not BLOG so you probably don't know where I have been and how I work and these days I do a lot of referrals mostly from existing clients who recommended. thank you so much for your wonderful support. to book me is to sms at +65-9685-2718. I don't answer my calls or you can email me.
PROPERTIES: The market will start to move MORE around August 2008 onwards as many would be selling and then there would be those who have been waiting and these group would enter the market soon. Rentals are good business for now. Recently, I have two clients who rented their condos for around S$3k to S$3.5k a month in the eastern part of Singapore and this may be quite steep however the good fengshui of their condos should earn them more than what they have to pay monthly. I treat every house as though I was going to stay in that house and do it from my heart.

SHARES: It is not moving up and would begin to fall soon.

TIP: "Never let those around you INFLUENCE your thinking"

Monday, June 09, 2008

Live life each moment at a time

Today, I went to work.

PROPERTIES: There are still people busy looking at properties.

SHARES: How is the market today ?

TIP:"Live life slowly and no stress is the best"

Sunday, June 08, 2008

"Predicting events is an art which needs deep insights"

Today, 8 June 2008 family celebrated Father's Day at Hotel Royal coffee house where my brother, Dr. Yap, a medical doctor with his own practice in Ang Mo Kio Blk 232 near to where the famous CHILLY CRAB is........booked. Oh ! now you know he is my brother. well he always pay and he SHOULD and then in the afternoon I went to check a condo fengshui at Dover area and then head for home.

BLOG: It's been 20 days since I started to BLOG and hope you found it informative and most of all enjoyable and fun to read. yes....this has been my life, my thoughts and my work.............except that now it is made public and daily. now you can see how busy I am for the last 19 years working 7 days a week but not all the time and I love to work, it's my PASSION. I love helping people on their "fengshui matters" and I do it from my heart. Just like when you cook you have to cook from your heart then the food tastes delicious. the same with fengshui, one has to do fengshui from the heart and then the fengshui WILL WORK and clients will love you just like people who love the Chef's cooking. One will have many supporters.
Last week, I did not find any nice shows to watch on TV when I come home in the evenings and so I went to bed early at 8pm. I read a book before bedtime.......and then yesterday I decided to call Starhub to turn on channels, 106, 107 and 108 for me to view the chinese cantonese HK serials which I love and that I grew up with and wow..........that really made my day. my mum was the one who told me to watch these channels............thanks, mum !! and I like Starhub's fast service.

PROPERTIES: The market may be soft and people are taking the "wait and see" attitude but there are also some who are really buying. the property agents those whose bazhi can do this "earth" business will usually have business.

SHARES: Come Monday, the stocks will be down.

TIP: "Practice makes perfect"

Friday, June 06, 2008

"I like my eggs sunny side up"

Today, 6 June Saturday, I went down to Paya Lebar Way to do HDB fengshui and then home.

PHOTO show my favourite hangout at Wine Network where I know the Boss, Thomas who is also from NUS. if I do go there it would be 2pm and to meet my private bankers or property agents or some close clients more like friends and have a bottle of my favourite Merlot and by 3pm when the kitchen opens they will serve me my favourite pizza. I get my cheeze free. opps and by 5pm I will go home in a taxi of course. I can hold my liquor very well.

ON MAKING MONEY: One of my lady client gave me a contact to melt my gold bars and I told her I will go meet her the second half of this year. She told me that from S$3k worth of gold can now become S$7.8k. wow. I was impressed and wanted to test how much I can get. we would sometimes chat in yahoo messenger. then with the profit I get I would go open my thai baht account to GROW another round. I would like to go where nobody is going that is to save some money in thai baht account.

PREDICTIONS: "Oil will reach so high US$150 per barrel that everything becomes very difficult"

PROPERTIES: Last month, April, I went down to check a terrace house and the owner told me he bought it for S$770k and it is in the eastern part of Singapore. Gosh !! THAT was my first reply. Good deal, next and then let's check. Wow, face South West. I could'nt believe it. the house is very old around 30 years probably and no electricity that kind and I know that most "city dwellers" would never stay in such an old landed property. I can because I grew up in an old corner terrace house now more than 30 years facing West in Sembawang Hills Estates and if only they can see "money with their mind" then they would be one up above the rest and buy these. GOOD BUY. This is because given another 10 years by 2019 this property would be worth S$1.5million.

Ten years ago, those landed properties in Sembawang Hills Estate there could fetch S$480k and as of last year, 2007, you have to pay more than a million dollars for one. I grew up in this area and therefore would always monitor the prices of houses here. those in Casuarina Road near the famous Roti Prata was only S$360k and not much demand last time but NOW if you wish to buy one of those terrace houses on very very small plot of land, you would have to pay "double".

Three years ago, 2006, my client also asked me to check if this terrace house is suitable for them or not and it is a double storey house, two bedrooms only, much newer, livable and is selling for only S$550k (I think.....around there), freehold and in sin min area. land size is : 1300sq ft only. I rememberd very very small land. If I had the VISION then I should have gone to buy one too. is never too late as the next time when we come out and INVEST, we would know what we want or rather WHAT I want.

SHARES: Somehow I get a strange feeling that whatever stock I own people also follow.........maybe they buy a bit. but hei !!! wrong person to follow.

When I was in Bangkok in April 2008, I told my two Singaporean friends that when S$1 is equal to $24 thai baht I will come back to Bangkok to change money. at that time they did'nt believe me and said "long long time"..........but just look NOW !!! they still did'nt know ME.........cause this time I learnt how to develop my VISION and STRONGER. All I wanted was for me to ensure that I pay less for my studio in terms of exchange rate and the more I use my calculator to count...the more fun it gets !!! that I am now quite prepared to open a thai baht account with DBS even though I was told no interest paid.

TIP :"Stop complaining cause when your mouth open to do so bad energy is created around you"

"The world is not so simple"

Today I went to do fengshui at Leicester Road and then to Ubi Office for a life reading.

Many thanks to those who visit my BLOG daily. if you wish to ask me any questions about fengshui please go to : http: or until I know how to add a forum to this BLOG.

PREDICTIONS: "There is another form of financial crises that is brewing"
The last financial crises was in the year 1997 (ox year) and 1998 (tiger). The cycle is coming back, just be careful. Have a STRONG VISION to predict.

FENGSHUI: Some people take the main door as the facing of the house while some Geomancers take the side with the most windows. it all depends on who the Geomancer is. "there is no right nor wrong I always believe in that" and ultimately it depends on who your Geomancer is and whether the fengshui work for you or not. Be objective in everything that you do. That is the way to be Professional and let the Fengshui speak for itself.

Fengshui Exists - It is there and only those who have the knowledge to pick up what is fengshui, qi and water and how they work together and then these are those who have come to realise what feng shui REALLY is and how it can shape men's lives. those who say they don't believe in feng shui are probably those who don't understand what feng shui is nor have they encounter a feng shui master at all. they are oh so ignorant. However if one can use the knowledge of feng shui and tap on it to make one's lives smoother and better then why not ? there is no harm to it.

Simply put : Fengshui is about the CORRECT placement of things in the house/office/factory/buildings. that is why some people engage a Geomancer to tell them where to place their bed, stove, dining table, writing desk, safe, sofa, tv for their homes in order to tap the good qi and for the offices it would be : CEO's room, CFO's room, their staff office desk, reception area, server room, conference room etc. This is basic feng shui.

PROPERTIES: There are three clients that I met recently who wished to buy a landed property and I do encourage them to start looking as it is not easy to find something that you like and the price is RIGHT. And because Singapore is land scarce one would always make the right decision to buy land and even if the land size is small of about 1,600sq ft.

Everywhere when one goes around and one just FOCUS on property you will be able to see so many construction work going on. the time they TOP............there would be so many apartments and if most people bought these as a form of investment and they had intended to sell by then..........and then there would be so many many. that year would probably be in the year 2010, the tiger where property price starts to drop the fastest.

SHARES: I subscribe to Wealthy Daily which is free and you can take a look at the Adv by GOOGLE on the right and subscribe to it or at the very bottom of this BLOG or refresh and when you see it : just click and subscribe. it's free.

If you always loose money in shares then maybe in the long run it is better to buy just a little bit and not too much and to focus on buying what is right for you as according to your bazi in order to grow your wealth.

TIP: "Be firm, be confident, be righteous and don't listen to anyone but to judge for yourself"

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"Small is Beautiful"

Today, I went down to Coffee Bean to have my breakfast and then to International Plaza for an office review. yesterday I was on the phone with a lady Singaporean client who is now in Chennai, India. we were on the phone to discuss the fengshui of her rented apartment with a river at the SW sector of her house (excellent fengshui) and I told her to fly me to Chennai, India once everything is in place, 3 months later. this is because after 3 months that your apartment is fengshuied, you SHOULD see RESULTS and that means that the fengshui has started.

PREDICTIONS : "US$ has been down since my predictions for 2008 and it is time to buy some if you wish to make a quick buck so that when Obama becomes President of United States the US$ is sure to go up for a while since all Americans would be celebrating and then when the dust settles it will fall again"

FENGSHUI: "There should be no tortoise or turtle in any part of the house especially in the wealth area as we do not wish our wealth to come slowly do we ? have you seen how slow a tortise move ? and even though it represnts longivity but a pair of "ah peh and ah mah"(hokkien)(old man and old lady) place in the wealth area will do". hence it should also not be in any part of Singapore.

PROPERTIES: The 3 photos show the studio that I bought in Bangkok at The Issara Ladprao Condo which is only 34 sq m and that is "very very small" in fact just nice for one person and with two people living there it might be consider quite cramp. here is the layout and I love this small compact size and with good fengshui of course. I heard the studios are already sold out. I commited to 3 million baht and with exchange now at S$1 to $24baht (coming soon), it should be a reasonable deal and I intend it for my holiday home. I don't think I would rent it although that was the original intention.

In fact in the early 2008 I was looking at Thomson V, the smaller condos of about 600sqft in Singapore. I did not find anything that I like and so abandon the idea and I think many Singaporeans would welcome studio and one bedroom apartments for themselves when they intend to retire at age 60. I was also looking at First Centre (light industrial office) along Yio Chu Kang the road where I live because it would be nearer to my home but the smaller ones around 600sq to 700sq ft have been sold. I also abandon the idea the early part of 2008.

Maps: Why there is no compass directions on all maps that I read. Isn't that imperfect ? or am I seeing too much into any maps on Condo brochures or in the newspaper ?

One lady client sms me asking if it is ok to buy Geylang property and she said that she heard that there is going to be a big revamp to clean up Geylang. I sms her saying "better not" and "oh no". I said we STILL need these girls there to satisfy the hungry men and if they are gone then our young girls will be in trouble. she said I think too hard. I merely smiled cause I am a "THINKER".

Seletar Aerospace Hub will be ready by 2018 - my investment house is just nearby and so I intend to buy a condo and move out by then and then rent this investment house to the expats who will come and work in the Aerospace Hub. I just hope I stick to my plan and don't invest and loose money away in stocks and also to buy another condo in Orchard Road area to be in time for sale in 2019 to catch the next year of the FAT pig.

SHARES: Most people are sitting on the sidelines and waiting and watching.
TIP: "Spend a little time each day reflecting on what you had done for today"